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    An enormous spathe of deep rich purple-black surrounds a spadix of almost jet black. Large, polished, deep-green leaves lay below, and in addition, this plant allegedly does not have the bad smell associated with this group. Discovered as recently as 1987, this new and very rare species is one of the most attractive of all Arums and is found only in a small area of South West Crete. Very few good seeds collected. ... Learn More


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    In June, low clumps of fresh green leaves as finely cut as parsley, support a forest of wiry flower stems carrying tiny astilbe-like heads of small creamy-white flowers. By September they are still attractive, with barren heads tinted a light chestnut, while seed-bearing heads are dark, shining brown with foliage developing pink and reddish autumn tints. ... Learn More



    A handsome hummock forming perennial with finely cut foliage, bearing striking, branching plumes of creamy white flowers in midsummer. ... Learn More



    The spreading arms of this delightful prostrate trailing snapdragon have small soft hairy grey leaves. Large yellow-and-red blotched, lemon coloured "snapdragons" are produced for many months throughout the summer. This gorgeous creeper sometimes self-seeds without ever becoming a nuisance. ... Learn More


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    Asarum caudatum, commonly known as Western Wild Ginger, emerges as a distinctive and understated perennial herb native to the western regions of North America. As a member of the Aristolochiaceae family, this woodland gem is celebrated for its unique flowers and lush foliage. Western Wild Ginger is characterized by its heart-shaped leaves, which carpet the forest floor in a dense, low-growing manner. The glossy, dark green leaves provide a rich backdrop for the plant's inconspicuous yet intriguing flowers. The leaves emit a subtle, earthy fragrance when brushed against, adding to the plant' ... Learn More


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    This desirable plant is the Mediterranean wild species of asparagus, and is a gourmet's delight with scrambled eggs, being even tastier than asparagus officinalis, the "usual" shop-bought asparagus. An evergreen perennial, it is in leaf all year, and in flower from August to September, preferring well-drained, light sandy, loamy soils and will even grow in semi-shade and obviously it will thrive by the sea. It has long been preferred by gourmets for its stronger aromatic flavour, being superb when seasoned with oil and lemon juice. ... Learn More


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    The upstanding habit and racemes of star-shaped, pale yellow flowers, striped green on the backs of the petals, are quite exceptional combined with tall ornamental grasses, or to add architectural interest to a planting scheme. The spires of golden flowers appear in early summer above clumps of triangular, blue-green, grass-like foliage. The attractive black seedheads that follow the flowers have their own appeal. ... Learn More


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    Fragrant, star-shaped yellow flowers are borne on stiff, thick, upright stems that emerge from a rosette of long, narrow, silvery leaves. In late summer the stems are finally covered with winter-persistent, decorative seed pods. This is a handsome plant for sun or partial shade. ... Learn More



    These lovely plants, which surprisingly are completely frost-hardy, produce clumps of linear basal leaves, and leafless stems bearing racemes or panicles of star-shaped, white or pink flowers, each tepal with an attractive green or brown central vein. ... Learn More


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    In early summer, from attractive bluish-green clumps of long narrow silvery foliage, arise strong thick stems that bear dense, un-branched, cylindrical spikes of gorgeous, yellow, sweetly-scented, star-shaped flowers. These are in fact edible, very decorative and can make a tasty addition to the salad bowl. They give way to decorative seed pods like shiny green marbles which can be left on the plant through winter to add interest. They are perfect for incorporating into borders, gravel gardens, or meadow style planting schemes as butterflies and bees are attracted to its nectar-rich blossoms. ... Learn More


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    From attractive clumps of silvery-green, hairy, sword-like leaves, arise panicles of white flowers in summer, followed by purple-pink fruits in autumn. Forming dramatic foliage, this superb, hardy, evergreen architectural plant from New Zealand is perfect for coastal gardens, or anywhere there is some shelter, and especially adding a tropical feel to the garden, particularly in areas of partial shade. ... Learn More


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    This lovely yellow-eyed, blue alpine daisy grows in alpine meadows and is often seen tucked between rocks on high mountains. Completely hardy and slow-growing, it makes a valuable addition to any enthusiasts rock garden. ... Learn More


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    This is the very rare pure white form of the lovely alpine daisy so often seen tucked between rocks on high mountains. Completely hardy and slow-growing, it makes a valuable addition to any enthusiasts rock garden. ... Learn More


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    A mixture of colours of this tough alpine matt forming plant. Ideal for rockeries and well drained areas of the garden. Long lived and easy to keep. Can be sown in pots or directly into the garden. ... Learn More


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    Beautiful, short-stemmed, lilac-purple flowers with a large yellow central disc, appear for several weeks beginning in early summer, over mats of evergreen foliage. This tough and cheerful dwarf mountain aster from western China, thrives in full sun in rich grit, and prefers to be kept slightly moist in summer. ... Learn More


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