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    A rare and seldom-seen plant, native to the Albanian Alps, forming a stunning low evergreen rosette of long shiny leaves, with crinkled or scalloped edges. Taller stems arise, bearing spikes of sizeable, deep-blue tubular flowers during the summer. To thrive it is imperative that it has a rich and gritty soil that stays evenly moist. This unique and protected plant is endemic to the Gartnerkofel mountain of the Carnic Alps on the Austrian-Italian border where it was discovered in 1779 by Franz Xaver von Wulfen, after whom it is named. ... Learn More



    This extremely rare and lovely endemic plant lives only on the Poor Knights Islands and Taranga Island in the north of New Zealand which are protected by the New Zealand Government as nature reserves, and unauthorised landing is forbidden. On these islands it usually grows on rhyolite sea cliffs and rocky outcrops and sometimes in forest. In spite of being a fabulous plant it is very rarely offered either as plants or seeds. Discovered only in 1924, it is listed as vulnerable in the 1997 IUCN Red List of Plants. The green stalks start growing vertically then turn sideways, displaying dazzling red flowers tipped with orange pollen and resembling an enormous one-sided giant toothbrush. These fabulous flowers can reach up to 15 inches or 40cm. long. Four million years ago, a volcano created these small islands off the coast of New Zealand where they remained undiscovered until found by Captain Cook in 1760. Separated from the mainland for millions of years, the islands developed many unique animals, and plants such as these gems, found nowhere else on earth. ... Learn More



    Charming, funnel-shaped blooms that may be pink, rose, lavender or violet open above long, tapered leaves, which are deep green, often with faint white spots. Native to the hot and humid climates of South Africa, it is mostly found by lakes in moist soils, and prefers well-drained soil in a full or half sun location. They are dramatic additions to outdoor gardens with their distinctive funnel-shaped blossoms, but also make excellent cut flowers as the huge plate-like corms produced produce a fantastic display, and they are also ideal as house plants or even for cut flowers. They are not completely hardy and should be grown in a favoured spot or even a large container for safety. ... Learn More



    A curious and attractive shrub in the rue family. Sprays of greeny-yellow flowers in spring later produce bright red berries amidst shiny aromatic leaves. Enormous thorns are produced on the old wood. ... Learn More



    This rare plant makes a sizeable and splendid specimen that sends up one large, very thick petalled, crystalline, white fragrant bloom per stem that turns pinkish as it matures. Foliage is broad and grass-like with blue-green leaves. "They fill the night with a strange, disturbing sweetness." ... Learn More



    White flowers, varyingly marked with thin red lines, open on tiny stems over unobtrusive, thin, thread-like foliage. Despite its small scale and size this vigorous plant grows well in almost any well-drained, fertile soil with a dry summer rest. Re-wetting in autumn will also produce new flowers. The miniature scale of this uncommon species from Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay is amazing, and it might do best in a trough or small pot where you are able to appreciate its beauty. ... Learn More



    This quite exquisite plant has broad, overlapping, soft pink, upwards facing, starry flowers with yellow stamens and a tiny white throat. Native to Cuba, Mexico, Colombia and Guatemala, in the wild these flowers appear several times a year, especially after rain. The main display, in August-September, when the density of flowers almost makes its narrow foliage invisible, is quite fantastic. ... Learn More



    This bizarre but lovely plant has white lily-like flowers, and two-pronged, greenish-yellow glands on each petal. Although it bears grass-like leaves, it is not a true grass, but surprisingly belongs to the trillium family, Melanthiaceae and has a wide distribution throughout North America ... Learn More



    These incredible bi-coloured zinnias produce masses of semi doubled, inch and a half, red-tipped burgundy daisies in the most sparkling colours imaginable. Blooming into late autumn, they are superb either for garden colour or cut flowers. ... Learn More



    A superb blend of attractive, fully double, pom-pom like flowers, specially selected for their wide range of bright colours. 2 inches wide, and 18-20inches tall, they are stunning in borders or as a cut flower. This outstanding annual, in a mixture of dark red, pink, purple, and white is always prized for its profuse display of stunning summer flowers. It positively thrives in sunny areas and is an ideal annual for the beginner and is perfect for the cutting border. Hint: A second sowing in mid-summer, ensures continued flowering into the autumn. ... Learn More



    Completely outstanding in trials, these robust plants show excellent garden performance, flowering over a long period, and producing an abundance of fully double, deep pink-purple, dahlia-like flowers. This taller-than-usual variety will add colour and height to border displays as well as to cut flower arrangements and it flowers all summer long until the first frosts, attracting bees and butterflies. ... Learn More


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