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    A most unusual and impressively tall plant with hairy racemes of unreal-looking, densely packed, orchid-like brownish blue-purple flowers, from a large basal leaf rosette of attractive, shiny, and marbled star-shaped leaves. This biennial species is easily grown in any rich, well drained soil in a sunny spot where it readily self-sows under good conditions. aka "Stavesacre" ... Learn More


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    MUCH LARGER SEED THAN REQUIENII The flowers are mauve-blue to blue, short-spurred, and up to 1 inch (2.5 cm) across. It grows throughout the Mediterranean The use of herbal preparations made from D. staphisagria seeds for destroying body-lice has been recognized since antiquity. The plant name refers to the resemblance of the leaves to a grape or 'wild raisin' It is interesting that even under bad conditions, seeds have their characteristically large size. The thick-skinned inflated seed pods contain just two or three seeds. The average size for the long axis of 32 seeds was 6.2 mm and the average width across the seeds was 5.2 mm. The seeds are angular with flat facets and a rough, ridged dark brown skin. The seed yield from this species is consequently much smaller than from D. requienii, which produces 35+ smaller seeds per floret. The plants die once the seed has ripened. ... Learn More


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    All colours of this popular bedding plant are included in this complete mixture. In spring, few plants can compare with the colour and fragrance of these garden stalwart, which although they are short-lived perennials can make a blaze of colour all spring and summer-long! ... Learn More


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    An easy to grow traditional cottage garden plant with a spicy-scent, these lovely Sweet Williams have huge single flowers each with an attractive eye. With low mounds of grass-like foliage, the vivid green stems are topped with dense, flat clusters of flowers with fringed petals in a patchwork colours, dark tapestry rubies, fuchsia, scarlet, purple and white. Sweet Williams make a long-lasting, fragrant cut flower, and are an excellent choice for dried flower arrangements. Place them in the middle ground of the flower border or in containers, mass plantings and meadows. ... Learn More


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    Fully double mix of clusters of large, colourful flowers on long strong stems. Each flower head is made up of many upward facing, individual flowers in all shades of pink and white. Grow in a mixed border in full sun for best results. All Sweet Williams are extremely easy to grow and very prolific giving you lots of flowers for not much time, money or effort. Ideal as a cut flower for the home or for weddings bouquets and other special events. ... Learn More


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    A fascinating plant for a wild garden with many long arching stems holding compound heads of numerous bright red flowers, "giganteus" refers to the size of the plant! The unopened flower buds, which are very similar to Dianthus carthusianorum, bear a marked resemblance to a returning space capsule! ... Learn More



    The wild foxglove, too well known to need a description, shoots up numerous spikes of large, purple tubular flowers. Seedlings will vary and inevitably include white and pale pink forms. ... Learn More


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    With their elegant upright habit, long spikes heavenly white, bell shaped flowers with densely speckled throats of deep maroon-purple, these make an impressive feature in the garden. The plants form rosettes of hairy lance shaped leaves in their first growing season. The second year they send up large spikes with drooping bell shaped blooms. Flowering begins in May and continues through the summer months. Digitalis are handsome and easy if watered well in dry weather, and look spectacular at the back of a border. Extremely attractive to bees. ... Learn More


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    One of the best new foxgloves to be found in recent years. Stout, strong spires of creamy white flowers with their throats almost solidly painted in deepest burgundy. En masse it makes an unforgettable sight. ... Learn More



    Very large reddish-purple flowers with pronounced golden-brown cone-centres are produced from July until mid-autumn. Ideal for cutting, these plants will perform best on well-prepared humus-rich soil. (aka 'Ruby Star') ... Learn More


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    This new and intriguing annual produces a great profusion of sprays of fluffy, flame-scarlet-red tassels, blooming on the tops of tall, thin stems that sway in the breeze all summer long from June to September. It is perfect where you need a splash of colour in your garden, where it adds texture, graceful form and movement. It is also excellent for cutting to brighten up your living room. ... Learn More


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    A rare and quite spectacular plant with clusters of brightest yellow flowers held above compact rosettes of attractive, powdered woolly-white, leathery leaves. It makes an exciting addition to any rock garden or border, and thrives in dry coastal areas. although it appreciates some occasional water. It is native to Ventura Co. USA, where it grows on open, dry hillsides, often in crags in rock faces, and is a very important butterfly and bee plant. Seeds very scarce. ... Learn More


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    With evergreen, woolly grey foliage and brilliant bright yellow blooms from late spring through late summer, this is a valuable and very rarely-seen groundcover. Occasionally purple flowers have been seen! Extremely tolerant of drought and heat as well as cold, this dwarf, bone-hardy, slow-spreading, long-lived, alpine gem thrives in dry, hot exposed spots, indeed, it is happy in perfect drainage to the point of living in gravel, even in areas that are too poor to support most plant life. In the wild it lives in ranges west of the Rocky Mountains. Although it assumes star roles in drought-tolerant landscapes, it is so adaptable that it also thrives in humid climates. ... Learn More


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    This is the wild form of the gorgeous annual which bears many erect stems, the dazzling blue flowers opening on many-branched stems in summer and until recently it was extremely rare. In the wild it is found from central Asia to Tibet, and Nepal to Afghanistan, in both screes and rock ledges in the drier zones at 2400-4500m. Its flowering power is such that no matter when the seeds are planted - early or late - it will grow and flower quite late into autumn. ... Learn More



    This most attractive new compact hybrid produces dense flower spikes of large, brilliant sky-blue flowers. If sown early, it makes a solid dome of dazzling flowers producing an unforgettable display all summer long. ... Learn More


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