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    Individual plants grow to between 3-7 m high, but can reach up to 12 m, with leaves around 3 m in length and 90 cm in width. As the leaves are coloured red on their underside with shoots growing from a creeping, elongated, underground rhizome. The plants thrive best in shade or filtered sun, as intense direct sun can damage the leaves. Unusually, this wild banana has pink fruits and in its native south-east Asia, they are an important wild food source for Asian elephants .This species is increasingly under threat in the wild commercial agriculture is now clearing much of the irreplaceable jungle habitat. It is distributed from north-east India to Vietnam and is also found in China, Laos, Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand. ... Learn More


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    A superb, almost hardy, new species of ornamental banana from the Himalayas. The strong vigorous leaves are often tinged with ruby red tints. Very hardy and wind tolerant. Ideal for a large container or border. ... Learn More


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    This quick growing banana from the Himalayas has a grey stem, with new leaves being tinged red on the underside, darkening to green as they grow further. Flowering in July with beautiful red flowers, the edible fruits are then produced in October of the same year. ... Learn More


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    A most attractive dwarf banana with red-midribbed shiny green leaves. Strikingly bright pink, red and orange flowers finally produce bright pink fruits. A superb specimen for a garden in hot countries or a large pot elsewhere. ... Learn More


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