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    A long-flowering dazzler discovered on the mountains of South Africa. Numerous erect stems produce an everlasting display of carmine rose flowers from early spring until the autumn frosts. ... Learn More



    The Candlestick Cassia gets its name from the large sprays of upright, fragrant yellow flowers that resemble candles, and in a similar way to the buddleia bush, it is a magnet for butterflies. A native to Central and South America, it makes a showy addition to any warm or well-protected garden, where it will bloom from spring to autumn, bearing large green leaves which fold up at night. ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)


    This is the rarely-offered pale pink form of this most ornamental shrub bearing clusters of attractive flowers held above evergreen compound leaves. It grows well in almost any position but is especially suitable for wet or moist areas in warmer climates. In winter, long seed pods with a distinctive rattle appear, hence one of its common names. ... Learn More


    (10+ seeds)


    "Spanish Gold" or "Rattlebox" is a most ornamental shrub bearing clusters of attractive bright red flowers held above evergreen compound leaves. It grows well in almost any position but is especially suitable for wet or moist areas in warmer climates. In winter long seed pods with a distinctive rattle appear, hence one of its common names. ... Learn More


    (8 seeds)


    Native to the high rocky mountain slopes of Russia, Georgia and Turkey, (its name means 'of the rocks') this tough and most attractive hardy plant opens its sizeable, pure white inflorescences, atop thick, rubbery, greyish basal foliage which is most attractively lobed and divided. Rare and possibly not in cultivation, but should be. It is protected in the wild, and on The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List of Threatened Species, although local people have traditionally extracted the Essential Oils which are obtained by hydrodistillation! In a well-drained spot it m ... Learn More


    (20+ seeds)


    Thick clumps of attractive foxtail-like flower heads, perfect for cutting, grow on long stems clad in broad leaves. If planted in a hot, dry spot, or in a container on a warm patio, the leaves and stems of this lovely plant will turn bright crimson. This grass is usually grown as an annual when it will quickly make a fine display. ... Learn More


    (300 seeds)


    Setaria palmifolia is a much under used foliage grass from Asia and the Pacific Islands. The gorgeously pleated palm like foliage add a lush tropical feel to the garden and transport you to somewhere where you're more likely to find a coconut in the garden than a conker. In a temperate climate such as ours heights are closer to 2-3 feet than the 6 feet attained in habitat. Tall flower spikes appear in late summer and are held delicately above the foliage. ... Learn More


    (30 seeds)


    Extremely pretty, delicately-thin, pale pink flowers stand proudly on upright stems above a mound of round green leaves. A thoroughly charming plant, well at home in any mixed cottage garden border or as a showpiece in a small bed. ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)


    From hot, dry Cyprus comes this rare and stunning plant which displays its velvety, silvery-white foliage forming a sparkling dense clump. Then from late spring onwards, surprisingly bright, tall, lime green spikes are held on erect, branching, chartreuse flower stems. The flowers are held in tiers, very much like the herb origano, and are actually cupped calyces which later sport yellow blooms. This is an amazing plant for any dry, well-drained garden, or even a large container. In the wild it is endemic to the Pentadaktylos range where it can be found in only seven locations, and is classed ... Learn More


    (15 seeds)


    This very rare plant makes a low spreading clump of small, hairy, grey-green leaves on short stems, holding stubby heads of pretty, pale lemon flowers. Although most sideritis species grow at low altitude, the group of high altitude taxa are endemics, usually with a small distribution areas. In this species it is incompletely-known, and it is threatened with extinction, living at the very upper altitude limit of this section, some 10,000 feet up in the Spanish Sierra Nevada. ... Learn More


    (12 seeds)


    This tough, drought and heat-tolerant plant is native to the mountains surrounding the Mediterranean sea, especially the Peloponnese. It forms an attractive-looking, low, dense mound of slim, fragrant, greyish foliage, covered in white fuzz, daring you to touch it, and bearing in mid summer, pretty, upright stems of small, light yellow flowers in fascinating interrupted clusters. It is used in Greece for colds, respiratory health maintenance, digestion, frayed nerves and the immune system and it is apparently anti-oxidant too! This could be one of the most significant Mediterranean herbs sinc ... Learn More


    (10+ seeds)


    This delightful and popular diminutive plant, ideal for the for the rockery or edge of path, bears thin stems which carry many-petalled, pure white frilly flowers, above a low creeping mat of small shiny leaves . ... Learn More


    (120+ seeds)


    A very choice, rare plant from the Turkish mountains with tight mounds of slightly grey-green foliage, and fabulous, short-stemmed flowers which are large and rich pink, with impressive, darker-striped, inflated calyces. It is ideal for the rock garden or trough and is a perfect specimen for the show bench. Irrigation is usually required only in times of extreme heat or drought. Few good seeds set. ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)


    This delightful annual has greyish foliage and clusters of bright pink or red flowers which are very valuable as they are opening for most of the summer. They are best grown by scattering the seeds where required in very early spring so they can make sturdy plants as they resent being transplanted. ... Learn More


    (250+ seeds)


    This rarely offered perennial Bulgarian species is unlike any of the other Silenes in cultivation, with tidy grey-green rosettes of smooth shiny leaves and deeply-scented globular heads composed of tubular, intensely maroon, crimson flowers, with amazing blue anthers and dark wine red bracts, all making an amazing colour combination. ... Learn More


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