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    Unusual in this genus because of its height, this fishtail-like palm from the Himalayan region has a solitary trunk and large, stiff, feathery leaves arranged in opposite rows in the same plane. An extremely unusual looking palm, the leaves form just two rows on either side of the trunk, so that looking down on the palm from above, the leaves would all form a single straight line. The long, attractive leaflets are dark green above, and greyish white underneath. ... Learn More


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    This popular shrub bears clusters of bright pink, funnel-shaped flowers in spring and is the perfect specimen for a large shrubbery or even for growing in a lawn. ... Learn More



    An unusual white form of the popular garden shrub originally discovered in Korea and China in the mid-19th century. ... Learn More



    A truly outstanding deciduous shrub bearing showy funnel-shaped flowers. But this form is special! The buds open to give white flowers which age to pink and finally to red. The whole effect is quite stunning with flowers of all colours on the same plant! ... Learn More


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    This short, tender shrub has elliptical green leaves, producing small bell-shaped, five-petaled flowers and small red berries. Preferring a sheltered spot in full sun, this plant will grow well after all chance of frost is gone, but would need to be brought inside the green house to overwinter, or grown again from seed. The berries are very popular with birds! ... Learn More


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    With long leaves, radiating out from each leaf stem, giving them a fox tail-like appearance, white flowers blossom, followed by clusters of orange -red fruit. This spectacular palm, native to Queensland, is great for growing in pots and containers on a sunny patio or in a conservatory or greenhouse. It is tender to frost so needs to be brought inside during the colder winter months. The Foxtail Palm remained undiscovered until 1978 when an Aboriginal man brought this species to the attention of authorities. It is now named after him 'Wodyeti'. ... Learn More


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    A truly divine plant, midsized and similar to Yucca rostrata but with wider, rigid, bright blue-grey leaves, complemented by clusters of pure white flowers in late-spring. It is native to northeastern Mexico and will withstand heat, drought and moderate to quite severe freezes. It’s perfect for adding a touch of drama to the garden and does well in exotic and tropical planting schemes. Grow in a very free-draining soil in a sunny, sheltered spot. Although hardier than most yuccas, it may need protection in winter, particularly from wet conditions. Alternatively, grow in a pot, which you can move indoors in autumn. ... Learn More


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