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    With striking pink, then silver leaf markings, and flowers that are usually fragrant, this is one of the finer forms bred by Peter More of Tilebarn. In the wild, the original form of C. mirabile grows in an area of Anatolia with temperatures as low as -16ºC therefore its hardiness is not in doubt, mature leaves will go limp and recover when temperatures rise. However, it will survive low temperatures better if growing in relatively dry conditions and does well either in raised beds or around the base of trees or shrubs. C. mirabile is another species which enjoys decayed pine-needle litter incorporated into the soil, or compost if grown in pots. ... Learn More



    Native to the Turkish mountains, this small plant is similar to Cyclamen coum, but has longer petals. The spring-blooming flowers have five reflexed, up-swept petals, and are fragrant and magenta-purple or pink, and have a darker blotch and a white zone at the end of the nose and is hardy to -15 C. In the UK it is usually grown in pots but will grow in sheltered spots outside. It has been given the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit. ... Learn More



    This is a beautiful and rare plant often with silver-patterned leathery leaves, and very sweetly scented pink to carmine flowers and which is hardy throughout the British Isles. Unusual for a cyclamen, flowering starts in early June and may last until almost Christmas. R.H.S. 'AGM' Award Winner ... Learn More



    Late spring-blooming, showy, fragrant rose-pink flowers, deeper coloured at the base of the petals, open above wide, heart-shaped leaves, which are often coarsely toothed or lobed. They live in the wild in woods and shaded banks in Mediterranean countries, from southern France to Greece, and also in Algeria. Very few seeds collected. ... Learn More



    Native to Rhodes and Kos, this rare gem is a small tuberous plant carrying rounded leaves speckled with grey-green, and strongly-scented rosy-pink flowers, darker at the mouth, which open in late spring ... Learn More


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