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    A vigorous, self-clinging, herbaceous perennial climber, with bright green, three-palmate leaves and rich yellow, lantern shaped flowers, with quirky, orange-peel-esque, thick petals in late summer, which are finally replaced by large, fluffy, white seed-heads through autumn and winter. ... Learn More


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    This deciduous, late-flowering twining vine has shiny, deep green, leathery leaves, and profuse clusters of exuberant, fragrant, white star-shaped flowers. Easy to grow, it will thrive and bloom even in shade, where its flowers appear from late July to October, before maturing to attractive, plume-like seed heads. This is a naturally fast-and-easy-growing plant that requires little attention, but is more constrained in its habit than many others, sometimes making just a solid dome. ... Learn More


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    This rare, strongly-perfumed clematis from China, opens throughout summer displaying its sizeable bunches of white-scented flowers with yellow anthers. Perfectly suited to a sunny, sheltered position, ideally on a warm wall, where its dark evergreen leathery leaves will add to its attraction. It can even cloak an ugly tree stump or ancient shrub, giving it a new life! ... Learn More


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  4. CLEMATIS URTICIFOLIA (heracleifolia)

    A rare, beautiful and sweetly-fragrant species that is native to China and Korea. A most unusual sub-shrubby species, it nether clings nor climbs, and produces toothed leaves and tubular, hyacinth-like, perfumed blue flowers on erect stems from late summer to mid autumn. It makes a spectacular display in sun to part shade in any well-drained garden soil that is kept moist in summer. ... Learn More


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    This beautiful British native climber is attractive to birds (for seeds and shelter), bees and butterflies (nectar). It has huge trusses of fragrant, greenish-white flowers from July-August which are followed by most attractive fluffy white seed heads. It is best planted at the base of an established hedge and allowed to scramble through it. Birds such as Goldfinch and Greenfinch feed on the seed heads at Plant World but many more birds use it when they take the fluffy seed heads for nesting material, whilst Small Emerald and Chalk Carpet Moth caterpillars may feed on the foliage. ... Learn More


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    Climbing up to 12 feet or more, this strong plant has sizeable fragrant blue or purple flowers which open in profusion on long, strong, swan's neck stems, from July to September, all on thin twining vines which are sparcely clad with leaves. R.H.S. 'AGM' Award Winner ... Learn More


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