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    From July to September, tufts of slender, hairy stems with glossy, short, narrow leaves, carry small clusters of handsome, largish, deep rose-pink flowers holding notched petals. This gem comes from the Japanese mountains of Honshu. ... Learn More



    Long stems hold dividing sprays of pure white flowers. For such a pretty plant it also has some rather morbid common names such as the "Grave Flower" or "Flower of the Dead" in parts of England, as they are seen often growing on grave sites and around tombstones. ... Learn More



    Superficially similar to S. rupestris, this tiny mountain plant has short arching stems bearing wider, star-shaped flowers with narrower, red or purple petals. Its home is on the high mountains of the Balkan peninsula and the Carpathians. ... Learn More



    The 'Sea Campion' is an ideal flower for a rockery, bank or wall, where it will display its disproportionately large, white frilly flowers, nestling on cushions of grey leaves for a long period in spring and early summer, the single, comparatively large, white flowers giving a star-studded appearance to this low-growing perennial. The tiny grey-green leaves form a dense clump that will die back in the winter months and re-appear in the spring. This hardy little treasure is native to the UK where it is to be found in coastal areas, appearing on cliffs, rocky outcrops and even sand dunes. ... Learn More



    Clusters of intense (some say "screaming"!) pink star-shaped flowers, shown above dense glossy green foliage, maintain a good display if faded flowers are removed regularly, and it is particularly good for cutting if you like to display flowers indoors. A really cheerful addition to your garden, either in borders or containers, it will be happiest in a sunny position from where it is likely to seed itself around. ... Learn More


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    A quite spectacular new plant we have never seen before with thick, blue-grey foliage resembling that of a carnation. Many tall thin stems carry countless wavy, convoluted, frilly-petalled creamy flowers with pink calyces. A Japanese nurseryman friend waxed ecstatic over this plant in full flower in our trial grounds! ... Learn More



    Numerous strong stems bearing thick green leaves, produce sprays of numerous, long, pinkish-purple buds which open into spikes of creamy white flowers in mid summer. A new and rare species of the campion family, almost certainly not in cultivation and close to S. scouleri and also S.nutans, and impressive grown "en masse". ... Learn More



    Neat, compact grassy tufts, massed into open cushions are covered with long-lasting white flowers on 6" stems all summer long. This seldom-seen alpine plant is native to high meadows and mountain slopes in Europe, and will make an ideal rock garden plant. ... Learn More



    Bright pink flowers open over a very long period, on contrasting dark stems, above compact clumps of shining, bright, lemon-gold foliage. After years of trying we have succeeded in breeding this absolutely new and stunning, easy-to-grow dianthus relative that comes almost completely true from seed. This lovely variant on a British native flower is dioicus, meaning both male and female plants will occur, the male plants flowering for a very long time all summer long, as they just make pollen and do not set seeds, whereas the female plants produce inflated seed pods full of seeds, so allow them to naturalise, especially into gravel, for a stunning display. A small percentage of the subsequent seedlings may be green too, so simply remove them whilst they are small. ... Learn More



    Small pink or white flowers with notched petals appear from mid to late summer either singly or in pairs dotted over clumps of extremely fine, feathery foliage. This delightful and rarely seen or offered gem is naturally at home on rock faces or mountain scree slopes, where it is exceptionally well suited to a rock or alpine garden setting. ... Learn More


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    A long-lived dwarf forming a neat tuft of bright green pointed leaves, covered in late summer and into autumn with bright magenta flowers with deeply cut petals. This is one of the most popular plants for a rockery, not least because it flowers at a time when many other rockery plants are past their best. ... Learn More



    From low clumps of thin, shiny, deep green leaves, arise erect, unbranched stems, on which compact bunches of deep pink flowers open. An uncommon and very lovely alpine plant, that in the wild lives on the cold exposed mountains of Norway and Sweden, but it is sometimes found near the coasts, and is also found in the Alps and the Pyrenees, Greenland and North America. ... Learn More


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    A striking plant producing a swarm of small greenish-cream flowers which have curiously swept-back petals growing thickly over a mass of thin, continuously branching, sticky stems. From a distance, much resembles the gypsophila so loved by florists. ... Learn More



    Bright rosy-pink flowers appear in compact whorled spikes from May to August on this easy-to-grow perennial. The common name alludes to the fact that the plant has sticky stems that really are capable of catching small flies! An uncommon British native, it is usually found on sheer cliffs near the coast ... Learn More


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    Spays of attractive "Maltese Cross" flowers, in the very palest purple-pink, open on thin stems above fine tufted foliage. Native to the mountainous regions of the Balkan Peninsula, and especially the Pirin Mountains of Bulgaria where it grows up to 2300m, this densely tufted plant is extremely rare in the wild. ... Learn More


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