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    Delphinium grandiflorum is a species of Delphinium known by the common names Siberian larkspur and Chinese Delphinium. It is native to Russia and China. There are several popular cultivars in several colours which are grown as ornamental plants, including 'Blue Butterfly', 'Summer Morning', 'Blue Mirror', and 'Summer Stars'. This mix includes some of each of these. It is much shorter and more compact than the more familiar tall D. elatum, with dispersed flowers, rather than single spikes, but individual flowers are larger and more intense in colour. It is a short-lived perennial that is suggested to be treated like an annual in many cases due to its unpredictability in terms of returning the next season. It readily provides seed pods for reseeding. In sunlight the flowers can appear to glow or look fluorescent due to the intensity of the pigment in the petals. ... Learn More


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    A small, lily-like plant growing to about 1m tall, it produces clusters of flax-like, green leaves and panicles with bright blue flowers, followed by attractive, dark blue to purplish fruits. Grows well on poor, sandy soils, and is particularly colourful, with golden hues and reddish margins to the leaves. It makes a great, colourful ground cover for tropical and frost free warm temperate climates and is great in containers. ... Learn More


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    An easy to grow traditional cottage garden plant with a spicy-scent, these lovely Sweet Williams have huge single flowers each with an attractive eye. With low mounds of grass-like foliage, the vivid green stems are topped with dense, flat clusters of flowers with fringed petals in a patchwork colours, dark tapestry rubies, fuchsia, scarlet, purple and white. Sweet Williams make a long-lasting, fragrant cut flower, and are an excellent choice for dried flower arrangements. Place them in the middle ground of the flower border or in containers, mass plantings and meadows. ... Learn More


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    Fully double mix of clusters of large, colourful flowers on long strong stems. Each flower head is made up of many upward facing, individual flowers in all shades of pink and white. Grow in a mixed border in full sun for best results. All Sweet Williams are extremely easy to grow and very prolific giving you lots of flowers for not much time, money or effort. Ideal as a cut flower for the home or for weddings bouquets and other special events. ... Learn More


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    A taller variety of pink (aka chinese pink) which produces an abundence of frilly petalled flowers, which in this mixture come in a variety of shades and patterns from red through to pink. A reliable but also short lived variety that we recommend treating as an annual. Suitable for many situations be that in a border or taller schemed container. ... Learn More


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    This unusual foxglove has a beautiful 'Coffee and Cream' colouring. From late spring to mid summer it produces tall spikes of densely packed, fawn coloured flowers each with a pearl coloured, protruding lower lip. Each of the blooms is delicately patterned with pale coffee-brown veins. Well-worth trying in a shady, well-drained spot in the garden, this perennial variety grows to a height of only 60 to 72cm (24 to 30in), and produces many stems which are very suited for use as cut flowers. ... Learn More


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    With their elegant upright habit, long spikes heavenly white, bell shaped flowers with densely speckled throats of deep maroon-purple, these make an impressive feature in the garden. The plants form rosettes of hairy lance shaped leaves in their first growing season. The second year they send up large spikes with drooping bell shaped blooms. Flowering begins in May and continues through the summer months. Digitalis are handsome and easy if watered well in dry weather, and look spectacular at the back of a border. Extremely attractive to bees. ... Learn More


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    These compact plants produce a heavy crop of excellent, very tasty, stringless, quick maturing beans over a long picking season. The 15cm (6in) long pods turn green once cooked. It makes an attractive addition to any vegetable plot. ... Learn More


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    The pure orange form of this exotic-looking climber, with wiry stems and sparse, dark, evergreen foliage which acts as a perfect backdrop to its bright orange, tubular flowers. The plants are hardy in mild regions, dying down in winter and reappearing larger and stronger the following year. In very mild, sheltered areas the foliage may remain all winter. Good winter drainage may be the key! So an ideal plant to grow up through the base of a tree. ... Learn More


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    This Echinacea is an upright, clump-forming, herbaceous perennial with narrowly ovate, toothed, rough-hairy, dark green leaves. It is tough and beautiful with unbeatable heat and drought tolerance, whilst attracting a variety of wildlife with its eye-catching appeal. The elegant daisy like flowers have rosy pink petals with an orange centre that rises like a cone. An excellent cut flower and also good for drying. ... Learn More


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    From June to September, fabulous, white, daisy-like flowers with drooping petals and burnished, orange-brown centres appear on stiff stems. This white coneflower is shorter than many other varieties, making it a valuable addition to the middle of a border or containers. It is a tough plant, and, like other coneflowers, is long-flowering and will cope well with adverse weather conditions, except drought. Try it dotted through the middle of a sunny, mixed border or in bold drifts among grasses where it will extend the season of interest. It is attractive to bees and butterflies, and birds will flock to the seed heads. ... Learn More


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    A mixture of the ever popular californian poppy, this mixture of single flowered colour forms will produce all colours from red to pink to orange and yellow. Can be started in pots or cells or distributed directly to a sunny well drained area of the garden. ... Learn More


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    The Calfornian Poppy - the official State flower of California - is a beautiful annual with lovely blue-grey feathery foliage and flowers borne in profusion throughout the summer. The bright mix of double flowers in shades of orange, rose, salmon and gold will add a splash of colour to your sunny borders and containers. Hardy, easy to grow and very tolerant of poor, dry soils. ... Learn More


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    The Calfornian Poppy - the official State flower of California - is a beautiful annual with lovely blue-grey feathery foliage. The intense scarlet blooms of Red Chief are produced all summer long and are very attractive to bees and hoverflies. Performing well in all weathers, this Eschscholzia variety is easy to grow in beds, borders, rockeries and containers, or let it self-seed throughout gravel gardens to form natural drifts. ... Learn More


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    A profusion of beautiful, daisy-like sky blue flowers, covering deep green, compact foliage from June until the first frosts in September. A stand out summer performer with good drought tolerance suitable for bedding and containers. Attractive to butterflies. ... Learn More


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