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    Thalictrum flavum 'Tukker Princess,' commonly known as Yellow Meadow Rue, is a graceful and elegant perennial that adds a touch of airy sophistication to garden landscapes. As a member of the Ranunculaceae family, this cultivar of Meadow Rue is characterized by its feathery foliage and clusters of delicate, yellow flowers. The finely divided, fern-like leaves of 'Tukker Princess' create a soft and lacy texture, forming an attractive mound. The foliage, which emerges in a fresh green hue, contributes to the plant's overall light and ethereal appearance. The delicate leaves sway gently in the ... Learn More


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    Sprays of fluffy pale-yellow flowers open in star-like clusters on thin stems clad in blue green, exquisite, tiny, transparent foliage of maidenhair-shaped leaves, giving the whole plant a light, delicate appearance. This dwarf rarity grows on rock ledges and shaley outcrops, high on the mountains of Afghanistan, Turkey, Russian Armenia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and the Altai Mountains. Few viable seeds collected. ... Learn More


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    In midsummer this erect, clump-forming plant opens airy heads of soft, fragrant, creamy yellow flowers that are reminiscent of Thalictrum flavum, but have a rose-like perfume! The foliage is perfectly described by one of its common names. "Shining Meadow Rue", the bright green, fern-like foliage having pointed rather than oval leaves, and is highly polished. ... Learn More


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    This wide selection, taken from our beds of these attractive foliage plants, will produce plants which flower in all colours, shapes, and habits. These plants, once established in the garden, are long-lived and very rewarding. ... Learn More


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    Native to Japan, this slender, clump-forming perennial has lacy, fine-textured, bluish-green, columbine-like foliage. Sprays of pendulous, lavender-purple flowers with contrasting yellow stamens appear in late summer in loose, airy clusters, on sturdy, purple flower stems which rise well above the foliage, sometimes up to 8 feet tall and typically do not require staking. When massed, the overall effect of this bloom can be spectacular. ... Learn More


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    This tall species is like an improved Thalictrum flavum, with strong upright stems, but has better blue-grey foliage and fluffy heads of pale lemon-yellow which are fuller and more massed right through July and August. It is ideal for sun or partial shade in any fertile soil. ... Learn More


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    Many-branched stems bear unusual, straw-yellow, floppy, pendulous flower heads, above basal rosettes of glaucous grey-green leaves. Seed of this rare plant was collected in China. ... Learn More


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    This completely new and desirable species from the Far East is a unique colour break in thalictrums. It produces a delicate basal spread of incredibly fine maidenhair foliage, above which arise thin, repeatedly branching sprays, carrying showers of countless, tiny, shimmering, tasselated pink and yellow flowers. ... Learn More


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    A spectacular, upright bloomer with a habit rather like a lupin, sprouting late spring, fragrant, primrose-yellow blooms on stems which emerge almost black in the spring, becoming green later. Although it takes a few years to reach its full beauty, it is very long-lived. Few seeds collected. ... Learn More


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    Greenish-yellow flowers, grouped in a dense spike, are mounted on a straight and stiff stem, and open from June to August on the high mountains of Gotland, Estonia southward to the Pyrenees, Montenegro and the Ukraine, where they live in swamps and wet grasslands. These unusual plants used to be variously in the gentian and lily family, but now reside in the Tofieldiaceae! ... Learn More



    Very striking, violet or bright lavender-purple flowers open on this lovely spreading dwarf cushion plant. In the wild, flowering can be as late as July in the higher mountains, and as early as May in lower mountain ranges, such as the Tendoy Range. One of the loveliest high alpines, "Mountain Townsendia" may be found on dry open places, often in sand or gravel, among rocks or on cliffs, and can be found at elevations from 7000 to over 8500 feet. Very few good seeds collected. ... Learn More



    This drought-tolerant, almost stemless plant from the mountains of the United States, opens its large white to pink flowers with a prominent yellow button disk. It blooms in early spring on dry hillsides where its grey-green, hairy narrow leaves make gorgeous, very compact cushions. Whether grown in a pot, or as a beautiful rock garden specimen it is always superb, but as with many members of the compositae family rarely makes much viable seed! We offer a few good reliable seeds patiently sorted out from the handfuls of dead pappus. ... Learn More


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    This very handsome American plant has numerous large, long-rayed, golden-eyed white flowers which open on very short stems above a silvery dome of thin leaves. Incana is Latin for "hoary", and refers to the conspicuously white-hairy stems which are much whiter than the leaves. Whether grown in a pot, or as a beautiful rock garden specimen it is always superb, but as with many members of the compositae family rarely makes much viable seed! We offer a few good reliable seeds patiently sorted out from the handfuls of dead pappus. ... Learn More


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    Large single flowers are borne on short,upright stems in early summer, and consist of purple-blue ray florets and yellow disc florets. These plants slowly form solid clumps of hairy leaves and are one of the favourite scree, tufa and show plants. This alpine treasure comes from high elevations in western North America and will require good drainage, whether in the garden or in a container. ... Learn More


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    This rare high alpine flower is endemic to Colorado in the USA where it lives in the snow-melt area. Here it makes low, tight cushions of thick, glabrous, slightly hairy leaves, with golden-eyed blue flowers that hug the cushion, opening on the shortest possible stems. This gem is more easily grown in the rock garden than T. hookeri, and it needs good drainage. But to obtain a prize-winning specimen for a show it will do best in the alpine house. Few good seeds collected. ... Learn More


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