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    A rare hardy evergreen shrub bearing clusters of very fragrant, white flushed, purple-pink flowers from mid spring to early summer. Bunches of red berries appear later and persist into late autumn. Long-lived and a treasure! ... Learn More


    (6 seeds)


    Quite an incredible plant for the back of the border, we had never previously heard of this plant or family! Tall, strong, fabulous, arching, cane-like stems sprout large, pendulous, terminal sprays of creamy-yellow-green flowers, and are clad in palmate leaves resembling the famous drug! This is perhaps the tallest herbaceous perennial you can grow, and is yet another reliable "baffle-the-expert" plant. ... Learn More



    These "Angel's Trumpets" produce immense 6-8 inch, doubled, upwards facing, purple trumpet blooms, which are amongst the most beautiful and desirable flowers you can grow. Whether in a hot garden or a large container these plants are show-stoppers! ... Learn More


    (8 seeds)


    With the largest flowers of any of the Datura species, these have attractive purple throats that contrast brightly with the snow-white trumpet-shaped blooms. Although it performs superbly in full sun and a warm spot, it will grow anywhere that is not cold and damp, and whilst not perennial in habit, it will self seed where it is happy. ... Learn More


    (12 seeds)


    This annual or short-lived perennial shrubby plant has huge, floppy, trumpet-shaped white flowers, that open from early summer and on into late autumn, being very fragrant at night. The flowers at first grow upright but incline downwards later, and finally turn into spiky seed pods. It typically reaches a height of 0.6 to 1.5 metres, stems and leaves being covered with short and soft greyish hairs, giving the whole plant a grayish appearance. All parts of the plant emit an odour similar to peanut butter when crushed or bruised. Like all daturas, all parts of this plant are poisonous if ingested, although many varieties produce hallucinogenic and medical compounds. It contains the highly toxic alkaloids atropine, hyoscine (scopolamine), and hyoscyamine. Despite their high toxicity, these substances have beneficial medicinal effects, which were originally recognized in folk medicine throughout the world, and finally in scientific medicine. ... Learn More


    (12 seeds)


    This impressively tall, rarely-seen, multi-value plant grows hairy feathery foliage which is traditionally collected in Crete as a wild vegetable in the spring. The fragrant flowers have a delicate lace-like structure with a single deep purple or black flower in the centre of the rose flowered curved umbel. These seeds were freshly collected for us in Crete, and when they ripen in the early summer, the umbels curve strongly inwards to protect the loose ball of detached seeds, producing a truly impressive and very beautiful structure, much like eggs in a nest. Indeed, an old English popular name was "The birds nest'. You also have a wonderful source of natural medicine at your disposal as Dioscorides asserts that the best specimen forms for healthy use come from Crete and surrounding islands! ... Learn More


    (20 seeds)


    Striking, grey cushions, composed of silvery-grey hairs, grow to 4” high, with fragrant lemon-yellow flowers from May to June. It does best if grown in full to part sun, in gritty, well drained soil, for example in a rock garden or trough. This rare and lovely member of the cruciferae has just one single species, and is endemic to the Velebit and Kapela mountain ranges in Croatia where it has become a symbol of the region. ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)


    Delonix regia, "Flamboyant" or royal poinciana is a very distinctive, deciduous tropical tree with fern-like leaves,and large clusters of bright red and scarlet-orange blossoms, that is considered one of the most beautiful trees in the world! It produces enormous pendulous, 60 centimetre long seed pods! Although widely cultivated in the tropics since the 19th century, the native habitat of flamboyant was unknown to science until the 1930s, when it was rediscovered growing in the wild in Madagascar. The tree is commonly cultivated in the tropics and subtropics, but is under increasing threat in its natural habitat due to habitat destruction. The genus name is derived from the Greek words delos (meaning conspicuous), and onyx, meaning claw, referring to the appearance of the spectacular flowers. ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)


    This mix of Delosperma hybrids will produce vigorous, creeping plants with a multitude of flower colours from white to yellow, orange, pink and red. The plants are very hardy and will adapt to temperate winters with snow and ice. When grown in wetter climates they must have excellent drainage. ... Learn More


    (40+ seeds)


    These annual flowering, specially bred compact plants produce flower spikes of densely packed, attractive stock-like dwarf blooms in several colours from pink, mauve, rose, purple, grey, white to shades of blue. Easy to grow, they are Ideal for adding some dazzling character to your borders and containers. ... Learn More


    (200 seeds)


    This superb plant throws up numerous stems heavily clad with flowers which are gathered in dense clusters. A valuable selection, it consists of flowers in all pastel colours, and blooming in June-August it is absolutely perfect as a background for other plants, and is ideal for group planting and for higher beds. Easily grown from seed in loose, moderately rich soils in full sun, it will brighten up the dullest corner for a very long period! ... Learn More


    (200+ seeds)


    From a lush clump of divided leaves arise short stems bearing prominently-hooded, violet-blue flowers, with a noticeable black eye, much resembling a black bee! One of the high alpine species, the preferred habitat in the wild in Eastern Asia, the Western Himalayas, Kashmir and Tibet, ranges from 3000 to 4800 metres. ... Learn More


    (15 seeds)


    If you love Delphiniums then you'll love these! 'Frosted Skies' has spires of semi-double white flowers with china blue edges, on long branching stems. A strong stemmed upright growing larkspur, one of the very best for bouquets. Sow in spring for summer flowers then sow again in autumn. From an autumn sowing Larkspur produces sturdy plants and flowers early the following year. Toxic if ingested. ... Learn More


    (50 seeds)


    Tall spires with striking florets of double indigo blue flowers. A beautiful plant for the border, providing colour throughout the summer. An excellent cut flower, the blooms last a long time in water. Toxic if ingested. ... Learn More


    (50 seeds)


    Featuring tall spires of double, spurred, pale pink flowers with hints of pale green on long branching stems. A beautiful plant for the border, providing colour throughout the summer. An excellent cut flower, the blooms last a long time in water. Toxic if ingested. ... Learn More


    (50 seeds)

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