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    This vigorous plant is a tall, robust plant, with toothed leaves, white-hairy beneath, and unusual, yellow daisy-like flowers, with noticeably narrow rays and a darker centre. The plant's specific name, helenium, derives from Helen of Troy, this plant is said to have sprung up where her tears fell. It was also sacred to the ancient Celts, and once had the name "elfwort" ... Learn More



    Deep bright yellow flowers heads, 6 inches across, open atop strong black-purple stems bearing large, dark green leaves. The translation of "magnifica" is quite appropriate in describing this splendid species from the Caucasus which is ideal for the back of the border. Plant it as a specimen behind a pond where both foliage and flowers can be seen, or grow it behind much shorter, moisture-loving plants in the centre of a damp border. ... Learn More



    This glorious, robust, tall perennial bears large pale green leaves, and very tall stems, with frilly large yellow daisies, unusually-spaced, all up the main stem, in summer and autumn, making it very noticeable indeed. Its stout stems need no staking in good soil in sun, at the back of a border or old cottage garden, where it is most attractive to bees and butterflies. ... Learn More


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