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    From strong rosettes of spoon-shaped, hairy, medium green leaves arise flowers which are lilac-blue to red-purple coloured with greenish-yellow centres. It will be excellent in a well-drained spot on a rockery. ... Learn More



    Only recently developed from a chance seedling, this gorgeous, exceptionally dwarf, bone-hardy alpine has golden-eyed bright mauve, rather than pinkish daisy flowers. These burst open from late spring to early summer, above a slow-growing, semi-evergreen cushion, making it a perfect butterfly and bee plant, ideal for rockery, border or even a container! ... Learn More



    One of the more delightful members of the daisy tribe, this lovely plant, forming compact rosettes, should be planted into a very well-drained crevice or scree, when it will produce an almost endless supply of bright buttermilk-yellow flowers for a very long time, even into early winter. The modern cultivar "Canary Bird" was developed from this species. We supply good, but admittedly very few cleaned seeds. ... Learn More



    Spathulate leaves make a compact clump and also clad the short stems which bear mauve-rayed flowers with large golden eyes. This lovely alpine is also one of Britain's rarest native flowers and can only be found on a very few mountain tops including Ben Lawers in central Scotland. ... Learn More



    A most attractive alpine with rosettes of finely-divided, hairy leaves and close-packed stems of golden-eyed white flowers, with some rare seedlings being pale pink or blue. It is native to barren places in western North America, Greenland and eastern Canada. ... Learn More



    Compact clumps of tiny oblong to spoon-shaped sticky, finely toothed, leaves lie beneath golden-eyed flower heads on short stems, which are usually white but can vary from palest yellow to pink. These hardy alpines grow in rocky ridges high in the Olympic Mountains of the USA. Clean seeds in stock. ... Learn More



    This trouble-free hardy plant thrives on the coastline of Oregon and California where it makes slowly spreading, compact cushions on beaches, coastal bluffs and dunes. The central golden-yellow disc florets are surrounded by petals which can vary from deep blue and purple to nearly white, but are usually pinkish mauve. It is a valuable, extremely-easy-to-grow rock garden plant. ... Learn More



    On a gently spreading carpet of tiny pointed leaves appear sheets of white daisies which open white, turn pink and then fade to purple. This cushion plant is very long-flowering from late spring to autumn and is one of the best wall or dry-rockery plants. ... Learn More



    Rarely seen or offered, this dwarf alpine makes compact mats of creeping stems bearing almost stemless pinky-purple petalled, yellow-eyed daisy flowers. Compact, bone hardy and very long-lived, it makes a valuable addition to any rock garden or border edge. In the wild it is found in British Columbia and Oregon in dry terrain. ... Learn More


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