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    From April until July, blue-violet flowers open above neat clumps of leaves which resemble a bird's foot with the outer toes again parted. The specific epithet pedatifida means "pedately-cleft" in botanical Latin. This beautiful flower is sadly threatened or endangered in much of its North American home, but will thrive in any moist and shady spot in the garden and even self-seed where happy. ... Learn More


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    Strong sprays of sizeable, deep purple, early spring flowers open amongst long, thin, arrow-shaped leaves in late spring and early summer. Soundly perennial and dying down to a winter bud resting underground, this is the true rare Chinese form of this most attractive flower. ... Learn More



    White-eyed bright blue flowers open over an extended period on this lovely viola from the Chilean Andes. Very rarely offered, this semi-shrubby plant is one of the few large violas in Chile, most others being small plants rarely exceeding 20 cm. It thrives best in a well-drained spot in semi-shady conditions although on the Chilean mountains it often tolerates freezing spells down to about minus 5° C (the typical morning frost of central Chile). ... Learn More



    "Common Violet". Its popular name does not do justice to this lovely plant, indeed it is not as common as it used to be. Producing drifts of blue-purple flowers from April to June, it will happily naturalise in a mixed border or on a gravel drive, associating well with wild primroses. A generous packet of seed collected from plants in our own wildflower meadow. ... Learn More



    Smaller than Viola koreana, this tiny plant from North America has dappled and variegated small olive green leaves and short stems bearing very early, reflexed, deep violet flowers. This small jewel should have a place in every shady garden or trough. ... Learn More



    A spectacular alpine viola which makes a low dome of branching stems and leaves densely studded with small bright yellow flowers all summer long. It will, if you are lucky, self-seed into cracks and unexpected corners. This is the plant that has occasionally found fame as a patio or basket plant. What a waste! ... Learn More



    This rare, and surprisingly hardy Brazilian violet grows at altitude, where it exists in wet rocky cracks forming low, stoloniferous, slowly spreading, octopus-like plants, which root as they touch the ground. In time this becomes a large colony producing an endless display of short stemmed creamy-white flowers above oval, hairy leaves. Picture is buds only, sorry! ... Learn More



    Bright golden faces delicately laced and netted in black make this one of the new 'Must-Have' plants. We have selected this stunning viola for several generations and it comes rewardingly true from seed. ... Learn More


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