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  1. TUFFY

    An attractive, high yield Acorn squash, producing on average 5 fruits per plant, Tuffy is unique in the way that the golden yellow skin has dramatic ribbing creating an unusual decorative appearance. It is perfect for baking as the tough rind ensures the shape remains whilst the flesh is deliciously sweet. ... Learn More



    A distinctively shaped winter squash with a multi-coloured shell, each fruit having its own "cap" or "turban" on top. Introduced in 1869, Turk's Turban has a dry almost-nutty flavour, with fruits growing to 8-12 inches diameter and up to 5 pounds. ... Learn More



    When cooked, the flesh of this Chinese vegetable (actually a winter squash), falls away from the fruit in ribbons and strands, just like spaghetti for which it makes a perfect substitute in countless cooking roles. It contains folic acid, vitamin A and beta carotene. ... Learn More



    'Waltham' is an improved earlier version of the common Butternut squash with very little seed cavity which stores very well too. The rich nutty-flavoured, orange flesh stays firm when cooked. Nothing beats the rich, sweet flavour of winter squash. ... Learn More



    A Patty Pan heirloom summer squash. First grown by the native Americans and depicted by European settlers as far back to 1591. A very attractive flat fruit with scalloped edges, this is still one of the best tasting and yielding varieties around today! Great fried or baked. ... Learn More


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