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  1. Papaver somniferum pepperbox


    An heirloom variety poppy with deepest darkest burgundy eyes. The large seed heads are much desired by flower arrangers, and will make a statuesque statement in your garden long after the blooms are finished. This elegant addition to the cottage garden enjoys full sun and well drained soil and will bloom steadily through July and August if regularly deadheaded. ... Learn More


  2. Parkinsonia aculeata


    This spiny shrub or small tree opens fragrant flowers which are a bright yellow-orange, with the fifth petal elongated, with a warmer yellow, and purple spotted at the base. These grow from a long slender stalk in groups of eight to ten and are most popular with bees and butterflies. The long, unusually thin leaves make the showy flowers even more visible. It is ideal for a small garden or large container. ... Learn More


  3. Passiflora anti


    One of the world's rarest and most spectacular Passion flowers, dazzling red blossoms with darker eyes, hang down on long peduncles, along its entire length before producing unique seed pods. A superb ornamental plant, it grows in highland regions in western part of South America, where it makes a climbing shrub with shoots growing up to 5m tall and in the wild it is often hummingbird pollinated. The edible, yellow ellipsoidal fruit has a sweet flavour, and it may be eaten raw or made into drinks. In cooler countries it should be grown either in a large pot or a very sheltered position outside. ... Learn More


  4. Passiflora incarnata


    One of the hardier and prettier of the Passion Fruits , this is a relatively short vine, easy to grow in well drained soil and enjoying full sun to part shade. It is drought tolerant and flowers in early summer with the sweet golden fruits ripening toward the end of autumn. Its evergreen, deeply lobed leaves provide an excellent backdrop to show off the attractive bright purple bowl-shaped flowers. ... Learn More


  5. Penstemon smallii


    Purple-lilac flowers with violet-striped white throats, and unusually pronounced pointed lips, open on one of the showiest of all penstemons. Rich-flowering, it will self-sow in naturalized conditions, making it perfect for planting on well-drained soils and hillsides. As with all Penstemons, butterflies and bees are regular visitors. In the wild it is native to the rocky slopes of the Great Smoky Mountains. ... Learn More


  6. Petalostemon purpureum


    This amazing inflorescence rather resembles English Plantago - except the flowers, slowly opening up the stem, are bright purple, and very pretty!! A valuable addition to the garden, it is very drought resistant, and the deep taproot will add beneficial nitrogen to your soil - so what's not to like? An intriguing American native, it makes a fascinating cut flower to baffle your friends! ... Learn More


  7. Phacelia campanularia


    The astonishingly intense blue of these remarkable bell-shaped flowers would give any member of the Gentian family a run for their money. A very long-flowering annual thriving on poor sandy soil, it will make an eye-catching addition for your rockery, or a conversation piece in an ornamental pot on your patio. ... Learn More


  8. Philodendron selloum


    Stunningly attractive, glossy, deeply lobed leaves will bring a feel of the tropics to your home or office, and often do best in diffused natural light (i.e. keep out of direct sunlight) although artificial light will suffice if necessary. If you have the right climate to grow it outdoors, you can look forward to large leaves up to 1.2m long supported on a thick woody trunk marked with distinctive tear-drop shaped leaf scars where older leaves have been shed. One of the prettiest tropical shrubs, it can successfully be grown as a houseplant in more temperate climates. ... Learn More


  9. Pimpinella anisum


    This erect, branched annual herb resembles cow parsley in appearance but has the advantage of the delicious scent of aniseed, and indeed produces the usable culinary seeds when they ripen. A well-known, attractive and useful addition to the herb or cottage garden. ... Learn More


  10. Polystichum munitum


    This very fine, hardy, evergreen fern boasts long, elegantly-curved fronds that give the plant an overall attractive shape. The emerging croziers in Spring are a very pleasing feature and are best encouraged by cutting back the faded foliage from the previous season. A sizeable specimen when fully-grown, it has a slowly spreading habit and will add a touch of class to any woodland garden or shaded corner. ... Learn More


  11. Citrus maxima


    Usually a pale green to yellow when ripe, this amazing fruit is much larger than a grapefruit, with sweet flesh and thick spongy rind. By far the largest citrus in the world, the pummelo can reach 12" in diameter. Similar in appearance to a large grapefruit, it is native to South and Southeast Asia and is a natural citrus fruit, not a hybrid, and is indeed one of the original citrus species from which the rest of cultivated citrus were produced by hybridisation. The pummelo tree itself bears most attractive white flowers and generally has a somewhat crooked trunk and low, irregular branches. Botanists amongst you may be interested in its large number of names worldwide which are appended below...... Chinese grapefruit, Assamese: ৰবাব টেঙা robab tenga • Bengali: বাতাবি লেবু batabi lebu, ছোলঙ্গ cholanga, জাম্বুরা লেবু jambura lebu • Gujarati: પપનસ papanas • Hindi: बतावीनीम्बू batawi-nimbu, चकोतरा Chakotara, पपरमास papar-mas • Kannada: ಚಕೋತ ಹಣ್ಣು cakota hannu • Konkani: तॉरंद toranda • Malayalam: കമ്പിളിനാരങ്ങ kampilinaranna • Manipuri: ꯅꯣꯕꯥꯕ নোবাব Nobab • Marathi: बंपारा bampara, चकोत्रा cakotra, पपन्नस papannasa • Mizo: kamalo • Oriya: ବାତାପି batapi • Sanskrit: करुण karuna, मल्लिकापुष्प mallikapuspa • Tamil: மெதுக்கு metukku, பம்பளிமாசு pampalimacu, பொம்மாசு pommacu • Telugu: పంపరపనస pamparapanasa • Urdu: چکوتره Chakotara ... Learn More


  12. Prunus cerasoides pink


    This extremely attractive tree is adorned with sprays of pastel pink flowers which later become clusters of yellow cherries that turns bright red as they ripen and can be eaten raw or cooked. Also prized for its attractive ringed bark, it is unusual in that it flowers in autumn and winter when little other colour is around. Finally, the fruits and the leaves give a dark green dye, seeds can be used in the manufacture of necklaces, the wood is hard, strong, durable and aromatic, and branches are used as walking sticks. ... Learn More


  13. Puya harmsii


    Possibly the most ornamental of all puyas, its agave-like leaves, formed in clusters of neat rosettes, are attractively dusted with white powder. This king of ornamental puyas originates from high altitudes in the Andes in north western Argentina. When fully mature, magnificent spires of deep blue, orchid-like flowers appear. ... Learn More


  14. Quamoclit x sloteri


    Deepest blood-red petunia-like flowers bloom continuously throughout the summer months, set off against the most finely incised bright green foliage of this very rarely offered climber. An absolute show-stopper on any trellis or pergola, this most graceful climbing vine is a true head-turner, or if you want to admire it for longer, make it a fabulous centre-piece in the conservatory. Few seeds. ... Learn More


  15. Rhododendron japonicum ornage


    Showy, fragrant orange flowers open in early summer of this beautiful Japanese azalea. In its native Japan and China, this low-growing shrub forms dense thickets in the mountains, and is therefore an ideal plant for growing in grass or even a shady woodland garden. ... Learn More


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