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    This compact and delightful flower from the Alps is seriously under-used in the garden where its delicate, fragrant, pink flowers, which have four pointed thin dark purple sepals and four bright pink ovate petals, borne on reddish stems against gray-green foliage, would be a welcome addition. It is native to the European mountain regions and to nearby mountain ranges such as the Carpathians, where it typically colonises acid gravels near rivers particularly after the retreat of a glacier. It immediately reminds you of Chamerion angustifolium (Rosebay Willowherb) but is instead a lovely, dwarf, ... Learn More


    (30 seeds)


    Slowly creeping growths push up short stems, clothed with small leaves, topped in July with spikes of red-infused flowers with brownish sepals around an intricate white and yellow lip. The overall effect is entrancing. It will do best in full sun in a seasonally wet or damp soil, which for best results should be alkaline. This lovely hardy orchid is native to Europe, Turkey, the Caucasus, West and East Siberia, and Central Asia. Please be aware that these plants are very slow indeed to germinate, but when established are easy to grow and very long-lived as they spread by underground runners. ... Learn More



    A clump forming narrow grey/blue leaved grass which produces long open panicles of white flower spikelets in summer. As the name suggests these panicles float and dance in the wind on breezy summers days. Ideal for the mid to back of a border. ... Learn More


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    This lovely geographical variant has larger yellow flowers than the commonly encountered form, and these open around a month later giving a useful progression in the garden. The ruff of leaves also has many more frilly segments which are attractively tinged bronze as they emerge from the ground. It comes from areas around the Mediterranean, especially Turkey and is soundly perennial in ordinary garden soil but enjoys a warmer, sunnier, drier spot than its relatives. ... Learn More


    (8 seeds)


    This dazzling plant, which is totally hardy and very long-lived, competes with the snowdrop as the first flower of the year, but is too seldom grown or seen. Buttercup yellow shiny flowers above tiny posies of cut leaves, sprouting from tubers which slowly multiply over the years. ... Learn More


    (45 seeds)


    Beautiful star-shaped flowers, in shades of brown and purple, grown on spikes which can grow up to 2 feet high. The grey-green, straplike leaves grow in a tuft from the crown at the base. Prefers a sunny spot, in well drained soil and is ideal for beds and borders. ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)


    This is probably the largest of the foxtail lilies, growing to a staggering 3m tall. It produces very tall spires of pale pink flowers with yellow stamens atop leafless stems which tower above all else in the early summer border. The individual florets open from the base and continue upward, the effect being particularly dramatic when lit from behind. ... Learn More


    (6 seeds)


    Desert Candles are native to dry, semi -desert grasslands and so need lots of sun and well drained soil and a sheltered position from wind. They produce tall flower spikes from low, rosette like strap leaves which make it an ideal addition to the back of borders and beds. A real magnet for pollinators due to the sheer number of flowers, but if you can spare them from the garden and the bees, they are great for cutting to give a real impact and height to any floral arrangement. In some areas, additional frost protection maybe needed to protect the roots. Also known as foxtail lilies or d ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)


    Only recently developed from a chance seedling, this gorgeous, exceptionally dwarf, bone-hardy alpine has golden-eyed bright mauve, rather than pinkish daisy flowers. These burst open from late spring to early summer, above a slow-growing, semi-evergreen cushion, making it a perfect butterfly and bee plant, ideal for rockery, border or even a container! ... Learn More



    One of the more delightful members of the daisy tribe, this lovely plant, forming compact rosettes, should be planted into a very well-drained crevice or scree, when it will produce an almost endless supply of bright buttermilk-yellow flowers for a very long time, even into early winter. The modern cultivar "Canary Bird" was developed from this species. We supply good, but admittedly very few cleaned seeds. ... Learn More


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    Spathulate leaves make a compact clump and also clad the short stems which bear mauve-rayed flowers with large golden eyes. This lovely alpine is also one of Britain's rarest native flowers and can only be found on a very few mountain tops including Ben Lawers in central Scotland. ... Learn More


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    This trouble-free hardy plant thrives on the coastline of Oregon and California where it makes slowly spreading, compact cushions on beaches, coastal bluffs and dunes. The central golden-yellow disc florets are surrounded by petals which can vary from deep blue and purple to nearly white, but are usually pinkish mauve. It is a valuable, extremely-easy-to-grow rock garden plant. ... Learn More


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    On a gently spreading low carpet of tiny pointed leaves, appear sheets of dazzling daisies, which open white before turning pink and finally fading to deep purple. This gorgeous, drought-resistant cushion plant is very long-flowering, from late spring to autumn, and is one of the best wall or dry-rockery plants, able to stand almost complete dessication without dying. (RHS Award of Merit!) ... Learn More


    (50+ seeds)


    This compact, clump forming fleabane generally produces only one lavender-purple flower per stem, but gives a vibrant show of colour in contrast to the grey-green foliage. Native to North America, where it grows on ridges, rocky slopes, and outcroppings, it is ideal for troughs, rock gardens and edging, giving a vibrant splash of colour in early summer. ... Learn More


    (40+ seeds)


    This gorgeous extremely dwarf plant forms clusters of small rosettes of tiny leaves and short leafy stems bearing clusters of small, pale purplish-pink, fragrant flowers all spring and summer long. Superb when naturalised, especially in cracks in walls or rockeries. ... Learn More


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