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    A splendid architectural plant for the water's edge or a damp garden, where it will assume giant-like proportions. Bright, banana-coloured spathes shoot out of the ground in spring followed by enormous banana-like leaves. The seed heads are impressive, club-like, heavy affairs that lie on the ground before actually disintegrating to diseminate the seeds. ... Learn More



    One of the the most requested new plant in our gardens, this unusual plant bears long-lasting, dark spikes of very deep purple flowers, set off by fleshy, grey glaucous leaves, from spring and all through summer. Finally, in autumn and winter the entire dead stem remains attractive being covered with small rock-hard spherical seed capsules, but it is a very frugal seed producer. ... Learn More



    This rare and extremely choice and lovely plant has spikes of pure creamy-white flowers, which are held in closed ranks in midsummer and are all turned over at the top like walking sticks. This quite spectacular flower is a very infrequent seed-producer and then only very late in the year, sometimes in December. ... Learn More



    A new, rarely-seen, and very attractive hardy perennial plant with thin spires of pink-eyed, creamy-white flowers which are held stiffly above clumps of distinctive, thick, rubbery, grey-green leaves. A most valuable flower on account of its mid-summer flowering period! ... Learn More



    "Large Yellow Loosestrife" has been a cottage garden favourite since ancient times. Perennial roots produce stiff spikes of funnel-shaped golden flowers which appear throughout the summer and early autumn. A superb, long-lived cottage garden flower that also does well by water! ... Learn More



    A seldom-seen plant making a slowly spreading cushion of small leaves, which is studded with small, starry, yellow flowers seemingly all the year long. On a rockery or edge of a pathway it will make trouble-free colour for many years. ... Learn More



    This rarely-seen distant primrose relative is one of the most delicate within this genus. Thin stems hold narrow pointed leaves beneath delicate sprays of yellow star-flowers. If allowed to slowly run it makes a perfect plant for a cottage garden, when it will flower over an extended period in midsummer! ... Learn More



    Spires of rosy-purple flowers are produced for a very long and valuable midsummer period from July until September, when many plants are well over flowering. This lovely plant grows perfectly in ordinary soil, but in a wet spot, or even pond edge will excel. ... Learn More



    Fragrant foliage reminiscent of ripe fruit below bright yellow, maroon-eyed frilly daisies. A new and unusual plant which prefers to open in dull or even wet weather right into autumn. ... Learn More



    This evergreen, semi tropical large shrub or tree has large mid-green leaves and sweetly fragrant orange flowers in spring. The strongly fragrant flowers from this fabulous, exotic tree are used to make the expensive perfume 'Joy', and the flowers are used in south east Asia for several purposes. They are primarily used for worship at temples, and more generally are worn in the hair by girls and women as ornaments, as well as a natural perfume. Flowers are also floated in bowls of water to scent the room, as a fragrant decoration for bridal beds, and for garlands. Although it is a tropical tree, it is surprisingly tough, and established plants can tolerate light freezing. ... Learn More



    Running stems carry plumes of creamy white, starry, exceptionally fragrant flowers, which are produced on 6 inch panicles in late spring. Bright green, lush, lily leaves adorn the arching stems. Spherical green fruits are later produced which turn bright red in late summer and autumn. The plant spreads very slowly by cylindrical rhizomes. Woods and shady places are the home of this dainty woodland relative of our own lily-of-the-valley, which is native to North America. Very few seeds produced. ... Learn More



    Yellow-brown fragrant flowers form on racemes up to 6cm long, with male and female flowers growing on separate trees. Forming a bush to a small or medium sized tree, it has a trunk which is fluted and irregular at the base and grey bark which is smooth, or with occasional wrinkles or corky bumps. It has long been in use as a traditional medicinal tree in India and is also a source of Kamala dye which is used in colouring silk and wool, and finally is used as an anti-oxidant for ghee and vegetable oils. Its home is south east Asia, Afghanistan and Australia. ... Learn More



    This new seed strain produces plants varying in both flower size and colour, which can range through reds, violets and blues as well as the usual pink. A lovely long-flowering, semi herbaceous, hardy plant, it is easy to grow and requires very little care. In the past, these flowers were spread on doorways and woven into garlands or chaplets for celebrating May Day. ... Learn More



    One of the most sensationally showy newcomers of recent years, this compact, shrubby plant opens its very large, crumpled, floppy, dark-veined purple flowers on numerous branching spikes over a prolonged period in spring and summer. If you are fortunate it may gently self-seed into places where it is happy. ... Learn More



    Musky-perfumed, rose pink bowl-shaped flowers profusely stud the stems which are clad in soft green fingered leaves. "One of our most beautiful natives." (G.S.T.) This gem will gently self-seed only if it is happy. ... Learn More


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