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    This easily grown and superlative climbing lily bears very large, reflexed, frilled yellow and crimson flowers. Twining stems carry thin leaves which terminate in a clinging tendrils. This is an ideal plant for a sheltered garden or conservatory. ... Learn More


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    Stiff stems with grey leaves carry bunches of starry white, fragrant flowers excellent for cutting. This rare buddleia relative from alpine South Africa (the 'River Star'), is traditionally used to restore strength. We grow a lot here! ... Learn More


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    Gomphrena globosa is native to Central America including regions Panama, and Guatemala, but is now grown globally as a tropical annual plant blooming continuously throughout summer. G globosa "Ribena Ruffles" will produce masses of large purple globe shaped frilly flower heads upon a spreading bushy annual habit, so give it some space to expand! Even better this plant is very tolerant to heat and fairly drought resistant although it will appreciate regular moisture in the height of summer. ... Learn More


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    This valuable mixture of ultra-dwarf grasses produces the most luxurious, very best and highest quality, ornate, formal or show lawn possible, producing a short, dense but fine-leaved turf, which keeps excellent colour throughout the year. It contains no creeping fescue or other inexpensive grass. Carefully prepare a flat, even seedbed before sowing thinly. Water well until at least 5 cm tall. It is slow to grow, but worth the wait. These small packets are ideal for patching and filling gaps where weeds have been removed, or where a neighbours cat has made a visit! 25 gms should cover a squar ... Learn More


    (25 seeds)


    An unusual, pineapple-like plant from the edges of the Andes. Forms a rosette of narrow, arching leaves edged with sharp spines. Attractive clusters of rose-coloured flowers grow at the leaf bases followed by juicy, long, thin pineapple-flavoured fruits. ... Learn More


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    A shrub or small tree, rarely more than 2 m (6 ft.) tall, growing in dry deciduous forests, in Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and South Africa. It usually develops multiple stems, covered by dark gray-brown bark, upright, elliptical leaves with toothed margins, grayish-green above and pale green below and yellow or orange flowers, followed by spherical, reddish brown, edible fruits. In Botswana, the fruits of Grewia flava are highly appreciated and are used in the preparation of traditional beer and snacks. It is best adapted to warm temperate and drier tropical climates. Seeds germina ... Learn More


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    Purple star-shaped flowers that appear in early summer, and continue for a very long time, are much-loved by bees, birds and butterflies, and are finally followed by red-brown berries. This rare, choice and captivating hardy evergreen shrub, with a neat, natural, compact topiary shape, is a valuable addition to any garden or even a patio, where it will thrive, especially in a hot summer. It is both frost and drought-hardy, and will thrive if planted in well-prepared soil either in full sun or shade. Besides being an attractive flowering shrub or compact tree, it can sometimes be trained to d ... Learn More


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    Bright golden shaggy flowers open on branched stems, which are leafy and upright and are generally covered in long, soft, shaggy but unmatted hairs. This rarely obtainable, late-summer blooming plant serves as an important late-season source of pollen and nectar for butterflies, bees, and other beneficial insects. It grows only in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia where it thrives in wet meadows and marshlands. Its relatives in the South American Andes are equally attractive, and have white, glue-like resin covering their buds, but they prefer dry, desert-like mountainsides! ... Learn More



    A rare form of Gunnera growing up to 3m tall. The petioles can be up to 2.5m long and can sometimes be red. The toothed, large umbrella-like leaves can grow up to 2m wide and grow in a rosette arrangement. The conical, red flower clusters can grow up to 1metre tall. ... Learn More


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    Certainly one of the largest hardy herbaceous plants which can be grown in the U.K. producing large, puckered and lobed leaves on spiky stems above huge statuesque spikes of tiny reddish-green flowers. Near water this plant can grow enormous. ... Learn More


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    Rare and quite unique, this deciduous, dwarf, very hardy plant has large tuberous roots and most attractive, beautiful, fluted, relatively small to medium round leaves on long stems. It makes an ideal foliage plant for damp, sunny places in a large garden or park. The attractive flower spikes are a pinkish reddish brown colour, resembling stretched out strawberries! It also thrives in wet places, especially where there is fresh flowing water such as at the edges of streams. A neat and desirable plant, it has been around for the last 95 million years, and belongs to one of the oldest angiosper ... Learn More


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    Even more attractive than Gunnera flavida. Slightly larger bronze foliage and finger-sized spikes of lipstick red berries in profusion from summer until Christmas. ... Learn More


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    Not much is known about Guzmania Candelabrum other than its origins of being native to equador and columbia. A tender tropical forest plant rarely offered. Seeds are also interesting and are very fine and hairy similar to some grass seeds. It may also work well as a house plant! ... Learn More


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    One of the dwarf members of this family, this tufted perennial bears long grey/green leaves and in spring produces globose heads of pure white flowers. This is a little gem for a sink or scree. ... Learn More



    AS absolutely exquisite plant which thrusts up close-packed bunches of large cream trumpets, delicately brushed in pink. In a well-drained, dry environment these plants will spread by seed and offsets! ... Learn More


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