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    The Calfornian Poppy - the official State flower of California - is a beautiful annual with lovely blue-grey feathery foliage. The intense scarlet blooms of Red Chief are produced all summer long and are very attractive to bees and hoverflies. Performing well in all weathers, this Eschscholzia variety is easy to grow in beds, borders, rockeries and containers, or let it self-seed throughout gravel gardens to form natural drifts. ... Learn More


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    A handsome and extremely rapid-growing plant bearing symmetrical, pointed, blue-green leaves. Umbels of tiny yellow flowers produce large bulbous seed-pods. Also known as "The Mole Plant" as it is reputed to deter moles! ... Learn More


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    This amazing organic plant, which is very quick and easy to grow, belongs to a group of foods commonly called pseudocereals. These are seeds that are consumed exactly the same as cereal grains, but they do not actually grow on grasses as do oats, barley etc. Other common healthy pseudocereals include quinoa and amaranth. And so, despite its name, buckwheat is not at all related to wheat and is thus gluten-free. It can be used in buckwheat tea or processed into groats, flour, and noodles. The groats, used in much the same way as rice, are the main ingredient in many traditional European and Asian dishes, and it has now become incredibly popular as a health food due to its high mineral and antioxidant content. Amongst many other benefits it is said to give improved blood sugar control and also Buckwheat contains a decent amount of fibre, which your body cannot digest, and therefore this nutrient is good for colon health. Overall it is an incredibly healthy addition to any diet, especially for vegetarian or vegan diets. Finally, it is incredibly diverse in the kitchen and is reputed to possess more than 30 different uses. ... Learn More


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    A profusion of beautiful, daisy-like sky blue flowers, covering deep green, compact foliage from June until the first frosts in September. A stand out summer performer with good drought tolerance suitable for bedding and containers. Attractive to butterflies. ... Learn More


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    This lovely annual plant in the poppy family is found mostly around areas where other plants are cultivated, the small flowers growing in loose racemes from May to September, reddish-purple with a reddish-black spot at the tip. A lovely, fast growing plant for a dry bank, it will gently naturalise if it is happy! It is also used in natural medicine! It is important that you please first refer to a herbalist before self-treatment, but as a natural herb, Fumitory is used internally primarily for liver and gallbladder problems. Fumaria may also have anti-inflammatory and anti-pain potential, and is reputedly a Cholagogue, Diuretic, Laxative, Stomachic and Tonic!.......Wow! ... Learn More


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    A dwarf, bushy annual Gaillardia that bears a mass of double, powder-puff shaped, mahogany-red and orange blooms. Heat and drought tolerant, Gaillardia Sundance is carefree and hardy in the garden. Use in borders and beds, hanging baskets and patio planting. Sow in Jan-Feb for flowering late July onwards. ... Learn More


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    This selection forms a low mound of olive-green leaves with masses of gorgeous scarlet-red flowers adorned with fringed yellow tips and a reddish-brown cone. Can be used as annual bedding, or year after year as a perennial. Excellent for beds and borders; often flowering the first year from seed. Outstanding for edging, borders, rock gardens or containers, the flowers are attractive to butterflies, and also excellent for cutting. Plants should be divided in early spring every 2 to 3 years. These will not tolerate wet, heavy clay soil, particularly in the winter. ... Learn More


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    This premier bedding Geranium has uniform well-branched foliage bearing large clusters of beautiful double flowers in delicate shades of soft pink in summer and autumn. Complemented by distinct leaf zoning and an upright growth habit, this variety has excellent vigour and performance. With their large 5-6" colourful blooms, these are very showy when included in beds and containers. One of the best seed geraniums on the market, it is both heat and drought tolerant. They are easily brought inside in autumn for a winter flowering plant or to store for next spring's cuttings. ... Learn More


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    Known for massive, grapefruit-sized flower clusters and improved summer heat tolerance, this unique mixed zonal geranium bears the whole palette of purple, fuchsia, pink and white blossoms. Boasting a robust, well-branching habit and bright green lobed leaves with faint blackish green bands, it blooms continuously if well-maintained. This hybrid is also widely praised for its performance in small garden containers and is good at attracting butterflies! ... Learn More


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    Known for massive, grapefruit-sized flower clusters and improved oppressive summer heat tolerance, the Maverick Violet zonal geranium bears dark fuchsia blossoms overcast by red-violet hues. Boasting a robust, well-branching habit and bright green lobed leaves with faint blackish green bands, it blooms continuously if well-maintained. This hybrid is also widely praised for its performance in small garden containers and is good at attracting butterflies! ... Learn More


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    This is rather like a superior form of Glaucium luteum having exceptionally attractive heavily frilled, furry grey rosettes producing strong arching sprays of very large orange red "poppies" in spring and summer. ... Learn More



    Long flowing stems hold deeply-cut, grey-green foliage and large, silky yellow flowers which produce enormous, long, thin curved seed pods, hence its popular name "Horned Poppy". These plants are natives of sandy sea shore but make quite spectacular statements in the garden where they produce flowers over a long season. ... Learn More


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    This heat-loving, drought-tolerant plant is valued for its lovely, straw-like flowers in bright shades of red, orange, pink, purple, yellow, and white. An easy to grow annual, it will reward you with non-stop blooms from summer until the first hard frost. It is well-suited for the sunniest spot in your garden and the daisy-like papery heads will last indefinitely if dried. They will retain their colour and are perfect for dried flower arrangements. ... Learn More


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    Summer Sun produces a seemingly never ending supply of yellow, semi-double daisy flowers with deep orange-yellow centred discs. Care-free and reliable, it will bloom from early summer to early autumn (dead-heading regularly will greatly extend the flowering season). The tall stems may require staking, particularly when grown in very rich garden soil or too much shade. Excellent selection for the back of the border. Very attractive to nectar seekers. Perfect for cutting, your vases will overflow with this cheery perennial. . ... Learn More


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    Deep crimson to purple flowers with darker striped petals and dark eyes, open on stems clad in dissected foliage which is very reminiscent of Japanese maple leaves. These are at least as attractive as the flowers, and can vary from dark bronze to deepest purple, and this is the one hibiscus that is grown for its beautiful foliage as well as for the flowers! The fast growing and shrubby habit of this unusual plant makes it a good choice for a seasonal hedge, an attractive annual specimen plant, or even an indoor container plant. Very few seeds obtainable. ... Learn More


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