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    This heirloom potato leaf variety, also known as 'Flame', from the hills of West Virginia, produces medium to large (1 lb) juicy, orange fruit with red marbling and a delicious after-taste. Slicing reveals the attractive bright tones of the firm flesh. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    Heavy bunches of true cherry-sized, sweet-as-honey, soft fruits explode in your mouth. The colour, and indeed the same size as white grapes, they are actually smaller than most cherry tomatoes but bigger than a currant tomato and are easy-to-grow and heavy cropping too! (Cordon) ... Learn More



    Thousands of sweet, juicy, bite-sized tomatoes appear in a seemingly inexhaustible supply throughout the summer on this brand new, easy-to-grow variety. Amazing bushy plants produce dividing stems and if tied up as they grow upwards, make a solid mound of heavily-cropping cascading stems. These can be pruned back or allowed to expand if you have room. and are fine for large pots or even patio containers. They certainly live up to their name, producing literally thousands of exquisite-tasting fruits all summer long! (Bush) ... Learn More



    Large, luscious, sweet, pink heart-shaped tomatoes grow up to 1lb on what are very productive plants for an oxheart type. The fruits have medium walls but very thick cores, along with very few seeds and almost no cracking. You can eat these like an apple! Cordon ... Learn More


  5. ILDI

    One of the very highest yielding tomato plants we have ever seen. Huge trusses contain dozens and dozens of sweet, grape sized, thin skinned, non-splitting yellow fruit, the whole plant resembling a Christmas tree weighed down with baubles. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    More orangey than yellow, despite its name, this terrific yellow-orange heirloom tomato bears firm, blemish-free, slightly-elongated fruit with meaty flesh, thick walls and a good strong flavour. Ideally suited for cooler growing regions, it does especially well if started off early in the season. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    This tomato has supreme shock value as well as a good sweet tomato flavour! The unripe green fruit becomes purple, brought on by sunlight, and will eventually turn almost a true black, caused by anthocyanins, antioxidants found in blueberries. This excellent sweet tomato, apparently a cross between Indigo Rose and a red cherry tomato, is early-ripening. It also shows disease tolerance and has a really good shelf-life. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    This cross made with ‘Beauty King’ and a blue tomato produces a heavy crop of meaty, sizeable beefsteak fruits which stay well on the vine for an extended period and also are sunburn and crack resistant. They are uniquely coloured, beginning as a stunning true blue on top with a green bottom and sides. As they ripen fully, the purple deepens eventually turning deep reddish, when they develop their excellent flavour and are ready to harvest. Indeterminate ... Learn More



    A new and most unusual deep purple skinned cherry variety, ripening to almost black, with delectable juicy pink flesh and a delicious plum-like flavour, and also high levels of the antioxidant anthocyanin. Taste testers blissfully describe the flavour as sparkling. The green fruit quickly develop purple tops and crimson bottoms, ripening to a midnight black tone with deep, maroon-coloured bottoms. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    This stunning new cocktail cherry tomato from Oregon State University, produces strong-flavoured fruit, which is deepest chocolate brown with rosy undersides and deep red tasty flesh. With very high anthocyanin levels, it produces huge yields of 2-2.5 cm fruit with quite incredible potential for up to 500-1,000 per plant under ideal conditions. Bred by Dr Jim Myers using traditional plant breeding techniques, the colour comes from wild tomatoes found in the Galapagos Islands and Peru. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    The first pear shaped tomato in the Indigo series produces strong plants absolutely crowded with 3 to 4 cm sweet-flavoured fruits. Starting off yellow, the fruits slowly develop attractive purple-black shoulders at maturity. This new exclusive release from Oregon State University’s high flavonoid breeding programme produces huge yields of heavily-packed branches of fruits, packed full of health-giving anthocyanins. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    Wow! No trick photography whatsoever is needed with this astonishing, rare, new, blackest ever tomato, with ornamental darker leaves and stems, and which is seemingly blight and disease-free. It was originally developed by Oregon State University, but we were the first ever company to grow it commercially! (Please paste  RAY BROWN GROWS BLACK TOMATOES  into  your browser to see our proprietor with the first ever pictures and video!) Amaze your friends with heavy-cropping trusses of large, fruity-flavoured, unbelievably jet-black, plum-sized fruits, which finally ripen late in summer to a deepest purple, and when sliced resemble plums with their deep purple-red flesh. It is the first tomato variety in the world that has anthocyanins actually in its fruit (which are antioxidants, and the same black pigment as in blueberries). You can be one of the first to try this black tomato with its clean, strong, clear flavour, a satisfying, dense texture, and a show-stopping appearance, along with the potential health benefits. This is your chance! (Cordon) ... Learn More



    A late season potato-leafed plant (originally "Russian Truffle"!), with large pear shaped purple-black fruits with dark green shoulders, resistance to cracking, and a strikingly rich flavour with a hint of chocolate. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    The unusual fruit are 4-6 inches long and resemble peppers. The flesh is meaty with few seeds and is ideal for using in sauces or casseroles. A very productive plum tomato which continues to set fruit late in the season.(Cordon) ... Learn More



    Bright red, meaty, sweet, smooth fruits ripen very early and thence over a very long season. Fruits have a good measure of thick tasty flesh and are resistant to splitting. Historically, this very heavy cropping heirloom tomato was introduced in 1913 as the earliest tomato ever grown! (Cordon) ... Learn More


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