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    This popular and appropriately-named runner bean, performs exceptionally well, producing a good crop of medium-sized superbly flavoured beans with distinctively different seeds from other varieties. ... Learn More



    A sprawling bush habit plant producing vivid purple, 5 inch long, slightly curved pods with beige seed. Pods contain a natural blanching indicator causing them to change to green on boiling. ... Learn More



    A popular, good-yielding, old favourite English runner bean with striking red blossom and large pods which contain deep purple beans speckled with red or lavender when mature. ... Learn More



    A purple podded snow pea variety producing attractive, flat, purple pods with good flavour. Very slow seed development and are often used in stir fries. Resistant to Powdery Mildew. Can be sown from March to June (or in November if overwintering). ... Learn More



    Stereo is one of the smaller, slender podded broad bean varieties, which recently have become popular due to the capability of the young pods to be cooked and eaten whole, just like mange-tout peas. If grown to maturity the pods produce five delicious beans. ... Learn More



    A very hardy, early-cropping, long-pod broad bean suitable for sowing in Autumn and again in Spring producing compact plants with 7-8 excellent tasting pale beans per pod. This famous variety for autumn sowing, is also known as 'Leviathan'. ... Learn More



    A dwarf (18"-24") self-supporting, bushy broad bean which can be spring-sown, or overwintered if protected using cloches. Perfect for the small or exposed garden this variety produces compact plants with multi-heads of beans with around 5 beans per pod. A heavy yielding plant, the beans are best harvested young for the best taste. RHS 'Award of Garden Merit' winner. ... Learn More



    These heavy-cropping runner beans set better than any other at high temperatures, giving long,smooth, succulent, string-less, mid green pods hanging in clusters. The pure white flowers, (giving white beans) are rarely picked by birds. ... Learn More



    A very reliable and fast-maturing spring-sown broad bean, Witkiem gives heavy crops and tolerates cold weather well. It can be sown from February to May and the sturdy 3 foot high plants produce top quality, strong-flavoured white beans (usually five in a pod) which are well-suited to freezing. ... Learn More


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