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    The attractive oval aubergine fruit of this rare variety are borne in heavy clusters on bushy habit, very productive, erect plants with dark green foliage that provides plenty of cover from the sun to prevent sun-scald. Despite the name, the fruit colour changes from green through orange to scarlet. Another aubergine variety which is often grown ornamentally. ... Learn More


    (20 seeds)


    Producing a long succession of bluish-green heads averaging 3 to 5 inches across, these tall, erect plants with an excellent flavour and long cropping season are the original forms, which are still firm favourites in spite of the appearance of modern F1 hybrids ... Learn More


    (225 seeds)


    This intriguing member of the broccoli family produces attractive green heads made up of a mass of small conical florets. It has a superb flavour and a more tender texture than regular broccoli and grows exceptionally well in cool Northern areas. ... Learn More


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    Rudolph is an extra early purple sprouting type broccoli producing good sized, tender spears on large robust plants for harvesting from late January, or in colder parts of the UK, from February. These vigorous plants provide good yields at a time when fresh vegetables from the garden are often in short supply. Broccoli grows best in a mostly sunny location during the cooler parts of the growing season. ... Learn More


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    Smaller than green Brussel sprouts, these neat, red vegetables have a sweet mild taste. Very hardy, the taste improves and the colour deepens the colder the weather. Both the sprouts and the leaves are sweet enough to be used raw in salads, but also taste lovely steamed or braised. Ready to harvest from November to January. ... Learn More


    (160 seeds)


    An attractive baby marrow which only grows to three quarters the size of a normal marrow. The bush habit and relatively small size, but high yield, make it an ideal choice for growing in tubs or containers. ... Learn More


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    A delicious, red pointed cabbage perfect for shredding into salads and coleslaw. With a high sugar content and a wonderful crunch and colour it is best eaten raw, but can be pickled, or cooked with red wine, apple and raisins for an alternative to boiled cabbage (although the colour will reduce). It is best grown for summer and early autumn use when firm, solid hearts have few waste outer leaves. ... Learn More


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    The roots of this fine heirloom variety are globular with a slightly flattened base. With medium green foliage this variety stores well and is packed full of good flavour. Harvest from late September onwards. The flavour improves after the first frost. Crop can be left in the soil throughout winter and into spring if the soil is well draining. Will store for 2 weeks after harvesting. Celeriac is delicious if boiled and mashed together with potatoes; fried or in soup. ... Learn More


    (500 seeds)

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    Giant Red is a reliable trench variety which is a traditional performer and well worth growing. It is very hardy and has a purple tinge to the stalks which turn pink when cooked. It has an excellent, good old fashioned flavour that improves as the weather cools . A very reliable grower with a slightly open habit but will hold until well after Christmas. Popular as a salad vegetable with its crisp, sweet stalks and is equally delicious braised or added to soups and casseroles. ... Learn More


    (400 seeds)


    This unusually large, darkest red juicy cherry is highly productive and flavourful, with a tendency to set fruit in tight clusters, the dark fruit often measuring an inch or 25 mm in width. Sweetheart cherries are one of the last eating cherries to ripen each year, ripening over several weeks, not all at once like most cherries, and cropping just into September. The sweet fruit are firm, with a refreshing touch of acidity, and they also resist splitting, The fruit from these seedlings may vary a lot! ... Learn More


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    One of the best varieties for producing chicons, Brussels Witloof ('white leaf' in Flemish) has a delicious, tangy, unique flavour. It produces tightly packed high-quality leaves and is one of the finest tasting winter vegetables. It can be used as baby leaf in salads over the summer months, however it really excels when it is forced and blanched over the winter months to produce flavoursome chicons (or blanched shoots). ... Learn More


    (250 seeds)

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    The classic tall Italian radicchio, upright with red and white striped leaves that are very crunchy, long, erect and enveloping with large white, crisp stalks. It is a very early variety that is suitable for harvesting from the end of summer and throughout the winter. Radicchio also grows well in containers, pots, or raised beds. It can be interspersed between plants in your garden, the red leaves are very showy; it grows well under leaves of other plants in partial shade and has a high resistance to cold. . ... Learn More


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    This Italian heirloom chicory is similar to lettuce but with a more distinct flavour. For use in salads or cooked, it produces deep red, heart shaped, white veined leaves wrapped tightly around one another to form a solid, round head. These tender and crunchy leaves have a slightly bitter, sharp flavour which mellows when grilled or treated with a hot oil dressing. ... Learn More


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    A wonderfully decorative chicory with green leaves blotched red and forming an inner loose head of red and white in autumn. An ancient variety developed in the 18th century in the Castelfranco region of Northern Italy. This chicory is one of the hardiest and easiest to grow from seed anytime in the year. Leave it to heart up, or eat it as a cut-and-come-again leaf in a mixed salad bowl. ... Learn More


    (650 seeds)


    This new, softer, loose-leaf form of Chinese Cabbage has dense, narrow leaves with a deeper green outer colour, and lighter green to almost white interior leaves with wide, flat white celery-like ribs. It has a cylindrical, leafy head rather like a large romaine lettuce. The flavour of Chinese cabbages is more subtle and pleasant than our familiar European head cabbage, they are crisper and more refreshing and also less fibrous. Michihili was developed to have a stronger flavour than other cabbages. It can be sown in the spring for young salad leaves or in late summer for an autumn crop of full-sized cabbages. A dual purpose variety, the tender leaves are often used raw as a romaine lettuce would be, in salads or coleslaw. It can also be steamed whole, finely cut into slices for a salad, or cut coarsely for a stir-fry, the huge mature heads typically weighing up to 2 kg. ... Learn More


    (200 seeds)

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