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    Sprays of fluffy pale-yellow flowers open in star-like clusters on thin stems clad in blue green, exquisite, tiny, transparent foliage of maidenhair-shaped leaves, giving the whole plant a light, delicate appearance. This dwarf rarity grows on rock ledges and shaley outcrops, high on the mountains of Afghanistan, Turkey, Russian Armenia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and the Altai Mountains. Few viable seeds collected. ... Learn More


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    In midsummer this erect, clump-forming plant opens airy heads of soft, fragrant, creamy yellow flowers that are reminiscent of Thalictrum flavum, but have a rose-like perfume! The foliage is perfectly described by one of its common names. "Shining Meadow Rue", the bright green, fern-like foliage having pointed rather than oval leaves, and is highly polished. ... Learn More


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    This wide selection, taken from our beds of these attractive foliage plants, will produce plants which flower in all colours, shapes, and habits. These plants, once established in the garden, are long-lived and very rewarding. ... Learn More


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    This tall species is like an improved Thalictrum flavum, with strong upright stems, but has better blue-grey foliage and fluffy heads of pale lemon-yellow which are fuller and more massed right through July and August. It is ideal for sun or partial shade in any fertile soil. ... Learn More


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    Many-branched stems bear unusual, straw-yellow, floppy, pendulous flower heads, above basal rosettes of glaucous grey-green leaves. Seed of this rare plant was collected in China. ... Learn More


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    Possibly the most delicate and beautiful of all thalictrums, this rare but quite hardy plant has aquilegia-like foliage with heads consisting of masses of white, waxy, buttercup-like flowers, with prominent bright yellow stamens. It is found in small local areas on garrique in southern Spain and along the Mediterranean coast. In our gardens visitors sometimes mistake these plants for tall anemones, to which they are quite closely related. Very few good seeds collected. ... Learn More


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    This completely new and desirable species from the Far East is a unique colour break in thalictrums. It produces a delicate basal spread of incredibly fine maidenhair foliage, above which arise thin, repeatedly branching sprays, carrying showers of countless, tiny, shimmering, tasselated pink and yellow flowers. ... Learn More


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    A spectacular, upright bloomer with a habit rather like a lupin, sprouting late spring, fragrant, primrose-yellow blooms on stems which emerge almost black in the spring, becoming green later. Although it takes a few years to reach its full beauty, it is very long-lived. Few seeds collected. ... Learn More


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    This lovely shrub or small tree has glossy dark green leaves, and fragrant saffron-yellow to orange or peach coloured flowers. The long funnel-shaped flowers are in terminal clusters and produce deep red fruits which form black seed pods and are not edible. It makes an ideal container plant for a sunny deck or patio. In USA Zones 8-10, these plants are used in a variety of landscape applications including hedges, screens, foundation plantings and borders. Native to the West Indies, southern Mexico and Belize, the generic name of this tropical evergreen shrub honours the 16th century French Franciscan monk Andre Thevet, who accompanied a French expedition to Brazil in the 1550s. ... Learn More


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    This very pretty palm has glossy, dark green, circular fan leaves that have drooping leaf tips. An unusually slender-stemmed palm, the trunks can grow to more than 20 feet high or more, but rarely grow more than five inches inches thick. It is distributed over much of the northern Caribbean and is a reliable and easy-to-grow ornamental for tropical and warm subtropical areas, and a perfect palm for coastal regions. In the wild it grows on the extreme southern mainland coast of Florida, the Florida Keys, Bahamas, western Cuba, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, Yucatan Peninsula, Honduras and Nicaragua. It also makes a good specimen in a very large pot. ... Learn More


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    Masses of five-petalled flowers in shades of cream, apricot and orange, each with a deep chocolate coloured centre, stand out against mid-green, almost heart-shaped foliage. A delightful annual twining climber, it will make a fine display trailing up a wigwam of canes, or over a trellis or pergola, or you could try it in a hanging basket, allowing the blooming fronds to trail downwards. A perpetual easy-to-grow favourite. ... Learn More


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    A truly appropriate common name, this rare plant opens glorious, dazzling purple goblet-flowers, which slowly open making a five-bladed windmill! New to cultivation, this slow-growing, dwarf, evergreen shrub will make a stunning plant for a sheltered spot or even a large container indoors. The name Tibouchina is actually adapted from a Guianan indigenous name for a member of this genus. ... Learn More


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    Masses of goblet shaped, carmine-red flowers open amidst dark green, deeply-carved, soft fuzzy leaves on this very rare shrub, which can eventually become a compact tree. A magnet for butterflies and bees, in the wild it is actually pollinated by hummingbirds, where it thrives high in the cloud forests and paramo of the Andes, in Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador between 2400 and 3800 m. Seldom yet seen in cultivation, it will make an outstanding specimen in cool temperate climates. ... Learn More


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    Masses of sizeable, sumptuous, beautiful royal-purple blooms open wide, amidst velvet leaves, constantly from March or April. These continue all through autumn and sometimes into early winter, or even all-year-round in warmer climates. Perfect trained as a shrub, or even allowed to grow finally into a small tree, it is one of the world's most spectacular plants. In the wild, Tibouchina lepidota is fairly widespread in montane and cloud forests of the Andes mountains between Venezuela and Peru from 800 to 3200 m, and therefore has a considerable measure of hardiness. ... Learn More


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    This newly-discovered, very rare, high-elevation iris relative, from the cloud forests of Guatemala and Mexico, makes a long succession of exquisite, brilliant red, three-petalled tubular flower which are held above most attractive pointed and pleated leaves. Very few seeds collected. ... Learn More


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