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    Alicante is an early variety producing heavy crops of uniform, smooth, sweet tasting, medium size fruits. Succeeds well in soil or grow bags. An excellent variety for the UK climate, it can be grown very successfully outside but also will do well in the greenhouse. (Cordon). ... Learn More


    (30 seeds)

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    This huge classic beefsteak tomato is grown for its superstrong flavour as well as its generous size! For slicing and summer sandwiches, this variety produces large, meaty red fruit over a long season as it matures quite late compared with many other tomatoes, and will always provide a fresh harvest in the latter part of the season. Indeterminate ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)

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    Marmande is a beefsteak type tomato which will produce large, uneven shaped fruits of a deep red colour. It is a later maturing variety and the rich, sweet flavour is well suited to using in salads as well as cooked dishes. Definitely worth waiting for. Stake and tie-in plants well to support the heavy fruits. (Cordon). ... Learn More


    (25 seeds)

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    A specially bred plum tomato with a dense, meaty flesh and low moisture content making it ideal for cooking and preserving. Its deliciously different flavour makes it an excellent choice for eating fresh too. A very heavy cropping and versatile variety that can be grown outside or in the greenhouse. Good resistance to disease. (Semi-Bush). ... Learn More


    (25 seeds)

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    T. majus is an annual climber which will scramble over the ground or up a support. Circular, wavy-edged leaves are supported, parasol-like, by a central stalk. The long-spurred flowers, in shades of red, yellow and orange, appear in summer and autumn. ... Learn More


    (40+ seeds)

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    An exotic looking pea relative with vibrant unbranching inflorescences, densely covered with vibrant purple/pink flowers. A beautiful ornamental widespread in tropical Asia and Australasia but can be grown elsewhere as an annual or when given winter protection. ... Learn More


    (20 seeds)

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    The ten varieties in our vegetable gift pack give a range of unusual vegetables which make the perfect gift for a gardening friend or relative. You also save more than 25% compared to buying individually! The ten packets are: Detroit Red Globe (Beetroot), Tender and True (Parsnip), Tumbling Tom Red (Tomato), Sweet Chocolate (Pepper), Giant Winter(Spinach), Merveille des Quatres Saisons (Lettuce), White Lisbon Winter Hardy (Spring Onion), Chantenay Royal (Carrot), Golden Acre (Cabbage), Queensland Blue (Squash). The actual contents of the veg pack may differ slightly from the varieties listed due to stock shortages. If we are out of stock then we will provide you with the nearest similar item we have in stock. ... Learn More


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    Slender spikes of pure ivory-white flowers with attractive purple filamentous eyes, arise from rosettes of glossy dark green leaves, later forming hard green spherical seed capsules on thin stems. This plant is an absolute must for every cottage garden when it may gently self-seed into gravel or empty corners but is rarely a problem. These seeds may produce an occasional flower with a different colour. ... Learn More


    (100 seeds)

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    Deep blue spires of flowers sit upon serrated lime green leaves. A classic cottage garden plant. Perennial. ... Learn More


    (200 seeds)

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    A great annual mix of dwarf hybrid verbena often seen in patio bedding displays. A quick growing annual variety with exquisitely scented flowers that will offer interest to you summer displays. ... Learn More


    (400+ seeds)

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    Dazzling clusters of perfumed orange flowers absolutely smother the canopy of evergreen foliage on this biennial, bushy plant. It should be planted in spring or late summer for blooms the second year when the the appealing fragrance of the flowers makes them a good choice for flower arrangements. They are also a great addition to any landscape or meadow planting. Butterflies and bees love this late-spring-through-summer, long-blooming flower. ... Learn More


    (150+ seeds)

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    These dazzling flowers will provide a stunning display in early spring. Their sumptuous orangey/red colour looks amazing when teamed with rich plums and purples, or can add an extra vibrancy to yellow, orange and red schemes. Often grown as a biennial plant, wallflowers perform best in full sun where their bright, fragrant flowers will shine. They look particularly effective in a large patio container or at the front of a sunny fertile, well-drained border. ... Learn More


    (100+ seeds)

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    These neat, dwarf plants complement perfectly spring bulbs and early pansies. Tightly packed clusters of slender, deep purple buds open to vibrant cherry-red flowers that are deliciously scented – and popular with pollinators. Just right for containers and beds, where space is limited or to underplant tall bulbs, they will continue to bloom until the end of May, thriving with a little deadheading. ... Learn More


    (100+ seeds)

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    A very old established dwarf variety of neat habit with clusters of scented, velvety crimson-red flowers. When planted in groups, they bring a splash of sheer drama to your garden. With a beautiful scent, these easy to grow flowers are loved by flower arrangers and pollinating insects alike making them a must for any gardener. ... Learn More


    (100+ seeds)

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    A silvery-blue skinned variety with bright orange flesh, that contrasts extremely well. Weighing on average 3- 4kg, the round, flat shaped fruits have a sweet, rich, nutty flavour. Delicious when roasted or made into soup. Crown Prince is also excellent for long term storage over the winter. ... Learn More


    (5 seeds)

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