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    Pepper 'Black Bullet' is a distinctive and flavorful variety known for its compact size, dark color, and intense spiciness. This pepper, belonging to the Capsicum annuum species, is a favorite among gardeners and culinary enthusiasts for its ornamental appeal and culinary versatility. lt is named for its small, bullet-like shape and deep black colour, with an attractive hint of emerald green when mature. The fruits are typically around 1 to 1.5 inches (2.5 to 3.8 cm) in length, and they ripen from green to a glossy black, creating a visually striking contrast. The compact nature of the plan ... Learn More


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    One of the most beautiful of all peppers, these gorgeous fruits, with a gentle heat, resemble shiny courgettes! The sizeable, almost identical fruits slowly ripen from a dark green to a voluptuous chocolate/toffee-apple shade. The heavy crop is sometimes so prolific that the branches break away, so staking and tying is sometimes needed! 200-2,000 SHU ... Learn More


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    A true cross between two famous varieties, the Purple Tiger Jalapeno is one of the most beautiful pepper plants you will ever encounter. Surrounded by dazzling variegated leaves, the fruits are 2-3 inch slim jalapenos which start out purple and ripen to red, but as they ripen the striping effects slowly appear on the deep red (Stripes on fruits in picture not yet developed). They have a sweetness to them with a medium heat, making them perfect for adding vibrant colour to salads, salsas and many other recipes. (8,000 - 12,000 SHU) Medium Heat. ... Learn More


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    Monkey Face Red is not only a cool looking chilli pepper, with pods growing to about 11 cm long and often resembling a monkey’s face, they have a delicious sweet flavour and only upper mid heat and would be great in a salsa or sprinkled over your dinner! Growing well in a pot to about 60 cm in height, they can grow much bigger if planted in the ground. Ripening from green to red, the sizeable fruits have a distinctive taste of lemon and mango. Mild. (1.000-10.000 SHU) ... Learn More


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    This heavy-cropping plant produces delicious, quite sizeable, strongly-flavoured, jester's-shoes-style peppers. An unusually early-fruiting plant with only moderate heat levels, so it is perfect for mild curries or even a spicy salad! (15,000 SHU) ... Learn More


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    This brand new, sizeable pepper from Costa Rica, is heavy-cropping and has a most distinctive appearance and very few seeds, being solid and tapering with a slightly wrinkled appearance. When they ripen they begin green, before darkening finally to almost jet black, unlike the more normal purple or brown peppers. This makes then truly striking amongst similar types of peppers. They have a pleasant and lasting level of spiciness, although this can vary between different fruits and levels of ripeness. (100-1,000 SHU) ... Learn More


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    When fully ripe, these beautiful peppers have a unique fruity, smoky flavour mixed with a moderate to hot level of spice, and could easily be that special ingredient you have been looking for. The small to medium-sized fruits ripen on compact bushy plants which usually reach a height of only 2 feet (60 centimeters) when fully grown, making them perfect pot-plants. (12,000-30.000 SHU) ... Learn More


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    These neat, tear-drop-shaped, attractive pink peppers are perfect for pickling, garnishes and even fresh eating, when you will experience their crispness along with a subtle and gentle spiciness, with fruity flavours reminiscent of a habanero pepper, and sometimes a slight smokiness. Renown for their mild heat, they are perfect for those who prefer a milder chilli flavour. Originating from Brazil, the name translates as "little beak". (500-1,000 SHU) ... Learn More


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    A very rare chili from altitude in Peru, with round, oblong, pear-shaped fruits, locally known as an "apple chili", with a remarkable likeness to tomatoes, and an amazing citrusy and juicy flavour! Also known as Manzano and sometimes as 'Gringo Killers', do not mistake this variety for a sweet pepper! Looking also like a miniature bell pepper, its thick-walled juicy pods have distinctive, jet-black seeds. A most distinctive plant, it has hairy stems and leaves, with attractive blue-violet flowers. Originating from Peru, where it thrives at more than 2,500 meters, it is one of the very few ch ... Learn More


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    Wow, enormous, heavy, dazzling red, curly-whirly fruits make an astonishing sight when they all ripen together. A stunning compact variety (30-35cm) ideal indoors on a big windowsill or outdoors in summer. Sweet, lightly fruity with a clean finish. The really tasty long pods are produced in abundance held above the foliage, and start out a dark purple, finally turning to shades of purple, oranges and vibrant red all at the same time. (3,000-9,000 SHU) ... Learn More


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    A truly rare chilli variety from Peru, Sugar Rush Peach, is one of the most incredible looking and best tasting peppers. It has a distinctive sweetness, and a bright, floral, and fruity flavour with nuances of citrus, apricot, and peach, followed by a moderate to hot level of spice. So in short, they are sweet, the plants grow very quickly, and they have a gorgeous peachy color when mature, making this pepper very desirable for home gardeners. (100,000 SHU) ... Learn More


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    Vibrant, vigorous plants produce an abundance of mild, vaguely banana-shaped peppers. This famous red variant of the yellow-fruiting Sweet Banana tastes just the same though, with a sweet tangy flavour with just a hint of fresh tropical fruit. They are perfect for eating fresh, or pickling, or even adding a splash of gentle heat to any culinary creation. (0-500 SHU) ... Learn More


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    A rare variety from Thailand producing heavy yields of 6-10mm long by 15mm wide, hot peppers that turn from green to orange when mature, and which are excellent both for cooking and stir-fry. They have a floral aroma and a medium to intense, long-lasting heat. Production from these plants is quite exceptional with constant production of pods well into the cooler months of the season. This variety also seems to be unusually tolerant to insects and infections. A really fantastic variety that will produce a smashing bumper crop. ... Learn More


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    Phlomis cashmeriana. Kashmir Sage, is an exceptionally beautiful purple-flowered Phlomis that grows on dry valley slopes in Kashmir and Pakistan and is also found in Afghanistan. The flowers are among the most vividly coloured of all the Phlomis with dense whorled verticillasters of hooded blooms arranged at intervals up the flowering stems. It has large aromatic oblong-lanceolate leaves that are woolly on the under-surfaces and can grow up to 30 cm long. A herbaceous perennial, Phlomis cashmeriana requires a sunny aspect and well-drained substrate to which gavel or grit has been added and ... Learn More


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    Phlox drummondii, commonly known as Drummond's phlox, presents a delightful mix with its vibrant and varied display. This warm-season annual, native to North America, boasts a captivating blend of features that add a touch of charm to gardens. Drummond's phlox, in its mix of colors, reveals a compact and bushy growth habit. The plants form low mounds, creating a pleasing carpet of color. The foliage of Phlox drummondii is typically slender and lance-shaped, providing a backdrop to the dazzling floral display. The green leaves serve as an elegant foil to the vivid blooms presented as a kaleidos ... Learn More


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