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    A great 'traditional look' pumpkin, suitable for both lantern making at Halloween, or for the dining table with firm, nutty, orange flesh, ideal for roasting or in soups and pies. With fruits weighing between 5-10kg they are a real, solid heavyweight and a great addition to the allotment, vegetable patch or kitchen garden. Prefers full sun and a sheltered position ... Learn More


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    This is a real cracker for the vegetable patch or talking point around the dinner table, with a bright orange skin and a multitude of green warts! The 'warty goblin' truly lives up to the name, great for Halloween lanterns with a extra scary warty edge, and for eating too, something a little different to grow! Prefers full sun and a well-drained soil. ... Learn More


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    A slow-growing, ornamental, spiny evergreen shrub or tree bearing small deep red to purple, plum shaped fruit. It tolerates frequent trimming and can be closely planted to form a tall hedge, windbreak or boundary screen. The soft, juicy pulp of the fruit can be acidic in flavour and is often used to make jams, preserve and jellies. The bark, leaves and root are used medicinally in parts of Asia and Africa. ... Learn More


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    Deep purple raspberries ripen in late summer, and right into late autumn, on this rare hybrid primocane plant. Summer-fruiting raspberries produce fruit on the previous year's old canes, but this variety fruits very late, and heavily, usually at the top of the new current year's green canes. After it has fruited, and all leaves have fallen off in the winter, cut canes to the ground. New ones will grow quickly the following spring, and these will again bear the heavy crop, which is produced in August, September and October. Unbelievable but true, it does NOT set the main crop of fruit until l ... Learn More


    (30 seeds)

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    A new exotic rarity, this Japanese berry, also known as the strawberry raspberry, produces good crops of large, most unusual, intensely bright red berries, which combine the shape and taste of a strawberry with the taste of a somewhat sharper raspberry. Although they are pleasantly sweet and tasty eaten raw when completely ripe, they are additionally used for cooking in Japan, and many growers say that the fruit develops an even richer taste when cooked. The beautiful, eye-catching white flowers open in early summer, with the prolific berries ripening towards the end of summer, when most other ... Learn More


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    These new and quite unique snow white fruits are larger than many of the standard cultivated blackberries, but are just as sweet and juicy. It is an excellent variety for jams, jellies and preserves, as well as juicing, and when freshly-picked, the berries can be consumed immediately, or they can be mixed into fruit bowls and green salads to amaze and intrigue your guests and friends. They can also be used as a substitute for regular blackberries in raw and cooked applications. (Maybe the first ever pot of white jam....?) And the foliage and stems are a startling, most attractive, bright emera ... Learn More


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    'Cappuccino' is an erect biennial to 50cm in height with bristly stems and leaves and classic daisy-shaped flowerheads from July through to autumn. The flowerheads have a brown central disc surrounded by bronze petals that bleed into yellow at their tips. An eye-catching display, and also has the benefit of attracting a wide arrange of pollinators to the garden. ... Learn More


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    One of our recent favourites; semi-double and double velvety blooms in subtle shades of caramel, copper and warm pink. These so-called Gloriosa Daisies are magnificent plants for the border - the giant, single or double, daisy-like flowers, are carried on long stems from early summer until well into autumn, and are excellent for cutting. Sown early, will bloom the first year. An eye-catching display, and also has the benefit of attracting a wide range of pollinators to the garden. ... Learn More


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    This is a tall, single stemmed, slow growing palm from the South-eastern states of the US, and has compact, spherical heads of many fan-shaped leaves to 2m long. A sub-tropical or warm temperate palm, they require a hot humid climate in the summer to grow well but they are nonetheless very hardy and in the winter are capable of surviving temperatures down to at least -14 C. A very tough and hardy palm all round, being tolerant to both salt, wind and poor drainage, making it suitable for coastal gardens. ... Learn More


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    Bright red elder berries open in dazzling clusters amongst the finely-divided golden feathery foliage, and even in full sun the foliage of this superb and striking Elder will look luminous and healthy, completely resisting sun-scorch. These exceptional plants are long-lived, even making superb hedging plants up to 2 m tall! Few fertile seeds set. ... Learn More


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    This rare and truly impressive large shrub or tree grows up to 20 ft. high, with very large, violet "potato-like" flowers up to 3 in. diam. Truly an exotic and impressive tropical specimen, this "Giant Potato Tree" is a large bushy shrub that can grow into a medium-height tree, and be beautifully adorned with stunning flowers all year round! It is a rare treat indeed to see purple blossoms on a tree! And more amazing is that its gorgeous blossoms come in three wonderful shades, changing successively from deep purple to lavender to white. Hence, you can enjoy all the fabulous colours on the tre ... Learn More


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    One of the world's most spectacular flowering trees, native to tropical western Africa. The large reddish-orange flowers (up to 15cm long) bloom with great profusion, contrasting with the glossy dark green leaves, and when flowers bloom at their peak in the spring, the tree can appear to seem on fire, hence one of the common names being 'fire of the forest'. The open flowers are cup-shaped and can hold water and dew, which makes them attractive to many species of bird and insect. This tree is believed in some parts of Africa to possess magical properties, with twigs being used as wands by witc ... Learn More


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    Completely new and unique pure snow-white fruits, smaller than most big commercial forms, have a flavour that has been described as when ripe is a banana-like taste and fruity aroma. Others say it has a peach-like fragrance and taste! A novel new species of strawberry, it is extremely rare in cultivation, this form having been discovered and collected on Mount Emei in Sichuan, China, where it grows on mountain slopes and forested valleys. Like many strawberries it is a ground covering plant, with typical strawberry foliage, and spreading via runners, which produce numerous dainty, attractive ... Learn More


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    This large tree is native to south and southeast Asia, and is more commonly known the commercial wood product, teak, with a wide variety of uses from furniture to boat building. The leaves are used for fermenting soybeans. With clusters of small, lightly fragranced, white flowers which are pollinated by bees, flies and ants. A tree for a sunny position with moist, well-drained soil, it can however tolerate drought. ... Learn More


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    A handsome ornamental tree with small white, flowers blooming throughout the year, but more heavily in spring. Seed pods produce an edible almond-like nut, hence the common name. Prefers well-drained, moist soil and is salt tolerant, so suitable for coastal locations. ... Learn More


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