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    Compact, semi-perennial plants display upwards-pointing spires of semi-opened flowers, rather resembling candles! These most unusual and quite unique wallflowers come in a variety of red, yellow, and colours in between, and are a complete novelty. Seedlings from them will continue to produce similar freakish combinations of flowers, so we do not recommend them for wallflower purists! Very few viable seeds are produced. We respectfully point out that all of our hybrid seed, by its very nature, may produce occasional freaks and oddities. If you discover something remarkable, and are happy to do ... Learn More


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    This is a vigorous bushy, spreading annual with finely divided blue-green leaves and showy orange, yellow or sometimes red flowers in summer. Once established in a hot garden these will self-seed, coming up reliably year after year. ... Learn More


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    A mixture of the ever popular californian poppy, this mixture of single flowered colour forms will produce all colours from red to pink to orange and yellow. Can be started in pots or cells or distributed directly to a sunny well drained area of the garden. ... Learn More


    (250 seeds)


    A handsome and extremely rapid-growing plant bearing symmetrical, pointed, blue-green leaves. Umbels of tiny yellow flowers produce large bulbous seed-pods. Also known as "The Mole Plant" as it is reputed to deter moles! ... Learn More


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    This stunning annual with a bushy growth habit produces showy clusters of small, pale green and white blossoms which make awesome cut flowers whilst the foliage has spectacular white margins. It is easily propagated from seeds and thrives best in well-drained soil. It is low maintenance and loves heat and humidity as well as being drought tolerant. ... Learn More


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    A profusion of beautiful, daisy-like sky blue flowers, covering deep green, compact foliage from June until the first frosts in September. A stand out summer performer with good drought tolerance suitable for bedding and containers. Attractive to butterflies. ... Learn More


    (100 seeds)

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    Gaillardia pulchella, commonly known as Indian blanket, firewheel, or blanketflower, is a wildflower native to North and South America. It belongs to the Asteraceae family, which includes sunflowers and daisies. The most distinctive feature of Gaillardia pulchella is its vibrant and striking flowers. The flowers have a daisy-like appearance with a central disk surrounded by ray florets. The disk is typically dark red or brown, and the ray florets vary in color, ranging from yellow to orange or red. The plant has deeply lobed or toothed leaves that are generally hairy. The foliage is typically ... Learn More


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    A dwarf, bushy annual Gaillardia that bears a mass of double, powder-puff shaped, mahogany-red and orange blooms. Heat and drought tolerant, Gaillardia Sundance is carefree and hardy in the garden. Use in borders and beds, hanging baskets and patio planting. Sow in Jan-Feb for flowering late July onwards. ... Learn More


    (50+ seeds)


    One of the most attractive winter rosettes with strikingly variegated 'soft' thistle leaves which sprout forth a multitude of fragrant purple summer flowers which open in long succession all summer. Gently self-seeds in a hot year although fertile seeds are few and must be collected individually by hand. ... Learn More


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    One of the most attractive winter rosettes of any plant. Strikingly variegated 'soft' thistle leaves sprout forth a multitude of purple summer flowers on the standard plant which gently self-seeds in a hot year. This is the incredible albino version of the lovely purple form. Discovered by Dorian Roxburgh on her parent's farm in South West Spain and brought back to England. Sprays of fragrant green-eyed white flowers in long succession all summer. Fertile seeds are few and must be collected individually by hand. ... Learn More


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    Gaura lindheimeri, commonly known as butterfly bush or wandflower, is a perennial flowering plant native to North America. The plant is valued for its graceful, arching stems and delicate, butterfly-like flowers. Gaura lindheimeri is available in various cultivars, and a mix may refer to a combination of different cultivars or varieties. The individual flowers have four petals and come in various colours, including shades of pink, white, and bi-color combinations. The flowers are usually arranged on long, slender spikes, during its long blooming period, often starting in late spring or early s ... Learn More


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    This premier bedding Geranium has uniform well-branched foliage bearing large clusters of beautiful double flowers in delicate shades of soft pink in summer and autumn. Complemented by distinct leaf zoning and an upright growth habit, this variety has excellent vigour and performance. With their large 5-6" colourful blooms, these are very showy when included in beds and containers. One of the best seed geraniums on the market, it is both heat and drought tolerant. They are easily brought inside in autumn for a winter flowering plant or to store for next spring's cuttings. ... Learn More


    (6 seeds)


    Known for massive, grapefruit-sized flower clusters and improved summer heat tolerance, this unique mixed zonal geranium bears the whole palette of purple, fuchsia, pink and white blossoms. Boasting a robust, well-branching habit and bright green lobed leaves with faint blackish green bands, it blooms continuously if well-maintained. This hybrid is also widely praised for its performance in small garden containers and is good at attracting butterflies! ... Learn More


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    The mock or false verbena but no less attractive when planted in dense groups. A classic case of one persons weed being another's treasure. An annual or short lived perennial flower originating from South America this easy to grow plant will do well in most situations producing heads of clustered blue/purple flowers throughout summer. ... Learn More


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    This is rather like a superior form of Glaucium luteum having exceptionally attractive heavily frilled, furry grey rosettes producing strong arching sprays of very large orange red "poppies" in spring and summer. ... Learn More


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