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    This deciduous shrub produces arching stems carrying grey-green, divided leaflets. Racemes of purple and white pea-like flowers appear in late spring and early summer. ... Learn More



    Golden flowers open in Spring on this lovely tree which is almost considered New Zealand's national flower. The attractive sprays of leaves, with tiny leaflets, are crowded and often overlapping making this one of the most desirable ornamental trees you can grow. ... Learn More



    A profusion of bright yellow-gold to greenish pea-like flowers open amidst weeping fern like foliage over an extended period in late winter and early spring on this popular ornamental tree. With a pronounced weeping habit it is extremely popular in parks and gardens in New Zealand where it is actually a native tree. It is especially good for coastal areas where it is very drought and cold tolerant, this selected form coming from the Godley Island. Although it prefers rich moist soil, it will grow in most conditions. ... Learn More



    This impressive, very choice and early flowering shrub is native to both Chile and New Zealand and produces large, bright yellow flowers which are borne in abundance over a long period from late winter to spring. These are followed by long slender pods, resembling a string of four-winged beads. Leaves are glossy and dark green, smaller than those of Sophora japonica. ... Learn More



    Chains of sizeable, brilliant yellow pea-like flowers are displayed amongst the bright-green deeply incised foliage common to many members of the pea family. With smaller leaves and flowers than its sister Sophora tetraptera, this New Zealand native will do best against a south facing wall in damp but well drained soil. This unusual plant displays bushy grown when young, becoming more tree-like with age. Few seeds collected. ... Learn More



    Growing to an impressive 10m in height in its native New Zealand, this sun-loving tree displays drooping clusters of large brilliant yellow pea-like flowers and the deeply incised foliage common to many plants of the pea family. It will do best supported against a sunny wall where the concentrated heat will encourage flowering. At home it grows wild along river margins and so will probably appreciate keeping its toes wet, or at least very regular watering during dry spells. Few seeds collected. ... Learn More


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