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    These lovely plants, which surprisingly are completely frost-hardy, produce clumps of linear basal leaves, and leafless stems bearing racemes or panicles of star-shaped, white or pink flowers, each tepal with an attractive green or brown central vein. ... Learn More



    In earliest spring, rosettes of fleshy green leaves erupt from the ground, soon followed by strong stems bearing numerous white starry flowers, the petals bearing a central brown streak. Best grown in a hot dry spot, with excellent drainage, this plant survives in the hottest and most inhospitable habitats imaginable. In the wild it grows from Mediterranean coastal regions northern Africa and the Middle East, to the hot dry Canary Islands. Historically, this flower was said to fill the plains of Hades, the mythological Greek underworld. As it was considered the favourite food of the dead, the ancient Greeks would often plant it near graves. ... Learn More


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