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    A lovely Chinese native bearing long, slender arching branches, upon which open attractive clusters of fragrant pink flowers much loved by bees, and which are heavily crowded with scarlet berries in autumn, when it is one of the most effective of Cotoneasters. The branches are initially clad in attractive, thick, deeply-corrugated, white-felted leaves, but these later give brilliant autumn colours. ... Learn More



    Native to Nepal and some areas of india, this attractive deciduous shrub bears attractive, thick, oval, leathery leaves which are hairy underneath. In late autumn come the globular, bright crimson to maroon berries, much loved by birds in the winter. ... Learn More


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    This shrub is almost flawless with something to offer in every season. Long leading horizontal branches sweep out gracefully in a strict herring-bone pattern. In late spring hundreds of pink-tinged white flowers appear, a honey pot for bees. The berries soon ripen to a rich red in late summer and punctuate the length of each herring-bone branch but do not become an important food source for birds until mid-winter. When the leaves colour in November, they gradually attain the same brightness as the berries, but in different, clashing shades of red and pink. ... Learn More


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    A rare and most unusual plant bearing disproportionately-large, erect pink or purple flower heads with spherical, spiny, woolly-haired involucres. The erect spiny cottony stems hold deeply pinnately-lobed spiny leaves, white and cottony beneath. Rarely seen or offered, this high altitude herbaceous plant is found on stony ground in the Himalayas from Afghanistan to West Nepal and Tibet, at altitudes of 3000-4200 m, where it flowers in July and August. ... Learn More


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    A new plant from the South African mountains. Thick stems carry fleshy, clasping green leaves. Large terminal clusters of pointed buds open into flared sprays of deepest vermillion flowers over an extended period. ... Learn More


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    This lovely variant of the hawthorn flowers in May, and produces its unusually attractive fruit from September to October. Unlike the common Hawthorn, dense clumps of these striking berries are deepest maroon to purple-black. ... Learn More


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    One of the most distinctive features of the English countryside in spring is this sweet-smelling tree or shrub which is smothered with blossom in May, hence one of its more common names. In Autumn, the bushes are heavily laden with bright red fleshy berries, much loved by birds. And for the obsessively curious it is also known as: Ske (Old Irish), Porn (Old Norse), Hag (Old English), Hagthorn, Azzy Tree, Holy Innocents' May, Quickthorn, May-Tree, Whitethorn, White-May, Thorn-bush, Quick, Mother-die, Awes, Asogs, Azzies, Aglets, Agags, Arzy-garzies, Boojuns. ... Learn More


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    This rare and beautiful daisy, which bears nodding, dark-eyed yellow daisies with twisted petals, grows high in the Himalayas where it thrives in damp shady meadows. A challenge to grow but worth the effort! ... Learn More


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    Orange-red flowerheads, usually red in bud, open in spring over tight tussocks of lance-shaped to obovate, light green hairy leaves. Native to the Alps and also the Balkan peninsula, this rugged alpine will perform well either on a rock garden or in the border. ... Learn More


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    The "Chilean Lantern Tree" is truly one of the world's most attractive shrubs. Garden visitors seeing the attractive, crimson, waxy urn-shaped pendent flowers in early summer just cannot wait to rush into our plant nursery to buy one for themselves, and we can rarely grow enough to supply demand! Finally, large, attractive seed pods holding large seeds appear in August and September. ... Learn More


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    A close but much rarer relative of the "Chilean Lantern Tree" predictably from the cold country of Patagonia! Pretty sprays of fragrant, frilly white bell-shaped flowers appear in late summer followed by red locket-like seed-pods, which persist into late autumn. ... Learn More



    This wonderfully succulent British native flower is usually found on precarious cliff faces or in shingle by the sea. With fleshy, grey-green foliage, the tender new shoots have a salty-aromatic flavour and have been used as salads since antiquity, or even pickled to be eaten later by sailors to supplement their diets, as it is rich in vitamin C, essential oils, trace elements and minerals. Chopped and mixed with olive oil and lemon juice, the leaves make an excellent salad dressing. In summer it bears pretty umbels of yellowish-green flowers. it is very adaptable to a variety of normal garden soils, as long as is is very well-drained. ... Learn More


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    From robust clumps of sword-shaped leaves in spring, thrust up strong, branching spikes of brilliant red, flared, funnel-shaped flowers in mid-summer. This superb and reliable very long-lived performer is happy in any position . ... Learn More



    A superb collection of different forms of this lovely range of plants collected from our large collection, including many colourful and large-flowered cultivars such as 'Jackanapes', 'Emily McEnzie', 'Queen of Spain', 'Moira Reed', and many more. ... Learn More


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    Fragrant, golden-yellow, goblet-shaped flowers, with a bronze-green base and purple markings on the outer petals, appear in February and March with their slender, strap-shaped leaves. These spring-flowering crocuses are perfect for naturalising in sunny, well-drained areas of the lawn. Relatively vigorous in the garden, they soon form large colonies, which can be divided in early autumn for use in other areas. They also work well in pots and window boxes, where you will be better able to take advantage of their sweet-smelling blooms. ... Learn More


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