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    A taller variety of pink (aka chinese pink) which produces an abundence of frilly petalled flowers, which in this mixture come in a variety of shades and patterns from red through to pink. A reliable but also short lived variety that we recommend treating as an annual. Suitable for many situations be that in a border or taller schemed container. ... Learn More


    (300+ seeds)


    This superb and extremely unusual form of pink has two distinctive features. The petals, which come in shades from deepest red, palest pink, and even white, are deeply and delicately slashed into countless thousands of thin wavy fronds, producing an incredible effect when the clump is in full flower. But the most overwhelming and instantly noticeable aspect is the perfume. Very few of this famous family can compete with the constant production of sweet scent over a long season of bloom. Produces very few good seeds. Seeds collected produce multiple flower colours. ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)


    The wild foxglove, too well known to need a description, shoots up numerous spikes of large, purple tubular flowers. Seedlings will vary and inevitably include white and pale pink forms. ... Learn More


    (800+ seeds)


    With their elegant upright habit, long spikes heavenly white, bell shaped flowers with densely speckled throats of deep maroon-purple, these make an impressive feature in the garden. The plants form rosettes of hairy lance shaped leaves in their first growing season. The second year they send up large spikes with drooping bell shaped blooms. Flowering begins in May and continues through the summer months. Digitalis are handsome and easy if watered well in dry weather, and look spectacular at the back of a border. Extremely attractive to bees. ... Learn More


    (300+ seeds)


    One of the best new foxgloves to be found in recent years. Stout, strong spires of creamy white flowers with their throats almost solidly painted in deepest burgundy. En masse it makes an unforgettable sight. ... Learn More


    (300+ seeds)


    Very large reddish-purple flowers with pronounced golden-brown cone-centres are produced from July until mid-autumn. Ideal for cutting, these plants will perform best on well-prepared humus-rich soil. (aka 'Ruby Star') ... Learn More


    (100+ seeds)


    This new and intriguing annual produces a great profusion of sprays of fluffy, flame-scarlet-red tassels, blooming on the tops of tall, thin stems that sway in the breeze all summer long from June to September. It is perfect where you need a splash of colour in your garden, where it adds texture, graceful form and movement. It is also excellent for cutting to brighten up your living room. ... Learn More


    (500+ seeds)


    With evergreen, woolly grey foliage and brilliant bright yellow blooms from late spring through late summer, this is a valuable and very rarely-seen groundcover. Occasionally purple flowers have been seen! Extremely tolerant of drought and heat as well as cold, this dwarf, bone-hardy, slow-spreading, long-lived, alpine gem thrives in dry, hot exposed spots, indeed, it is happy in perfect drainage to the point of living in gravel, even in areas that are too poor to support most plant life. In the wild it lives in ranges west of the Rocky Mountains. Although it assumes star roles in drought-tol ... Learn More


    (4 seeds)


    This most attractive new compact hybrid produces dense flower spikes of large, brilliant sky-blue flowers. If sown early, it makes a solid dome of dazzling flowers producing an unforgettable display all summer long. ... Learn More



    A fascinating plant from Sicily. Large violet blue flowers are produced all summer, followed by remarkable, enormous corkscrew seeds which are commercially used for making hygrometers (to measure dampness) - wet one and watch what slowly happens! ... Learn More


    (4 seeds)


    A quite different variation over the very old favourite "Miss Wilmott's Ghost", having a much broader, rather than columnar habit and much larger bracted glorious lime green flowers in early summer. Later, the "flowers" develop a shining silvery hue, appearing a full month after "Miss Wilmott", just barely managing to ripen in the autumn garden. This valuable discovery was brought back from Turkey by plant hunter Martyn Rix, where it was located in beech/pine forest near Trabzon. ... Learn More


    (60+ seeds)


    One of the most impressive summer plants you can grow in the UK, with unbelievable metallic silvery-blue leaves, flowers and stems. The word gigantea refers to the flowers, not the plants which are rarely more than 0.6 metres high. So named, as famous gardener, Miss Wilmott, used to walk around friends' gardens secretly scattering the seeds from her pocket. Surprisingly, and totally unexpectedly (so please remember this...), they come up the first year with soft green leaves, nothing at all like the final plant. They later die down to a hardy tuber to overwinter. But, surprise, surprise....the ... Learn More


    (50+ seeds)


    This eryngium is a broader, more compact, and in all ways most superior form of Miss Wilmott's Ghost. It is most desirable in the garden where it holds its silvery colour longer, also making a most attractive cut flower which dries and retains its sheen well. Surprisingly, and totally unexpectedly (IMPORTANT please remember this...), they come up the first year with soft green leaves, nothing at all like the final plant. They then later die down to a hardy tuber to overwinter. But, surprise, surprise....the following year erupts the fabulous metallic, silver-grey familiar foliage, followed by ... Learn More



    This incredible selection of incredibly diverse perennial erysimum (shrubby wallflower) seeds has never before been offered anywhere. We have been breeding unusual wallflowers for very many years, and a good number of our best seedlings have been protected and sold in large numbers worldwide. The original parent stock we used for breeding purposes varied from tiny alpines. through the conventional commercial colour range of biennial wallflowers, right up to large shrubby species. Enormous beds of mixed forms were grown to permit the bees to do much of the pollinating. Plants varied enormously ... Learn More


    (20+ seeds)


    Compact, semi-perennial plants display upwards-pointing spires of semi-opened flowers, rather resembling candles! These most unusual and quite unique wallflowers come in a variety of red, yellow, and colours in between, and are a complete novelty. Seedlings from them will continue to produce similar freakish combinations of flowers, so we do not recommend them for wallflower purists! Very few viable seeds are produced. We respectfully point out that all of our hybrid seed, by its very nature, may produce occasional freaks and oddities. If you discover something remarkable, and are happy to do ... Learn More


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