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    Heavy heads of glorious, bright, vivid yellow flowers, with, exotic, rather musty perfume, and rust-speckled especially in the throat, arise on shortish, stout stems. This excellent garden plant is happy with both lime and acid soils and is bone hardy and long-lived. ... Learn More


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    This beautiful plant produces 6 inch long funnel or trumpet shaped, large, white, yellow-throated flowers, flushed purple outside. They are very strongly fragrant, especially at night. The plant is stem-rooting, leaves being borne at irregular intervals on the stem, and in good conditions plants can grow to 2 meters or more, although 1 to 1.5 meters is more common in the garden. This lily was originally discovered by Ernest Henry Wilson in 1903 in western Szechuan in China. ... Learn More


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    Lily regale 'Album' is the pure white form of the classic garden lily opening its trumpet-shaped flowers in June and July, that can number up to fifteen trumpets per stem and all with golden centres and a powerful and delicious scent from its flowers. ... Learn More


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    This is an excellent value bag of numerous lily species grown both by ourselves and some very keen lily collectors. Includes the following species: L. distichum; henryi, pyrenaicum, regale, and others we have in small quantities, all of them very lovely. ... Learn More


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    Carrying a strong fragrance, these pendant 2-3" flowers are straw yellow in colour and occasionally have a few spots. Requiring a well drained but heavy soil with full sun, they dislike being moved. Attractive to bees and butterflies. ... Learn More


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    A fabulous rarity making slender stems up to 120 cm tall which are clothed in narrow leaves. Enormous fragrant flowers finally open at the crown, very late in the season and rarely before October or November! When these open the weight of the large white chalices can actually bow the plant, they truly are one of the most glorious autumnal lilies. This superb but rarely encountered Himalayan Lily performs best in nice humus-rich soil in light shade. It is fully hardy and not difficult to grow, but is seldom seen in view of its late flowering season! Make your garden an autumn showpiece. Bulbs are one of the most expensive on the market! ... Learn More


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