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    An unusual bristly poppy with gorgeous, floppy, blue, tissue-paper flowers. The epithet "horrid" obviously applies to the spiny looking stems and certainly not to the striking cobalt-blue, ivory-eyed flowers. It often self-seeds in gritty soil and is possibly the only Asiatic meconopsis which is resistant to drought, sometimes dying down to a resting tuber if conditions are too hot for it in its first year! ... Learn More



    With enormous deep cobalt blue flowers, up to four inches across, this is certainly the best blue poppy ever available. It multiplies up steadily each year into a massive golden-haired clump which can be divided to increase the size of the bed, and in a shady spot with moist, organic-enriched soil, a bed of these plants makes an unbelievable sight. This quite reliable perennial is far superior to the already famous Meconopsis betonicifolia. We even grow beds of these successfully in hot, dry Devon, and challenge you to grow these gorgeous plants. We will gladly buy your crop of seeds back from you, or exchange for a generous selection of seeds from our list if you are successful! ... Learn More


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    Deeply lobed leaves felted with silvery hairs form what is one of the most sumptuous winter rosette of any of the meconopsis. In early spring the thick, strong, main stem of this absolutely magnificent specimen arises, with branching spurs carrying golden-eyed, cherry red flowers in midsummer. ... Learn More



    This seldom seen beautiful bright pink variant opens its golden-eyed flowers on branching spurs which sprout from a thick, strong main stem in late spring right into summer. Deeply-lobed leaves felted with silvery hairs form what is one of the most sumptuous evergreen winter rosette of any of the meconopsis. ... Learn More



    Perhaps the most magnificent of all winter rosettes is this enormous beast which is composed of massive, felted, golden bear ear-like leaves. In early spring arises the thick stem holding a succession of refined golden silky flowers which open in succession over a prolonged period in late spring and early summer. ... Learn More



    Perhaps the most magnificent of all winter rosettes, this impressive beast is composed of massive, felted, bronzed, bear's-ear-like leaves. In early spring arises the thick stem holding a succession of refined golden silky flowers which open in succession over a prolonged period in late spring and early summer. ... Learn More



    This is quite an amazing blue poppy. We have grown these, experimentally, on a dry, south-facing bank whereupon, before flowering in midsummer, they seemed to die. What a surprise we had the following spring when the sleeping tubers magically re-appeared and flowered away with prickly stemmed, jagged-petalled, deepest blue flowers. Not at all what you expect from a meconopsis! ... Learn More



    From dense rosettes of silver and golden pelted leaves arise great monocarpic spikes of sulphur yellow silky flowers. One of the most fabulous and impressive plants in moist rich soil. One of the world's top meconopsis experts has explained that the true, genuine, botanically pure Meconopsis regia may no longer be in cultivation, but when it was, it bore a very close resemblance to the plants these seeds were collected from. ... Learn More



    A rare and unusual blue poppy with bristly, spiny stems and leaves, and frilly cobalt-blue flowers with attractive central bosses of white anthers. Flowers are produced over an extended period until late in the year. This is one of the few Asiatic meconopsis with the ability to "hibernate" if a dry summer prevents it from flowering successfully, when it quickly dies down to a resting tuber which will sprout again the following spring! ... Learn More


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    This fabulous plant, which bears a slight resemblance to Meconopsis regia, has gorgeous rosettes of grey-green leaves and strong, hairy stems bearing sprays of large, sumptuous, golden-eyed, pure white flowers. Found at altitude in Tibet and Bhutan, this appropriately named plant,which has proved relatively easy to grow here in Devon from wild collected seed, has made enormous plants that produce gasps of surprise from garden visitors. ... Learn More



    An enormous giant of a poppy if grown in rich, peaty moist soil and hopefully a bit of shade. Certainly one to ring all your friends about. A stout, bristly-leaved stem, almost a trunk, holds repeatedly branching arms each holding a delicate, pale blue tissue-paper flower. Quite a stunning picture you must agree. ... Learn More



    Newly-described, this very rare, exciting and unbelievably exquisite flower bears spectacular head of closely-packed, golden-eyed, blue-purple flowers, which open over an extended period in late spring on a stout, hairy stem. This arises from the magnificent rosette of thick, wavy-edged leaves, thickly-clad in dense hairs, which slowly enlarges all winter long, reaching its maximum diameter in February, after which the massed head of buds burst upwards. This is one of the world's newest and most desirable plants, asking for good organic moist soil, and preferably some shade to do of its best, but it is worth any trouble to grow and to see it in full bloom. ... Learn More


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    "What-you-see-is-what-you-get"!! In short is WYSIWYG! An unusual hybrid meconopsis produced in Scotland and allegedly perennial! Supposedly a pink flower but ours have not flowered yet! More details when we have them! ... Learn More


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