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    Growing amongst dry rocks and scree in the high Andes of Chile and Argentina at between 800-2700m, this lovely sub-shrubby alpine makes compact rosettes of leathery, hairy leaves and several thin, branching stems carrying delicate, deep yellow to orange pouches. ... Learn More



    Native to Chile and Argentina, this lovely alpine forms low, compact rosettes of hairy leaves from which arise wiry stems each bearing a pair of inflated golden pouch flowers marked with tiny red spots. It performs well in moist but well-drained soil, especially a rock garden alpine trough, or gravel scree. ... Learn More



    Bright yellow flowers open with purplish stripes inside the pouch and attractively speckled outside. This delightful plant comes from high altitude in Chile, close to the timber line, and blooms easily the first year from seeds . A very versatile plant, it is ideal for use in rock gardens, borders or even containers to supply a dazzling bright splash. ... Learn More



    Inflated, pendent pouches, speckled red inside, hand from dividing thin stems, which arise from rosettes of pointed leaves, an unusual feature for this genus. Calceolaria falklandica is native not only to the Falklands but also to the Andes Mountains of Chile down to Patagonia. The genus name means "small shoe." ... Learn More



    Probably new to cultivation, this lovely Chilean species will thrive best in a moist, shady corner, maybe in a deep pot or even a shady bed, as in the wild it inhabits wet stream edges and damp ravines. The broad leaves open into basal rosettes of emerald green, from which arise long thin stems topped with lemon-yellow balloon-like blooms. It blooms very quickly from seed and can even be grown as an annual. ... Learn More



    A lovely border plant with masses of gaping-mouthed, inflated yellow pouch flowers above a compact clump of fleshy leaves. This ideal front of border plant will be soundly perennial in a well drained position. ... Learn More



    Calceolaria integrifolia is a small, tender, bushy, evergreen sub-shrub with oblong, veiny, matt-green leaves with hairy undersides and with clusters of bright yellow, pouch-like flowers. This native of Argentina and Chile blooms from late spring through to early autumn. ... Learn More



    Superb in a rock garden, this true-seeding, ground-hugging, hybrid plant (C. plantaginea x C. polyrrhiza) is highly sought by collectors of rock garden plants. The bright yellow flowers are large in size, with purple spots on the pouch. It has no woody stems and being a hybrid of two species that are native to very cold parts of South America, can thus take severe cold. ... Learn More



    This very rapid-growing plant is ideal for a burst of colour when all else has failed. A sturdy mass of thin branches carries thousands of small, bright yellow pouches. It absolutely thrives in a hot Mexican-like spot! ... Learn More



    This perennial, very frost-hardy dwarf shrub from high in the Andes produces hundreds of bright golden-yellow flowers over a long period in spring. It thrives in full sun, and also needs very little water and thrives even in the poorest soil provided it has good drainage. It makes a lovely addition to any rock garden, or in a border that require little watering, or even in a container or pot. ... Learn More


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