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    A rare, relatively small-growing tree bearing exquisite, bright orange flowers that grow in large cone or cylinder shaped clusters, the fine ferny foliage adding to the artistic appearance. Although growing predominantly in tropical and subtropical gardens it can make a superb specimen in a large pot. Also known by the common name Colville's Glory, it was named for Sir Charles Colville, an ex Governor of Mauritius. ... Learn More


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    A very long succession of dazzling, vivid sky-blue flowers appear from early summer until autumn on this quite exceptional flower. A very hardy long-lived plant which increases steadily into a solid clump. ... Learn More


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    Stunning gentian-blue flowers are produced on short stems, daily from midsummer onwards. The dazzling flowers fade by afternoon but are replaced by fresh ones each morning. In well-drained soil this plant can self-seed making stunning drifts with time. ... Learn More


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    A new, rare and exquisite relative of tecophilaea the "Chilean Crocus", from the Andes and very rarely available. Thin stems produce a succession of early summer flowers carrying reflexed, inky, gentian-blue petals with darker spotted white throats and protruding yellow tongues. It will be best grown in a very gritty soil in an alpine house or trough ... Learn More


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    Certainly never before offered as seed, this very rare and extremely gorgeous plant opens tiny spires of intensely fragrant, pendent pink flowers in spring and early summer. When grown in dappled shade with good rich soil, or even leaf-mould, this plant will romp away making a perfumed carpet each year. Plants take years to make seeds and then only very few are ever produced and seedlings may vary in flower colouration but all will be beautiful. ... Learn More


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    The beautiful, sweetly-perfumed lily-of-the-valley needs little description. But the variegated-leafed form is absolutely magnificent. The bright green leaves are deeply slashed and striped with cream, making them even lovelier. Plants take years before they are old enough to set good seeds and then only very few are ever produced and seedlings will give a variable proportion of variegation. Some occasionally may come up completely green, but you will be able to select the best forms to propagate from. ... Learn More


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    These constantly-flowering, stunning blue flowers with their white throats and yellow centres make an eye-catching bedding display throughout the summer months. Although this is not a climber like its relatives, if allowed to grow over a wall it can make a cascading spectacle! ... Learn More


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    This is is a rapidly growing and splendidly blooming annual plant that forms broad tufts. Slender stems grow 20-40 cm long and can creep around supports. Large, funnel-shaped blooms are carmine-red at the edges that surround a yellow tube with a white ring. They close in the afternoon and at night, but bloom continuously all summer long. Great for covering larger areas, borders and edgings but will look equally good in standing and hanging pots on a terrace or balcony. ... Learn More


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    A stalwart of summer bedding, the stunning combination of blue, white and yellow guarantees an eye-catching display. Although this is not a climber like its relatives, if allowed to grow over a wall it can make a cascading spectacle! ... Learn More


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    A must-have for the summer bedding display, where it will mix happily with Royal Ensign to provide colour throughout the summer. Although this is not a climber like its relatives, if allowed to grow over a wall it can make a cascading spectacle! ... Learn More


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    Always the most popular colour. Includes: Campanula lactiflora 'Prichard's Variety', Echium 'Blue Steeple', Geranium 'Purple-Haze', Agapanthus 'Headbourne Hybrids', Libertia caerulescens, Aristea Ecklonii, Meconopsis 'Lingholm', Nepeta parnassica, Veronica grandis and Aquilegia Blue Flamingo. ... Learn More



    "New Zealand Tie-Palm". A long lived 'palm' producing a slowly thickening trunk, carrying at the top a rosette of strap-shaped long leaves. This tree is in the same family, and similar to a "Dragon Tree" or dracaena, but it is hardier in winter, and easier and faster to grow. Older plants grow enormous panicles of deeply scented white flowers in early summer, producing white berries in autumn and winter. Severe winters can kill the leaves but this invariably results in the trunk sprouting several heads. ... Learn More


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    Rare and very difficult to source from apparently anywhere in the world, this graceful long-leaved Cordyline from the North Island and the north-western parts of the South Island of New Zealand grows in coastal and lowland scrub and rocky banks. Even in New Zealand it is not especially well-known compared to the much more familiar Cordyline australis and indivisa plants. In mid-summer enormous sprays of white flowers are produced followed by heavy, cucumber-shaped bunches of small round red/purple berries. The leaves are quite different from Cordyline australis being longer and broader in the middle section and tapering at both ends. They have a distinctive midrib and are held in a graceful arching manner that gives them a more tropical look. Like all cordylines, this plant will provide nectar and pollen for bees and the many other types of pollinating insects. ... Learn More


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    This rarely-seen plant is a magnificent species for the connoisseur, with wide, thick bronze/green leaves with orange midribs and glaucous, blue-grey undersides. When mature these broad blades can grow up to 4ft long and 5-6in wide. These beautiful native New Zealanders grows high in the mountains on deep organic soil in forest clearings, and are perfect for cool, moist conditions, where you might also grow tree ferns. They are able to withstand lower temperatures than the closely related and much easier Cordyline australis, although they appreciate some protection in very hard winters when they are young. However, even in a rare arctic winter they will re-shoot from the base if cut down by severe cold. ... Learn More


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    One of the more compact and stout members of the cordyline family, this rare and unusual member has multiple branches of wide, strappy leaves diverging from the trunk. The large panicles of flowers, followed by white seed capsules, are held stiffly erect above the foliage unlike other species which are pendulous. In New Zealand, it is quite common on the main islands of the Three Kings which are now protected as Nature Reserves. It is very localised and possibly at some risk on Norfolk Island, and is less common south of there, but still rather widespread, especially on remote Murimotu and the Poor Knights Islands which are also Nature Reserves. ... Learn More


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