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    These big, rare, gorgeous, unusually-shaped fruits have a strong complex tangy flavour. Winner of the 2005 'USA Heirloom Best Tasting Tomato' award, they are not actually black, but as dark as these famous old 'black' tomatoes ever get, producing attractive dappled patterns when sliced! (Cordon) ... Learn More



    Long, symmetrical trusses of attractive, almost identical, chocolate-brown, thin-skinned, tasty fruits, ripen at the same time. This vigorous new plant will give a long succession of ripening trusses into late autumn. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    Large bright scarlet-red cherry fruits grow in grape-like clusters on this high-yielding plant. The fruit is sweet and juicy with a strong and delicious flavour. The indeterminate plants are very ornamental and productive producing 1" fruits right up to frost, the name referring to the fact that the fruits are produced right into late autumn. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    A very large, even enormous, slightly flattened beefsteak fruit which can grow up to 2lb or more in weight, and with a good robust taste that scored highly in our tasting trials. Oh dear me! What an unfortunate name though...but it is ideal for use on sandwiches. This heirloom originated in Spain and was brought into France with the refugees from the Spanish Civil War. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    Generous, dense and heavy trusses of bright yellow cherry fruits have a sweet, strong and very slightly sharp taste, stronger than many cherry varieties. It is early, but also very long fruiting, bearing its last crops by autumn, and is also an ideal plant to get some really early fruit. ... Learn More



    This extremely productive tomato produces heavy clusters of fruit on a short, stocky, sturdy bush and usually needs extra support because of the sheer weight of the crop! It is a perfect slicer or salad tomato. It ripens early and constantly with a final burst at the end! It is excellent for those short on space or planting on the patio. The 1-3 oz red fruits are round-oblate and perfectly shaped, with no blemishes or core, and a delicious flavour and yield. Originating from Milan Sodomka of Czechoslovakia. (Bush) ... Learn More



    A really huge red beefsteak fruit which is smooth, nearly solid and often weighs more than 2 lbs. This famous variety holds the world record for the largest tomato ever grown and has excellent flavour, and very little cracking. Very few and unusually tiny seeds,(Cordon) ... Learn More



    This is undoubtedly one of the best tasting yellow beefsteak tomatoes to be found, combining luscious sweetness with plenty of tangy tomato flavour. The beautiful golden-yellow fruits, which have very few seeds, are unblemished and smooth, and vary from 10 ozs. to 1 lb. The huge, vigorous plants produce many meaty fruits. The breeder, Dr Wyche, was a Cherokee dentist who also part-owned a circus, and used Elephant manure to fertilise his tomatoes in Oklahoma. We do not recommend this practice at home though....(Cordon) ... Learn More



    This mid-season Bulgarian heirloom (the name means 'friendship') is more resistant to disease, pests and adverse weather conditions than most other varieties making it an ideal choice for the novice tomato grower. It produces heavy crops of sizeable, uniform, blemish-free 8-10 oz salad tomatoes. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    These gorgeous medium size tomatoes are a deep orange color, with dark green shoulders on un-ripe fruits. The taste is excellent, well balanced, not too sweet and not too tart with 4-6 fruits per cluster. When the New Zealand heir to the title of 7th Earl of Edgecombe travelled to England to claim the title, he brought this tomato with him and gave the seed to the Henry Doubleday Foundation. ... Learn More



    Sizeable fruits are an attractive pink-grapefruit colour and our tasters said that they have a really different 'tomatoey' taste. An old favourite of more than 100 years old and still a brilliant producer of early and tasty 3-4 ounce fruits. Heavy cropping and reliable. (Cordon) ... Learn More


  12. EGG YOLK

    This unusually heavy-bearing variety grows quite amazing fruits which are indeed just the shape and colour of the yolk of an egg. They have a sweet, strong-flavoured, runny middle just bursting with rich fruity flavour. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    A relatively compact semi-bush variety giving heavy trusses of large, slightly pointed red fruits attractively splashed and marbled in gold as they ripen, which have a distinctive savoury and almost meaty flavour! These come in a variety of sizes and are fabulous sliced in salads. ( Bush) ... Learn More



    This superb new Russian variety produces masses of very attractive and uniform bright yellow cherry-sized fruit, which are less sweet and stronger flavoured than many other cherry types, yet still remain very juicy to taste. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    Brought to the USA from The Black Forest, Germany, in the late 1800's this wonderful all-purpose variety produces smooth, blemish and crack-free fruit which, despite the name, are deep-pink in colour. The attractive appearance of these tomatoes makes them ideal for use in salads or sandwiches. (Cordon) ... Learn More


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