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    This attractive lily has flower stalks which can be more than two feet in length, bearing many white six-petalled flowers, in groups of two or three, each about 2 cm across. The stamens are tricoloured - purple and white, with yellow at the curled end. The rhizomes are edible, and were used as food by the Maori people of old. ... Learn More



    In May, ghostly lemon-lime spathes, sometimes flushed with maroon, and with a yellow spadix, arise above attractive leaves which can be plain green or have silver or brown markings. One of the very biggest of all arums, sometimes up to 3 feet tall, this giant makes very robust growth from tubers, which become deep-seated and strongly perennial, readily making offsets. ... Learn More


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    Another multi-talented performer. The prettiest foliage of all aroids, arrow-shaped waxy looking leaves marbled and veined in cream and grey, are produced in winter and are much sought after by flower arrangers. In spring cream and purplish spathes ("flowers"), give way to a stunning display of large orange berries (July-Sept.) on stout stems, the effect accentuated, as all foliage has by now disappeared. ... Learn More


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    An enormous spathe of deep rich purple-black surrounds a spadix of almost jet black. Large, polished, deep-green leaves lay below, and in addition, this plant allegedly does not have the bad smell associated with this group. Discovered as recently as 1987, this new and very rare species is one of the most attractive of all Arums and is found only in a small area of South West Crete. Very few good seeds collected. ... Learn More


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    In June, low clumps of fresh green leaves as finely cut as parsley, support a forest of wiry flower stems carrying tiny astilbe-like heads of small creamy-white flowers. By September they are still attractive, with barren heads tinted a light chestnut, while seed-bearing heads are dark, shining brown with foliage developing pink and reddish autumn tints. ... Learn More



    A handsome hummock forming perennial with finely cut foliage, bearing striking, branching plumes of creamy white flowers in midsummer. ... Learn More



    The spreading arms of this delightful prostrate trailing snapdragon have small soft hairy grey leaves. Large yellow-and-red blotched, lemon coloured "snapdragons" are produced for many months throughout the summer. This gorgeous creeper sometimes self-seeds without ever becoming a nuisance. ... Learn More


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    This hardy perennial offers cluster of pink, vanilla scented flowers from mid summer through to the autumn months. Their nectar rich flowers are a welcome addition to any wildlife garden and attract a wide range of pollinators, and bring a pop of long lasting colour to a sunny border. Following the flowers, seed pods develop containing seeds with long, silvery-white silky hairs, which are widely used in dried flower arrangments, making this a good all round plant for the garden, with many uses. ... Learn More


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    This desirable plant is the Mediterranean wild species of asparagus, and is a gourmet's delight with scrambled eggs, being even tastier than asparagus officinalis, the "usual" shop-bought asparagus. An evergreen perennial, it is in leaf all year, and in flower from August to September, preferring well-drained, light sandy, loamy soils and will even grow in semi-shade and obviously it will thrive by the sea. It has long been preferred by gourmets for its stronger aromatic flavour, being superb when seasoned with oil and lemon juice. ... Learn More


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    The upstanding habit and racemes of star-shaped, pale yellow flowers, striped green on the backs of the petals, are quite exceptional combined with tall ornamental grasses, or to add architectural interest to a planting scheme. The spires of golden flowers appear in early summer above clumps of triangular, blue-green, grass-like foliage. The attractive black seedheads that follow the flowers have their own appeal. ... Learn More



    Fragrant, star-shaped yellow flowers are borne on stiff, thick, upright stems that emerge from a rosette of long, narrow, silvery leaves. In late summer the stems are finally covered with winter-persistent, decorative seed pods. This is a handsome plant for sun or partial shade. ... Learn More



    Thick candles of hundreds of five-petalled, stemless white flowers bloom from April to May above clumps of long thin leaves which erupt from the base of a thickened stock. These seldom-seen, tender-looking plants are found in Greece, Turkey and the Caucasus, and can actually withstand -17C! ... Learn More


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    In earliest spring, above handsome winter rosettes of glaucous leaves, arise branching spires of white flowers with brown veins. These reach a crescendo in June, after which they set seed, before dying down again for the winter, leaving just traces of foliage. Surprisingly, these tender-looking plants are completely frost-hardy in well drained soil. ... Learn More


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    These lovely plants, which surprisingly are completely frost-hardy, produce clumps of linear basal leaves, and leafless stems bearing racemes or panicles of star-shaped, white or pink flowers, each tepal with an attractive green or brown central vein. ... Learn More


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    From large tufts of hollow, onion-like, rounded leaves arise strong spikes holding starry flowers which are white or very pale pink, with a neat central longitudinal stripe of brown to reddish-purple on each petal. When it is happy this plant will spread by root or seeds to make solid colonies. ... Learn More


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