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    This attractive ornamental banana palm bears flowers growing in bright inflorescences coloured from red to maroon, whilst the fruits are between blue and green and are considered inedible because of the seeds they contain. Native to eastern South Asia, northern South east Asia and southern China, it is one of the ancestors of modern cultivated bananas along with Musa acuminata and is eminently suitable for cool conservatories or to be overwintered in a frost-free greenhouses. The clumps of lush, dark foliage make it ideal for creating a jungle landscape as the foliage tends to be more upright than most cultivated banana reaching its full height in about one year. In Thai folklore it is believed that banana plants may be inhabited by a spirit, Nang Tani a type of ghost related to trees and similar plants and which manifests itself as a young woman. ... Learn More



    Seeds of the common or 'wild' banana. These plants were wild collected in India and will produce vigorous plant that can grow up to 30 feet high in warm countries producing numerous offsets. ... Learn More



    A superb new, almost hardy banana. Large purple-black stripes decorate the enormous, wind-resistant leaves. A magnificent and striking monster for a very large pot or sheltered border. ... Learn More



    A most attractive dwarf banana with red-midribbed shiny green leaves. Strikingly bright pink, red and orange flowers finally produce bright pink fruits. A superb specimen for a garden in hot countries or a large pot elsewhere. ... Learn More


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