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    Native to southern Africa, this lovely relative of "Autumn Crocuses" is commonly called "Beetle Lily" due to the dark markings on the tepals. Strangely, the epithet actually means "single flowered" which is contradicted by the fact that the stem generally bears at least two yellow flowers. It is best grown in a warm scree or even in a pot indoors. ... Learn More


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    Little known in cultivation or in books is this very rare geranium relative from the Andes. Sprays of bright yellow flowers over finely cut leaves. Sharp drainage and a protected spot, or pot culture are essential for this gem. ... Learn More



    One of the tallest grasses in the world, this true giant has numerous branches at the nodes with one or two being exceptionally large with many stems tufted onto a stout root stock. Although it thrives in tropical to subtropical climates and is best grown in warm humid temperate areas, it can be easily grown as a pot plant or for impressive summer bedding. Its young shoots are consumed as food in some parts of China and India and new shoots start growing slowly, but soon grow approximately 30 cm per day, indeed 75 cm in one day has been recorded in Sri Lanka. Its hard wood is also used by Chin ... Learn More


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    The legendary 'Upside-Down-Tree' (Adamsonia digitata) makes an intriguing, long-lived bonsai or conservatory plant and is easily grown from seed. In the wild this tree is a valuable food commodity, the huge sausage fruits being the source of cream of tartar. ... Learn More


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    This elegant lupin-lookalike will give a good show of elegant racemes of flowers held above dense blue-green foliage from late spring to early summer. With a clump-forming nature it will spread slowly over time, with more mature plants increasing their display of flowers. Once the flowers are finished, the stems can be left for the attractive seed pods to form, or can be clipped back to encourage another blooming or to allow the foliage to give an attractive backdrop for other plants in your border. ... Learn More


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    Handsome evergreen winter rosettes of shiny green leaves marbled with cream blotches. Branching sprays of bright yellow flowers in spring. A lovely old cottage garden favourite. ... Learn More



    This relatively compact but quite fast-growing oriental-looking tree bears extremely beautiful, fragrant, pink, five petalled orchid-like flowers. The branches are clad with large, deeply two-lobed leaves. Native to South China and south east Asia, it thrives outdoors in such places as Hawaii, coastal California, southern Texas, and Florida. Although the tree can stand a small amount of frost it will also do well in a conservatory. Very easy to grow from seed, in traditional medicine systems it is often used to treat various disease. ... Learn More


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    One of the world's most gorgeous and desirable trees bearing clusters of large, sweetly-scented, magenta or pink, orchid-like flowers, which are variegated with a striking yellow flash, and open in great profusion. The branches are clad with large, deeply two-lobed leaves. Although the tree can stand a significant amount of frost it will do best in warm countries or a conservatory. ... Learn More


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    A most valuable and exceptionally beautiful, evergreen twining plant for the cool greenhouse or conservatory, with rich green leaves that are hairy beneath, and bearing on well-ripened wood an abundance of beautiful, large, white, fragrant, bell-shaped flowers from spring until late summer. A strong and heavy climber, this plant will need a strong structure, as without support it will form a large mound, rather like a wisteria. Although Beaumontia is a tropical vine, it can tolerate a light frost for short periods. ... Learn More


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    Sizeable, golden-eyed, ivory-white flowers open on tall stems above fleshy leaves. Resembling an anemone rather than a typical begonia, this extremely rare plant is endemic to the high tropical or subtropical montane forests of Equador, where it is threatened by habitat loss and classified as vulnerable by IUCN. (The International Union for Conservation of Nature). In colder areas the plant may be cut to the ground, but the tuber invariably sprouts again the following spring. ... Learn More


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    Large stunning clusters of bright red flowers are displayed on this scrambling shrub which is rare in cultivation, and will make a magnificent and easily grown ornamental for warm temperate climates. One of the world's largest begonias, it can grow up to 3 m tall in its native haunts in the cloud and montane rainforests in Colombia and northwestern Venezuela, where it is happy at between 1700 and 4000 m. ... Learn More


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    Yes! A rare and fabulous begonia hardy down to zone 6 or more! Most attractive, fleshy, olive green foliage with deep red veins beneath, displays dividing red stems of fragrant light pink flowers 3cm wide. It blooms from summer right into very late autumn! Planted in moisture-retentive but freely draining soil, and mulched well with bark this hardy begonia can be grown outside all the year around. It has top growth hardy to minus 2 degrees C, but the tuberous roots have always survived every winter, even frozen at minus 10C here! And in very late autumn it produces numerous bulbils between ... Learn More


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    Begonias are usually prized for their unusually attractive leaves and this one is at the top of the league! Its leaves resemble those of a maple tree, however, they are enormous, up to 30cm across, and much more spectacular, with serrated edging and bright green centres that contrast dramatically with the deep purple of the rest of the leaf. The solid rhizomatous clump is composed of giant leaves surrounded by a contrasting wide black-green border, all being held at the end of red-speckled leaf petioles. Growers have reported that this variety has proved reliably hardy to 15 degrees F making i ... Learn More


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    This lovely shrub-like perennial and low-maintenance houseplant displays large, asymmetrical, deeply-folded, dark green leaves with a superb metallic sheen, and striking red veins underneath. Large clusters of hairy, pink flowers open on sturdy, thin, erect stems. Coming from Brazil, it prefers temperatures above 10 °C (50 °F), so in temperate regions it is best grown under glass, or planted out in spring when it is sufficiently warm. At lower temperatures it may lose its foliage and die down but will re-sprout again with increasing warmth. ... Learn More


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    Very late in the year, as daylight hours shorten, clouds of confetti-like flowers with prominent bright yellow anthers open, en-masse, atop the strong flower stalks. Because it only flowers when the weather is cool, if only in comparison to that of spring and summer, it is an impressive foliage plant during the warm months, with visual impact with its amazing leaf size and overall scale. As an annual in a warm climate, this astounding plant gathers strength all season, soaring to four or even six feet by frost. But in even warmer or hot climes, the "tree" begonia makes good on its name, with t ... Learn More


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