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    This early-flowering daylily constantly produces masses of fragrant, long-lasting, bright custard-yellow, lily-like flowers, which open in the late afternoon, and last for just one day. Like most hemerocallis, it is robust and easy to grow. Also called Hemerocallis flava, the "Lemon Day-lily" is found right across China and Europe. The Greek term 'hemerocallis' means 'beautiful for a day', and daylilies benefit from regular deadheading to prolong flowering and prevent their unsightly deadheads from dominating the scene. This true lemon lily, is an absolute treasure. The flowers of some daylillies, including Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus are edible and are used in Chinese cuisine. ... Learn More


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    Sizeable yellow flowers are borne on naked stems which grow well above a lower-growing clump of arching, linear, narrow leaves. The individual flowers open for one day, but are constantly produced in long succession. It is native to northern Asia (Siberia, Mongolia, China, Korea) where it is eaten as food, being easy to grow and and quick to multiply. The flowers are a traditional food in China where they are steamed and then dried, and indeed in the UK they are used as edible additions to decorate salads. They tolerate any normal garden soil, in a not too dry, sunny or semi-shady location. ... Learn More


    (8 seeds)

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