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    This remarkable, unique, and extremely rare plant from Nepal and parts of southern China, loses most of its foliage in late spring or early summer and remains dormant throughout the hottest months of the year, then in autumn it puts on lots of lush new foliage. Suddenly, large clusters of buds erupt, which open into flowers in early winter and are quite spectacular being pendulous and scented, resembling greeny-yellow bells filled with attractive, protruding red-purple stamens, which finally ripen into large, fluffy seed heads which last for several months. It is perfect for a warm, sheltered courtyard garden or cool conservatory. Very few fertile seeds available. ... Learn More



    Solid, dense clusters of sizeable, milky white, golden-eyed flowers appear on vigorous climbing stems all summer and into autumn. In autumn attractive silky seed heads appear. This rarely-seen but immensely valuable gem from China, will add value and colour by covering any boring old evergreen shrub or fence. ... Learn More



    This delicate, very late flowering climber produces an endless succession of blooms from July until October, when the frost sends it to sleep again. The fragrant brown-eyed yellow flowers give an unseasonal, and unexpected, supply of delicate lemon perfume. Finally the entire plant is covered with fluffy white snowball seed heads right into late winter. ... Learn More



    These seeds have been collected from many of the different species and cultivars that grow here at Plant World gardens. Some will be vigorous and others much less so, although all of them will be hardy and perennial and give pleasure for many years. There is also a small proportion of herbaceous varieties that are not climbers. ... Learn More



    Climbing up to 12 feet or more, this strong plant has sizeable fragrant blue or purple flowers which open in profusion on long, strong, swan's neck stems, from July to September, all on thin twining vines which are sparcely clad with leaves. R.H.S. 'AGM' Award Winner ... Learn More



    A quite stunning Mexican climber which has all the assets, being quick-growing and vigorous (up to 6m!) with absolutely enormous, spectacular, pale violet or purple, "cup-and-saucer" flowers. Although it is usually grown as a half-hardy annual, it is actually a half-hardy perennial and often survives the winter outside in milder areas. ... Learn More



    An easy-to-grow low climber or scrambler, that from June until August will twine around less interesting shrubs bearing longish, downwards-facing flowers, which are slightly flared open and delicately marked, deep in the throat, in purple and black. ... Learn More



    Delicate-looking, pale blue to violet (sometimes white) flowers, which can be up to 5cm across, open in mid-summer on this deciduous climber, which is happy to scramble through shrubs and woody plants in the mixed border. It originates from the Himalayas, China, Sichuan and Yunnan, where it grows in open places and woodland margins at 2000-4000m. ... Learn More



    This is the most attractive climbing perennial you could wish to see. Broad fleshy leaves grow on twining stems which carry large, fabulous, flared starry flowers with narrow, pointed petals of deepest sky blue which stare upwards. Superficially looking like a dwarf clematis, this gem is rare in cultivation. ... Learn More



    These climbers bear the largest flowers of all codonopsis, each flared sky-blue star having a central eye, delicately pencilled in violet and mauve, and being up to 2 inches (5 cm) wide or more. Unusually, the individual flowers on the vine can vary tremendously in size. These superb plants are tuberous herbaceous perennials that can twine to a height of at least 3m when mature, the tubers usually flowering in their second or third year from seed. ... Learn More



    Pure white saucer-shaped flowers open on apple green stems carrying ovate, shallowly-serrated, thin textured, blue-green leaves. The slender, thread-like twining stems arise from a fleshy, deeply delving rootstock, and can climb for 2 meters or more through a shrub or a hedge, making a spectacular display as they go. This desirable plant comes from west and central Nepal in mountain shrubberies up to 3,600m. ... Learn More



    This plant is in a league of its own and is surely the most magnificent of all climbing codonopsis. Twining stems clad in pointed leaves produce countless large, waxy, clematis-like bells of greenish-yellow, which are delicately marked in maroon. Plants in our gardens ascend to an impressive ten feet and are stupendous in a richly prepared bed. ... Learn More



    Native to Northeast Asia and Korea, this very vigorous ornamental vine produces heart-shaped leaves and unusual-coloured bell-shaped, yellow-olive green flowers, delicately shaded on the exterior, in yellow and light purple. If you want a strong plant to cover a dead or ugly bush or tree this is the one for you! In China it is used in traditional medicine. ... Learn More



    This beautiful and unusual hardy climber from Western China makes long, hairy, ascending stems from which dangle unusually large, delicate, yellowish-green bells, soft milky-blue inside, which are beautifully striped and spotted purple within. The root is highly valued in China where it is used to make a tonic. ... Learn More



    This easy to grow perennial has beautiful green and yellow bell flowers with purple veins. It comes from the Gansu region of China, and will bloom the first year if sown early, thriving in a sunny to semi-shady location. ... Learn More


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