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    A later blooming, beautiful sunflower with 5-6" (12-15cm) flowerheads of golden petals with a ring of red surrounding the chocolate brown centre. Heavily branching, each plant will provide a good number of blooms, perfect for cutting or for a fiery display in your border. If not cut, flowers may produce seeds for wildlife, another benefit to growing any sunflower. ... Learn More


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    An award-winning Sunflower, 'Soraya' produces lovely rich tangerine-orange flowers with dark brown centres. This branching sunflower is perfect for cut flower arrangements, producing 20 to 25 flowers from each plant during the long bloom season. Plants are self-supporting and may attain a height of five to six feet in the full-sun garden. Soraya flowers can produce seeds for birds if left on the plants to mature. ... Learn More


    (30 seeds)

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    Waooh Sunflowers are lovely in the garden and because of their height, brilliant for containers too . Each plant is sturdy, very well branched and free flowering. Masses of lovely golden yellow flowers with a dark central disc are produced for weeks on end. They are easy to grow, good for cut flower production and excellent in borders too. ... Learn More


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    Very tasty with large dark green, savoyed leaves and a broad white rib. A good alternative to spinach with the advantage that the leaves retain their volume when cooked. Very easy to grow - leaving the row to its own devices will still yield a large crop. ... Learn More


    (150 seeds)

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    As far as taste goes Ailsa Craig is one of the best. It has just the right balance of sweetness and sharpness to give it an amazing flavour. With a thinnish skin and deep colour, it is great in salads and just firm enough for slicing for sandwiches. It has a good disease resistance and is an early ripener and reasonably vigorous grower. (Cordon) ... Learn More


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    Alicante is an early variety producing heavy crops of uniform, smooth, sweet tasting, medium size fruits. Succeeds well in soil or grow bags. An excellent variety for the UK climate, it can be grown very successfully outside but also will do well in the greenhouse. (Cordon). ... Learn More


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    Another absolutely superb GMO free, mid-season tomato, its skin ripening to the most incredible blue-violet colour. With strong, non-splitting skins holding the highly flavoured flesh, they are relatively late ripeners, but keep very well with an excellent shelf life. These have been bred to produce high levels of anthocyanins, a class of pigments responsible for the blue and purple colours of many fruits, including blueberries and blackberries, which provide protection for the plant against insects, diseases, and ultraviolet radiation, and are thus a most important part of a first class healthy diet. ... Learn More


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    This huge classic beefsteak tomato is grown for its superstrong flavour as well as its generous size! For slicing and summer sandwiches, this variety produces large, meaty red fruit over a long season as it matures quite late compared with many other tomatoes, and will always provide a fresh harvest in the latter part of the season. Indeterminate ... Learn More


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    Strong, vigorous plants produce a heavy crop of large to very large brown-purple 4 to 8 ounce beefsteak fruits, all attractively brushed on the tops with deeper purple. The deep red flesh is pleasantly sweet with a rich, fruity flavour and fragrance! An absolutely excellent dark-skinned tomato. ... Learn More


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    Surprisingly heavy yields of 2-4 oz, egg-sized, plum-shaped, golden yellow tomatoes have very good sweet flavours, with strong, thick flesh and skin, so that they never split. Related to the popular Russian commercial variety, this is a golden strain of the popular De Barao tomato, a form of the "Zolotoy" or "Gold Reserve" tomato in Russian. It is therefore very productive in low temperatures, where this Russian favourite can make impressively tall 3 m plants, and is usually used for soups, salads, conserves and sauces. Cordon ... Learn More


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    As black as the proverbial snooker ball, these consistently medium-sized fruits ripen make impressive shining trusses. The strong-flavoured fruits can stay on the vines right up to the first frosts of autumn, especially in a greenhouse, protected from bad weather and cracking by their perfect spheres of strong skin! We pick the last crop here in late October or early November. New, and extremely attractive when sliced, when they reveal their juicy red flesh. Cordon ... Learn More


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    These gorgeous medium to large irregularly ribbed, fleshy Italian beefsteak fruits can grow up to 10cm/4in diameter, and have a good flavour. They were recommended by Monty Don in BBC Gardeners World Magazine as “One of the few Italian tomatoes to develop its full taste in our climate" And in addition, a "Best Buy" variety as recommended by the Gardening Press and Consumer Groups! They are reliable, delicious and versatile, excellent raw, and superb in a sauce. ... Learn More


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    This 'World Beating' giant tomato, bred by the famous breeders Burpee, was released in 2014 and claimed to be the biggest ever, and true-to-name! The enormous fruits have very few seeds and a surprisingly strong and excellent flavour, and if grown in a greenhouse or tunnel house can grow to more than a kilogram each on a well fed healthy plant. ... Learn More


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    A new and exciting plant, and we could barely believe the name could be true when we trialled it! But it was! A heavy-cropping, semi dwarf plant makes sizeable trusses of almost identical medium sized fruit. In addition they have a strong sweet flavour. A valuable new addition to our range, and in a largish pot ideal for a balcony or patio of course. ... Learn More


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    Masses of sweet, very flavoursome, cherry-sized fruits are crowded onto heavy trusses which sometimes break away due to the weight! This is a rare feral or wild tomato from the Philippines. ("Kamatis Na Ligaw" translates to "Wild Tomato"). It is accordingly very resistant to many of the diseases of cultivated varieties. Indeed, today they are much valued and grow wild throughout the tropics without human intervention. Ripening in unbelievable numbers they are great in salads or just to eat as a snack. One customer commented "I lost count, after about 500 per plant" Cordon ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)

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