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    A spectacular, rare and beautiful South African species gladiolus with absolutely huge, flaring, soft pink, long-blooming flowers, painted with deep crimson blotches in the throat, on upright arching stems which are dazzling all through spring and into July. This summer-deciduous gem will slowly spread by cormlets, making a glorious display after a few years, and is best grown in well-drained soil, a rock garden, or even in a container. Few good seeds collected. ... Learn More


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    These vigorous perennials have linear leaves up to 24 inches long with spikes of up to 20 funnel-shaped, marked, deep magenta flowers which appear in spring. In the Mediterranean it is a wild flower in the olive groves through May and June and is naturalised in the South-West of England in Cornwall and the Scilly Isles where it is called Whistling Jack! It thrives in full sun and fertile, well-drained soil. ... Learn More


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    One of the most beautiful flowers with two inch wide, brilliant red blooms opening on short spikes with up to seven flowers appearing in succession on each spike. This rare and unusual Gladiolus species is found growing on cliff faces in the high Drakensberg of South Africa where it is called the “Suicide Lily” because of its preferred habitat of cliffs where attempts to collect it, or it's seed can lead to death! Easy to grow, Gladiolus flanaganii is summer blooming and tolerant of summer water before going dormant in late summer. It is often grown in good-sized clay pots with well draining soil, ... Learn More


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    This beauty grows short stems carrying showy, large, dark lilac or magenta flowers, with white streaks on the lower petals. It is easily grown in any rich, well drained soil in full sun,or even in pots. This winter hardy dwarf species, native to the Mediterranean, grows in the wild in rocky, sun-exposed sites, and is hardy enough to have naturalised in the UK in the New Forest and on isle of Wight ... Learn More


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    This is probably the hardiest of all gladioli, down to Zone 3 it is claimed, and also strangely, one of the rarest! It makes a dense spike of large, rich coloured flowers, attractively marked on the lower petals, and usually in shades of deep purple to carmine. This is certainly the best and most valuable of the Mediterranean species, a genus containing many inferior plants, as well as this gem! ... Learn More


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    Native to much of Eurasia and North Africa, these gorgeous plants open dazzling spring flowers resembling pink and magenta tongues of flame, each several centimeters long, with stamens and style protruding from the throat. The slender sword-shaped leaves appear before the flower spikes that often carry as many as 20 blooms on each stem. In a well-drained spot they will slowly spread and increase. ... Learn More


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    This charming, relatively small Gladiolus open bright spikes of rose-wine flowers with delicately-marked, noticeably split-apart petals, in spring and summer. Completely winter hardy in Central Europe, it thrives in wet meadows and similar damp situations. ... Learn More


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    A native of South Africa, this winter growing species has wonderful scent in the evenings which is absolutely heavenly in April when the greenish-white flowers open progressively up the long rush-like stems. It is quite unique amongst Gladioli because as it originates from a wet part of South Africa it will do perfectly well in damp locations. ... Learn More


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