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    Resembling a mimosa, these lovely shrubs/trees open fragrant yellow flowers amidst the finely-divided ferny leaves. As the common name suggests, the leaves quickly close when they are touched, just like the more well-known "sensitive plant" mimosa pudica. The floating (mature) stems of this tropical plant are covered in white, spongy tissue, full of air cells, enabling them to float. Although the plants actually prefer to grow in water, they will do equally well in good damp soil. ... Learn More



    Large, white-centred, blue funnel-shaped flowers appear over an extended period above lush green foliage. One of the fastest growing plants yopu will ever find, it can reach three feet in only eight weeks after an early summer sowing! It is called the "Shoo-fly Plant" as it is reputed to deter whitefly. ... Learn More



    The "Shoo-fly Plant" is reputed to deter whitefly. This lovely variation carries large, white-centred, blue funnel-shaped flowers over lush foliage dramatically splashed with creamy yellow. Can reach three feet in only eight weeks after an early summer sowing! ... Learn More



    One of the valued introductions of recent years. Makes a solid bushy thicket with an endless succession of greenish-yellow pendulous flowers. ... Learn More



    The RHS AGM has already been awarded to the top-selling green-leaved form. This improved form makes a solid bushy thicket with leaves edged and splashed in cream, covered with an endless succession of tubular, greenish-yellow pendulous flowers. ... Learn More



    Large compact clusters of chubby, greeny-yellow flowers, have widely flared lips. This flower is an ideal talking point for people searching for new plants, and the common name is a perfect description as it does indeed resemble one of these Victorian caps. In addition it is a very potent variety of tobacco and is also used for entheogenic purposes by South American shamans, as it contains up to nine times more nicotine than common North American smoking varieties such as Nicotiana tabacum. In Russia, it is called "makhorka", and it was smoked before normal tobacco became widely available, and is indeed still sometimes smoked by peasants and farmers. We cannot recommend any of these uses though and sell it as an ornamental plant! ... Learn More



    This lovely plant is actually a species of wild tobacco known by the common names of "Woodland Tobacco" or "South American Tobacco". It is native to South America, and is often grown in gardens for its scented flowers, which can be quite overpowering at night, so as to attract pollinating moths. This is one of the plants from which the leaves can be dried and used for smoking although we do not recommend this practice ... Learn More



    (N.Knightiana) We must apologise to Mike Oldfield, but tubular bells, thousands of long green ones, are what heavily clad the countless thin dividing branches on this new exciting dense shrubby plant. A fascinating introduction. ... Learn More



    Large showy blue flowers open over finely-cut, feathery, almost fern-like foliage and are perfect for cutting, whilst the inflated seed-pods are also popular with flower arrangers. They may gently self-seed but very rarely become a nuisance! ... Learn More



    This pretty annual flowering plant is native to south and southwest Asia where it bears finely divided, linear leaves with delicate, starry flowers which are usually coloured pale blue and white, with five to ten petals. The fruit is a large, inflated capsule each containing numerous seeds which is used as a spice throughout the world. ... Learn More



    This easy-to-grow border-filler has large, attractive, snowy-white blooms with the deepest black centres, which are followed by the most intriguing and decorative, spidery seed pods. Will make a talking point in the garden and indoors as a cut or dried flower! ... Learn More



    The first year sees an unimpressive little green cushion which miraculously grows bigger and bigger all autumn. In late winter hundreds of buds swell, on prostrate, extending, radiating stems heralding a long early spring display of countless primrose yellow blossoms when very little else is yet in flower. ... Learn More



    Strong spikes of large, flared, china-blue, outwards-facing bells arise on this choice, early summer-flowering lily-relative. It can make an impressive clump in a well-drained bed, and is especially suited to life in a large container which, in two or three years, it will fill with bulbs. ... Learn More



    Another rare and unusual lily relative. Strong stems support beautifully flared creamy white flowers in spring and early summer. Will bulk up steadily in a raised bed with plenty of humus incorporated. ... Learn More



    Vast three inch fragrant lemon-yellow saucers slowly change colour through apricot to pink with age. This adorable back-of-the-border plant is unusual in that the flowers open during the day time when they can be best admired. Evening primrose oil, derived from the seeds, is a well-known source of gamma linoleic acid (GLA), said to be a good dietary supplement for women in particular. The small drop of this nutrient in every seed serves as a readily available energy boost for the plant, allowing it to germinate and grow faster than its competitors. ... Learn More


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