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    Making an impressive evergreen shrublet, this beautiful plant bears large, soft, velvety leaves, and almost as a bonus, purple flowers smother the plant in early summer. Although it looks tender, it is frost hardy, and either in a very large pot or in the garden it is an arresting sight. ... Learn More


    (20+ seeds)


    This unique plant often stands pride of place amongst the winter foliage plants, where it shines like a lantern in the garden. As a bonus, purple flowers smother the plant in early summer. Either in a very large pot or in the garden it is an arresting sight. ... Learn More


    (45+ seeds)


    This unusual Turkish plant has woolly, grey green foliage which is surrounded by pearly pink flowers that make a rustic and ornamental addition to the garden. A lovely tall and slender wild flower, it has blossoms quite similar to "Bryony", whence it takes its name. ... Learn More



    From Kashmir comes this tall showy plant with remarkable propeller-like white-centred pink mallow blooms. Strong stems clad in downy ivy-shaped leaves survive without staking throughout the very long flowering season. "A remarkable stately plant" (Graham Stuart Thomas) ... Learn More


    (45 seeds)


    This popular plant bears large pink Hollyhock-like blooms, each with a pretty magenta centre, that smother the branches which are clad in attractive grey leaves, from June to November. A fast growing shrub, it is brilliant for quickly filling in gaps at the back of your borders. Most attractive to bees and butterflies, it does of its best in well-drained soil in sun. ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)


    This popular shrub is grown for the masses of dark pink, hollyhock-like flowers that smother its branches all summer long from June to September. The deeply lobed, grey-green leaves are attractive too. Extremely long-flowering, this vigorous tree mallow will thrive in a well-drained shrub or mixed border, but needs plenty of space to spread itself out as its puts on tremendous growth in just one season. In cold areas of the country it may be best grown against a warm wall to minimise wind and frost damage. ... Learn More


    (200+ seeds)


    This very old, softly-prickly cottage garden plant, between June and August, has hairy flowers which are pale pink to purple, alternating up the stems, with whorls of leaves which are oak-shaped and deeply lobed into three. Motherwort has a long history of use as a herb in traditional medicine in Central Europe, Asia and North America. Midwives used it for a variety of purposes, including uterine tonic and prevention of uterine infection in women, hence the name Motherwort. And finally, in the Victorian 'Language of Flowers' it symbolizes concealed love. ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)


    Bearing grey-green foliage, which is highly aromatic when crushed, this evergreen, upright shrub has hairy white stems, and saucer-shaped white flowers borne in summer. It thrives in a hot sheltered position, but is nonetheless quite frost hardy in a well-drained spot. ... Learn More



    A challenge for your knowledgeable friends to name. Whilst related to L.formosa, this beauty bears no comparison, with trusses of golden yellow trumpets showing prominent stamens, amidst distinctive bronzed foliage which clads the cane-like stems. ... Learn More


    (900 seeds)


    A gorgeous form of this multi-value plant which has bright green bamboo-like stems in winter, along with delicate, white pendent flowers amidst tasselled, ruby-coloured bracts in summer. Finally, in autumn, soft bunches of purple-brown caramel flavoured berries (loved by birds) appear. But this new form also has the most gorgeous crimson-tinged bright golden leaves. Coming completely true from seed this exciting new plant is perfect to brighten up a shady corner. ... Learn More


    (400 seeds)


    This dwarf, evergreen shrub opens its bright yellow flowers successively over a very long period throughout late spring and summer. It will do best in a hot sunny spot and is completely frost hardy. ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)


    This rare, semi-shrubby plant from the foothills of the Chilean Andes bears spectacular, bright pink, trumpet-shaped flowers on thick stems which carry toothed and pointed leaves. It will grow huge in a sheltered spot, although it dies back underground in severe winters. ... Learn More



    This new, fabulous, previously unknown scabious relative, collected high in the Taurus mountains of Turkey, may be the rarest plant we have ever sold. A dome of leathery leaves produces a summer-long succession of almost stemless, blue scabious flowers. The small proportion of solid, fertile seeds are very frugally produced and are collected individually. ... Learn More


    (15 seeds)


    Dark, blood-red flowers are followed by large numbers of cherry-red berries which are sprinkled liberally over the entire plant giving a pleasing effect. Cultivated since the 16th Century, this attractive deciduous shrub has dark green, shining leaves, and is found in the wild in woods and stony places in the mountains of Europe. Normally a medium-sized shrub, it can be easily clipped to maintain its dwarf stature, under 3ft if required, making it a good hedging plant. ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)


    Fragrant creamy yellow racemes cover what can become a long lived, long flowering small tree, complete with thick knobbly trunk. A haven for bees and butterflies throughout summer and autumn. A valuable garden addition and very long-lived in a well-drained position. ... Learn More


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