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    Our busy breeders have been at work again! We have crossed an attractive selection of modern petunias with the vigorous and fabulously-fragrant white Petunia axillaris. These new and exclusive plants are very vigorous and unlike modern dwarf varieties, these can scramble through low bushes giving an incredible effect. They will range from mauves, through purples and pinks to pure white, and large-flowered, delicately-marked bi-colours. All should be exceedingly perfumed, especially after the sun sets! You will almost certainly discover new novel flower forms when they bloom! Very few seeds collected. ... Learn More


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    This mixture is a selection of commonly seen patio bedding type Petunia often found in garden centres and used in summer patio containers and hanging baskets. With a generous quantity of seed growing your own may be the best, most cost effective option when planning to plant up a large display! Perennial in warmer climates. ... Learn More


    (1500 seeds)

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    An easy to grow summer bedding plant, its spreading habit makes it perfect for filling gaps at the front of a border or as part of a summer container display. Slightly taller than some varieties (so perfect for cut flowers) with outstanding weather tolerance and the added bonus of a lovely fragrance. For best results, grow in full sun and keep well-watered ... Learn More


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    Tiny, creamy-white flowers appear in midsummer above oval green foliage. Later, the berries develop within eye-catching, red, papery Chinese Lantern like calyces. If left on the plant the calyces will slowly skeletonize, adding ornate winter interest to your garden. The stems can then be cut to create wonderful decorative flower arrangements. Ideal plant for a container display, great end of year interest and goes well with Heucheras. Prefers full sun, or partial shade with moist soil or compost. ... Learn More


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    Dusty buds swell into a "balloon" and then burst open into deep blue, bell shaped blossoms above compact, deep green foliage. 'Mariesii' is a very reliable bloomer that is pest and disease free, slow to emerge in spring but worth the wait. If your plants get too tall, try pinching the stems once in mid-spring for more compact branching growth. ... Learn More


    (100 seeds)


    A stunning carpet of bright succulent leaves is studded with a profusion of doubled flowers in all colours from orange, pink, purple, yellow and red to white. The succulent leaves are another clue to the wonderful drought-tolerance of this low-growing flower that absolutely thrives in hot, dry areas in poor, sandy or gravelly soil that drains quickly, the small, fleshy leaves storing water, allowing the plant to survive during dry periods. Although it is grown as an annual in most climates, the plant is truly perennial in warmer climates such as U.S. Department of Agriculture growing zones 10B through 11. Easy-to-grow, it readily self seeds but is not invasive, seeking out cracks where it does well, but nothing else will grow! ... Learn More


    (3000+ seeds)


    These gorgeous border or rock garden plants can form a dense blazing carpet of colour with their brilliant flowers, and these are the very-rarely-offered single form of Portulaca with a wide range of brilliant shades, produced from mid summer to autumn. They can be very easily grown as annuals in a sunny, dry border or bank, or in a window-box or other container. ... Learn More


    (3000+ seeds)

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    An exquisite colour mix of giant daisy flowers which make great, long lasting, cut flowers. Always a favorite for florists and amateur gardeners alike. ... Learn More


    (350+ seeds)

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    A rare, striking, tall and easy-to-grow plant for most gardens. Flowering all summer with profusions of showy, golden yellow flowers with a protruding brown central cone. Good for cut flowers and arranging. Perennial but best treated as an annual. ... Learn More


    (600 seeds)


    This attractive annual with vibrant yellow flowers, is an extremely beneficial, indeed often essential plant for the wild flower meadow. With the upper lip having two white or purple teeth, it provides summer colour, and also papery seed pods that rattle when the seed is ripe, and in olden days this was said to show that the meadow was ready to be cut, hence its other common name of "hay rattle". ... Learn More


    (200+ seeds)

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    A compact, upright, half-hardy perennial to 50cm tall that is usually grown as an annual with lance-shaped leaves and spikes of deep blue flowers with white eyes borne from summer into early autumn ... Learn More


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    An annual variety with soft powdery lilac flowers on erect spikes with a distinct arching flower shape, ... Learn More


    (400+ seeds)

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    Pink Sundae is an easy to grow, bushy annual that produces beautiful pink flowers with dark visible veins from June to September. Although strictly a biennial, it performs much better as an annual for bedding, floral displays and cut flowers. Also great in dried flower arrangements. ... Learn More


    (100+ seeds)

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    Very easy to grow, this is a very attractive and showy annual with graceful sprays of star-like, deep pink flowers, each about one third of an inch across. Produced in profusion, the stems are excellent for cutting and are often used as a filler, with Gypsophila. ... Learn More


    (120+ seeds)

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    A hardy annual with light green leaves and large sprays of sweet smelling, star like white flowers from July to August. The stems are thicker, stronger, taller, and easier to manage than those of annual gypsophila and can be used as an alternative in displays and bouquets. Ideal for borders and cut flowers. ... Learn More


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