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    Bright golden yellow cup-shaped flowers open on this dwarf shrub, and later mature into 12-15cm long black pods. It is found in coastal districts and the adjacent tablelands of New South Wales from the Illawarra to Queensland, on the edges of subtropical and dry rainforest, where it is now very rare in the wild. It is a special plant because not only do two species of butterflies breed on it, the Small Grass-yellow (Eurema Smilax) and the Yellow Migrant (Catopsilia Gorgophone) but it is also very bee friendly. ... Learn More



    This attractive, fast-growing South American shrub bears racemes of bright yellow flowers on a bush which forms a broad rounded shape that responds well to pruning, when it responds with a dramatic display of its distinctive five-petaled flowers that are a magnet to pollinators. It is cold-tolerant and will take a few degrees of frost but is not truly hardy in Great Britain except in frost-free coastal areas. It does well if grown in a large container and is brought indoors in the winter to a warm glasshouse or conservatory. It can lose its leaves in periods of cold weather and all watering should stop during the winter to give it a rest. ... Learn More



    A gorgeous small, rounded deciduous tree with a spreading crown, with bark smooth and grey with horizontal markings. The countless flowers are very perfumed and are composed of 5 rounded hairy bracts, which are ovate with sepals of orange-yellow. Fruits are most attractive too, being cylindrical or flattened pods ending in a short, narrow point, which turn finally from green to black. ... Learn More



    The giant of the forest - these mighty trees grow spectacularly huge in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, and are believed to be among the oldest living organisms on the planet, and certainly the tallest! An interesting challenge for any keen horticulturalist to see how a seedling could be nurtured - consider planting one for your grandchildren (or possibly great-grandchildren!). ... Learn More



    This fast-growing tropical tree bears attractive sprays of the unusual, pure white, parrot-bill flowers (usually red). Later appear the huge seed pods, resembling flat, long, thin green beans. The tree thrives under full exposure to sunshine and although best grown in hot countries will do well in a large pot in good light indoors. Indigenous from Malaysia to North Australia, it is cultivated in many parts of India where it has a large number of traditional uses. ... Learn More



    This is the rarely-offered pale pink form of this most ornamental shrub bearing clusters of attractive flowers held above evergreen compound leaves. It grows well in almost any position but is especially suitable for wet or moist areas in warmer climates. In winter, long seed pods with a distinctive rattle appear, hence one of its common names. ... Learn More



    "Spanish Gold" or "Rattlebox" is a most ornamental shrub bearing clusters of attractive bright red flowers held above evergreen compound leaves. It grows well in almost any position but is especially suitable for wet or moist areas in warmer climates. In winter long seed pods with a distinctive rattle appear, hence one of its common names. ... Learn More



    This lovely Indian native is covered with soft white felt-like hair, the stems being yellow-green, hairy, long, and slender with heart-shaped leaves and flowers which are dark yellow, sometimes with a darker orange centre. It has been used as a medicinal plant since prehistoric times due to its high ephedrine content in the seeds, and it also possesses psychostimulant properties, affecting the central nervous system and also the heart. Additionally it has been used as a stimulant, an appetite suppressant and a decongestant, and in traditional ceremonies is regularly used as an ingredient in legal highs designed to mimic the effects of ecstasy. Please note, we do not recommend any of the above. ... Learn More



    Attractive, evergreen, dome-shaped mounds display clusters of fragrant yellowish-white flowers followed by bright red fruit when pollinated. These shrubs are perfect for low hedging or specimen plants, and are especially good in containers. This really is an excellent shade-loving evergreen shrub, and is quite unusual in that the plants are either male or female, the female forms being the best (of course!) as they are the ones with attractive sprays of dazzling red berries which are an added plus. ... Learn More



    This deciduous shrub produces arching stems carrying grey-green, divided leaflets. Racemes of purple and white pea-like flowers appear in late spring and early summer. ... Learn More



    Golden flowers open in Spring on this lovely tree which is almost considered New Zealand's national flower. The attractive sprays of leaves, with tiny leaflets, are crowded and often overlapping making this one of the most desirable ornamental trees you can grow. ... Learn More



    A profusion of bright yellow-gold to greenish pea-like flowers open amidst weeping fern like foliage over an extended period in late winter and early spring on this popular ornamental tree. With a pronounced weeping habit it is extremely popular in parks and gardens in New Zealand where it is actually a native tree. It is especially good for coastal areas where it is very drought and cold tolerant, this selected form coming from the Godley Island. Although it prefers rich moist soil, it will grow in most conditions. ... Learn More



    This impressive, very choice and early flowering shrub is native to both Chile and New Zealand and produces large, bright yellow flowers which are borne in abundance over a long period from late winter to spring. These are followed by long slender pods, resembling a string of four-winged beads. Leaves are glossy and dark green, smaller than those of Sophora japonica. ... Learn More



    Chains of sizeable, brilliant yellow pea-like flowers are displayed amongst the bright-green deeply incised foliage common to many members of the pea family. With smaller leaves and flowers than its sister Sophora tetraptera, this New Zealand native will do best against a south facing wall in damp but well drained soil. This unusual plant displays bushy grown when young, becoming more tree-like with age. Few seeds collected. ... Learn More



    Growing to an impressive 10m in height in its native New Zealand, this sun-loving tree displays drooping clusters of large brilliant yellow pea-like flowers and the deeply incised foliage common to many plants of the pea family. It will do best supported against a sunny wall where the concentrated heat will encourage flowering. At home it grows wild along river margins and so will probably appreciate keeping its toes wet, or at least very regular watering during dry spells. Few seeds collected. ... Learn More


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