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    A familiar sight, both in gardens and in British hedgerows, this attractive deciduous native tree is clad in deep green maple foliage, which changes to dazzling bright gold and yellows in late summer and autumn. But it is grown as much for its incredible seeds as for its foliage. The first gales of autumn loosen the bunches of amazing propeller-like seeds, which fly in all directions like miniature helicopters. Children (and even some adults!) delight in throwing them up into the air to see how far they can fly! ... Learn More


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    The leaves of this vigorous, bushy variety are more deeply cut than the normal species, and the dazzling leaves provide a dramatic splash of autumn colour in all shades of yellow, red and crimson. A shallow rooting tree, it adds a strong architectural presence to any garden, requiring little maintenance. ... Learn More


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    These beautiful ornamental trees include some of the most decorative of foliage trees and shrubs. As well as having a large variety of ornamental barks, autumn turns the leaves, which are often finely divided, all shades of red, scarlet, yellow and bronze. ... Learn More


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    This attractive, bushy, round-crowned deciduous tree bears creamy white flowers and red fruit, and glossy bright green leaves, with toothed margins, that turn a flaming red or yellow in autumn. The thin pale bark is smooth at first but becomes fissured later. It is native to central and south eastern Europe and south western Asia, from Austria east to south western Russia and the Caucasus, and south to Turkey. ... Learn More


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    Large fragrant nocturnal white flowers open on stems bearing enormous mature leaves which can reach a length and width of up to thirty five centimetres. Indeed, they can be used as actual dinner plates or as packaging and storage for wrapping materials inside. The leaves are also used as a primitive method of re-enforcing roofs and preventing leaks. The wood is flexible and durable and is often used for box making. Mostly planted as an ornamental or shade tree, the leaves, flowers, and wood thus all serve a large variety of functions. It is home to Southeast Asia, from India to Burma. ... Learn More


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