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    Heavy trusses of bright red, fleshy, substantial flowers, open on long, strong stems, which grow for a long time in spring and midsummer on this perpetual, bone hardy, very perennial old favourite. If possible try to plant it where it has good strong climbing support. ... Learn More



    An easy-to-grow plant bearing countless strong stems each carrying 6 to 10 large, terracotta to brick-red flowers, all summer long, amongst a compact mass of pretty, rounded leaves. This rather rare RHS 'Award of Garden Merit' Winner is the Persian version of the everlasting pea. ... Learn More


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    This rare, trouble and maintenance free, and unusually attractive British native climber improves yearly, throwing out enormous numbers of sizeable, flesh pink flowers on strong stems, being even more vigorous and floriferous than Lathyrus latifolius. It is tough and totally hardy and ideal for cloaking a bank where little else will grow, and in winter it dies away to an underground tuber! One of the most garden-worthy British native plants. ... Learn More



    These lovely annuals are just as easy to grow as traditional sweet peas. This scarcer, bi-coloured paler form produces masses of coral-rose-pink blooms which will smother fences or archways throughout the summer, or even for long-lasting cut flowers. ... Learn More



    One of the most beautiful spring flowers, this totally non-invasive and very long-lived plant produces a solid dome of foliage, which is is smothered with two-tone pink and white flowers in earliest spring, making a valuable, trouble-free burst of colour. ... Learn More



    A fast-growing climber, this lovely plant is seen by many as a traditional garden climber, often seen growing up a trellis, or trailing over walls and fences. The trumpet-shaped flowers are creamy white, pink or light yellow, and give off an unmistakable sweet scent, most noticeably late in the evening and at night. Flowers are followed by bunches of red berries, which ripen in Autumn and are often eaten by wild birds during the winter months. ... Learn More



    Curious, ruby red tubular flowers with asymmetrically flared ends, decorate this lovely evergreen scrambler/climber until July/August, after which the whole plant becomes covered with bunches of bright red berries which are much loved by birds. ... Learn More



    This exquisite Chilean evergreen climber is a relative of the lovely lapageria. Sprays of delicate, lemon-perfumed, water-lily-like, ivory white flowers are produced. Finally, clusters of large, bright red, cherry-like berries remain. An absolute gem. ... Learn More



    Ideal for a conservatory, cold greenhouse or sheltered wall, this vigorous climber has three-pronged tendrils which resemble cat's claws. Deep yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers are produced over a very long period throughout the summer. ... Learn More



    A rapid-growing scrambler, Maurandya antirrhiniflora, known as roving sailor or climbing snapdragon, is a scrambling or climbing herbaceous perennial native to Mexico and the south-western United States (California to Texas) where it grows in a variety of relatively dry habitats. It has more-or-less triangular untoothed leaves and tubular flowers in various shades of pink, red or blue to violet with white bases. ... Learn More



    A spectacular constant flowering twiner with flamboyant, bright cobalt blue, flared "snapdragons" in an endless succession. It is equally impressive whether indoors in a large pot or in a sheltered place outside. In a hanging basket it is also vigorous enough to be allowed to trail much longer than the run-of-the-mill trailing plants. ... Learn More



    The dazzling, pure white form of Magic Dragon has large flared white trumpets decorating the twining clinging stems from late spring until winter. The large tuberous roots should be kept frost free in winter either in a large pot or by mulching in the garden. ... Learn More



    In the early 1990s we bred what is probably the first hybrid climbing maurandya ever produced. These incredibly fast growing plants, which possess explosive hybrid vigour, produce a wide range of large, flared, trumpet flowers in all shades of pink and red. They are perennial in warmer climates or in a well-drained sheltered spot in the UK. In addition, they make superb trailing or hanging basket specimens and are unbelievably easy to grow from cuttings. The large tuberous roots should be kept frost free in winter either in a large pot or by mulching in the garden. ... Learn More



    Very seldom offered, this rare and superb "Chilean Climbing Gazania" has twining shoots which carry soft, holly-like leaves and large, pinkish-mauve long-petalled "daisy" flowers which appear over a very long season right into the autumn. These plants make a breathtaking sight and when old, are surprisingly hardy with thick, trunk-like stems. Very, very few good viable seeds are ever collected hence the high price. ... Learn More



    From New Zealand comes this rarely-offered but absolutely gorgeous twining, woody climber, bearing all summer long, a great profusion of clusters of small perfumed white flowers with a strong, sweet fragrance. The shiny green, elliptic adult leaves are totally different from the unusual, lobed, narrow, juvenile versions. The fruit, which slowly forms through summer and autumn, is a long, thin, green, bean-like pod, which opens in late autumn to release tufted seeds which are wind dispersed. This lovely plant of antipodean cold forest margins should prove hardy in most locations, but will positively thrive on a south or west wall. ... Learn More


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