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    An excellent 'sweetheart' variety producing dark red sweet-tasting fruit on compact dark green plants. This variety is almost runner-less so is ideal for use in hanging baskets, grow bags or patio containers. ... Learn More


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    This true wild strawberry, one of the parents of all cultivated varieties, produces uncountable masses of small but very sweetly-flavoured fruits from early summer until late autumn. Making a very low, steadily-running carpet of fruit, is perpetual fruiting and gives a constant supply of fruits unlike the larger cultivated forms. For a never-before-experienced treat, collect a small bowl full, leave them for an hour or so in a warm place, then smell them. You will experience a perfume like no other! It may self-seed into places where it is happy ensuring fruit all summer long. In the wild it ... Learn More


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    An incredible form of the perpetual fruiting alpine strawberry which stays white when it is ripe, the numerous pure white fruits being held erect on long stems. This plant makes a solid clump and runs barely at all. Just as sweet and juicy as the red form, and no race with the birds, who usually get to the ripe ones first, because they just cannot see and eat them! ... Learn More


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    Pure white sweet fruits ripen on this new variation of the more common red strawberry. Just as sweet and tasty as the ordinary red ones, they make an excellent talking point when friends eat the unexpectedly sweet "unripe" strawberry you offer them to try! Oh, and birds do not realise either, so they leave them alone here! ... Learn More


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    This rare deep purple form of the classic green tomatillo verde, truly resembling an enormous physalis, and makes a salsa with a difference! The fruits have a little more sweetness than the standard green variety, and the anthocyanins, which give the fruit its purple colouring, are a superb source of antioxidants. The fruits turn purple in patches on the plant but become more uniformly purple if the fruit is exposed to sunlight on a windowsill after harvesting. ... Learn More


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    This amazing, quite recent introduction is a hardy raspberry/loganberry cross that looks rather like a huge raspberry in appearance and has one of the longest picking windows of any of the recent hybrids. The superb, strong, fruity flavour is similar to that of the renowned loganberry and they are particularly hardy, cropping from early July until the end of August. If possible they are best grown strung along wires to get maximum cropping potential, which can be very heavy. ... Learn More


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    This prolific-fruiting sport of the red currant (Ribes rubrum), produces heavy trusses of fruit in summer. It differs from the red currant mainly in the strong, fruity, tangy flavour, and when completely ripe is an amazing translucent pearl-white . Making a striking addition to fresh fruit salads, it is an easy-to-grow, long-lived bush, fruiting and improving yearly with little care other than an occasional removal of very old stems. ... Learn More


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    Quick and easy to grow in a container, garden or green house, producing thousands of small, black, ornamental fruits which we recommend should not be eaten even though it may be recommended elsewhere online. The leaves of this plant are reputedly narcotic, and are sometimes smoked as a canabis legal-drug substitute, and they should not be used thus, and we DO NOT recommend this practice. ... Learn More


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