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    An excellent hot chilli that is both edible and ornamental. "Balls of Fire" is a compact variety that is early to mature with a multicoloured effect of white, orange and then, mature red fruits. Great to eat whole in salads or to pick and slice for general use. Scoville units / heat level: 20,000 ... Learn More


    (20 seeds)

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    A compact and mild chilli pepper, ideal for pots and containers outdoors in the garden or in the greenhouse. These small, yellow drop-shaped chillies can be eaten whole in salads and add a gentle heat to a wide variety of dishes. They can also be pickled whole for a mild chilli hit in the colder winter months. Scoville units / heat level: 500 ... Learn More


    (20 seeds)

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    With large fruits, that mature from green to red, this sweet bell pepper lives up to the name "wonder" due to it being a wonderful addition to the vegetable plot, kitchen garden or even in pots and containers on the patio. With a wide range of culinary uses, from raw in salads, or stuffed, it prefers a position in full sun, especially when fruits are ripening. ... Learn More


    (30 seeds)

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    This vigorous and high yielding plant has good foliage and produces peppers which, with a score of 1000-5000 on the scoville scale, are a slightly milder variant of the popular Hot Banana. The conical shaped pods are sweet, juicy and succulent with thick walls which ripen from green to bright yellow. It is delicious when used fresh in salsas and salads. ... Learn More


    (20 seeds)

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    As the name suggests, this pepper has small, glossy, cherry-sized fruits, which ripen from green to a bright cherry red. The plant can produce an abundance of peppers throughout its growing season. A great variety for the garden or patio, an abundance of fruits can also give it an ornamental appearance, in addition to it having a wide range of culinary uses. Fantastic in salads, raw or cooked, and brilliant for preserving. ... Learn More


    (20 seeds)

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    The compact nature of this hot pepper makes it very suitable for growing in patio pots and containers, so is ideal for those with limited space . With over 50 ripe red fruits per plant up to 3cm in length, ‘Fiery Flames’ as the name suggests, is a hot one, so ideal for asian and chinese cookery. Scoville units / heat level: 86,000 ... Learn More


    (20 seeds)

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    A high yielding plant which produces attractive long, shiny, wrinkled fruits which have a very hot fruity flavour (measuring 135,000 on the Scoville Scale). Delicious when used fresh in salsas and salads, they can also be dried then ground for hot sauces. This attractive, showy plant can be grown in the greenhouse and outdoors in pots. ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)

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    One of the most popular chilli varieties, producing long, green pods up to 10cm long, with a medium heat and slightly spicy flavour. Most commonly picked when green, they can also be left to fully ripen to a bright orange or red. A very versatile pepper which is delicious when stuffed with cheese, and grilled, sliced in salads and also are great for pickling. Prefers full sun and a sheltered position if grown outside in pots or containers, or grow them in your greenhouse or conservatory. Scoville units/heat level: 2,500 - 10,000 ... Learn More


    (20 seeds)

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    A delicious sweet pepper variety, with snack sized yellow fruits on a compact bushy habit, making this an ideal plant for the smaller garden or balcony. Despite its compact nature, it is very productive, with high yields of yellow pods up to 7cm long. ... Learn More


    (20 seeds)

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    This compact plant bears heavy sets of multiple straight pods which mature early in the season and continue to produce fruit for a long extended harvest. The fragrant and fiery fruit (rating 23,000 on the Scoville scale) quickly ripen from green to rich deep red. This is the most commonly grown chilli in Tibet where they are made into spicy sauces and pastes. Ideal for pot production and garden containers. ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)

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    Choice, and very rarely offered, this gem is a favourite for ornamental landscaping as well as eating. A stunning plant, it has purple blooms, dark purple to onyx black foliage and tiny fruit. Unripe black and purple chilies tend to be milder than the ripe crimson red ones (ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 SHU). ... Learn More


    (20 seeds)

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    This medium heat pepper is ideal for the Mexican chilli and salsa lovers. A single plant may yield up to 25,long, glossy orange fruits (up to 11cm long) and can also be used to bring a chilli hum to spicy soups and pickles well for a winter supply in the cupboard! Scoville units / heat level: 10,000 ... Learn More


    (20 seeds)

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    ‘Red Glow’ as the name suggests, is a hotter pepper than its relative 'Orange Glow' with the heat packed into slightly smaller red fruits of 7cm long, with a yield of up to 25 fruits per plant. This pepper can be grown in either the greenhouse or outside in pots, but will require support. The flavour and heat lends itself well to Mexicans dishes, spicy soups and is great for pickling for the winter months. Scoville units / heat level: 27,000 ... Learn More


    (20 seeds)

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    This small, pointed, cherry-type hot pepper has an unusual triangular shape resembling a small spinning top. The fruit have a hot (measuring 30,000 on the Scoville Scale) yet fruity flavour and are ideal for pickling or can be crushed up as a sauce. Plants bears fruit all season long and may be grown in the greenhouse and outdoors in pots. ... Learn More


    (15 seeds)

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    Probably the most well known pepper in the world, due to the infamous 'Tabasco' sauce. This tall, vigorous pepper, can yield up to 100 fruits per plant with small fruits 3cm in length. Your chance to avoid the shop bought versions and make your own amazing chill sauce this year....why not give it a go! It is suitable for both greenhouse growing or outdoor in pots, but will require support. Scoville units / heat level: 50,000 ... Learn More


    (20 seeds)

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