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    With its clusters of creamy white flowers, this must be one of South Africa's prettiest indigenous perennials. Growing in small clumps, the countless flower heads stand on long, naked stems above the finely divided, almost fern-like leaves, which form opposite each other along the lower part of the stems, gently moving with the slightest breeze. On warm summer days, butterflies cover these filigree mounds for this is one of their favourite nectar plants. A long succession of beautiful flowers appears from early spring to the middle of summer. ... Learn More



    This stunning new plant is a selected form of Scabiosa africana from South Africa. Strong branching stems of frilly primrose-like leaves, produce a compact shrub. Then appears a succession of large, very lovely, pastel lilac flowers all summer long. ... Learn More



    Delicate single clear-lavender flowers dance on slender, wiry stems enjoying the attentions of visiting bees and butterflies in search of their rich supply of nectar from June all the way through to September. The foliage forms a loose clump of deeply serrated leaves, making this an attractive plant for the front of an herbaceous border. Plant in a sunny position in well-drained soil, although it will tolerate some shade if you haven't got quite the right spot in full sun, and dead-head regularly to keep the flowers coming and to control self-seeding. ... Learn More



    A gorgeous, slowly-spreading plant, producing 'pincushion' flowers on many branching stems over a very, very long flowering season, often into winter!. This rarely seen colour makes a bright splash even in the darkest corner. The dense, double, scabious like flowers are a brilliantly strong crimson-cherry-red, a rare colour in border flowers, and in time it makes a large, neat, rounded bushy plant producing countless flowers which are also excellent for cutting. Although its alternative name is Knautia, (pronounced 'naughtier'), this easy to grow, strikingly beautiful plant, thankfully doesn't live up to its name! Finally, as well as flowering as long and hard as almost any plant in the garden, the bees and butterflies absolutely adore them. ... Learn More



    The most striking of all schizanthus, purple-veined yellow-tongued, crimson orchid-like flowers. Gorgeous pot or sheltered rockery plant. ... Learn More



    Large, cup-shaped scarlet flowers open continuously over slowly running clumps of sword-shaped leaves. In bloom from spring until the first serious frosts of winter, and even all-winter-long if it is mild, this must be one of the longest flowering plants in the garden! ... Learn More



    Larger-than-normal, cup-shaped deep pink flowers open continuously over slowly running clumps of sword-shaped leaves. Plants grown from seeds from this famous, late-blooming, "Zeal Salmon" variety flower from summer right into the following winter and even all-winter-long in a sheltered spot and if it is mild. This must be one of the longest flowering plants in the garden! ... Learn More



    Unusually large flowers of deepest, most luscious, lipstick-red, open on strong stems from early summer onwards for a very long period. This superb, vigorous new selection will thrive in all conditions from a hot dry spot to shallow water, and in a sheltered area these superb new plants can continue flowering right through the winter. ... Learn More



    From clumps of sword-shaped leaves arise stems of cup-shaped flowers from white, through pinks to deepest vermilion. This South African Gladiolus relative provides valuable colour from August right through autumn and into winter if it remains mild. ... Learn More



    Large, palest pink flowers open on this vigorous, clump-forming perennial bearing narrow, bright green leaves. Seeds were collected from the cultivar known as Jennifer which bears flower spikes of open, cup-shaped blossoms which appear from early summer until late autumn, and if mild weather prevails, right through the winter in a mild spot. ... Learn More



    This rare pure white form has slightly narrower petals than the coloured varieties but still flowers over the entire year in warmer gardens even during the winter! Once established mature clumps continue to produce a seemingly endless supply of attractive crocus-like flowers. Occasionally odd seedlings may produce pale pink flowers. ... Learn More



    Clusters of bright-pink pom-pom flowers, between 1-2 cm across, are dotted with yellow from the prominent anthers on this trailing vine, and are quite remarkable. The spiny pink or green stems and touch-sensitive foliage that folds up, (rather like the "Sensitive Plant" Mimosa pudica), make this a quite intriguing plant to display in a conservatory in cooler climates, or trained along an outside wall in warmer and more temperate zones. It is native to the central USA and is named for Thomas Nuttall, an English botanist who resided in the US for many years. ... Learn More



    Upright spikes of bright china-blue star-shaped flowers appear from late winter to early spring. Plant in a sunny position in any good garden soil for cheerful displays of colour through those dreary months of winter before spring gets under way. Few seeds collected. ... Learn More



    Dense racemes of purple-blue flowers appear very suddenly in late summer and early autumn, before the linear leaves. One day it is summer, and the next day they are there! Rare in the UK, it is now restricted to Cornwall, parts of Devon and the Channel Islands. ... Learn More



    Strikingly-dense, pyramidal racemes of starry mid-blue to lilac flowers are held erect over bright green strappy foliage from March until April. Similar in size to a bluebell, but earlier flowering, this lovely plant will provide a carpet of blue blooms across a shady area and will do best in shady, damp woodland where it will naturalise well. ... Learn More


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